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12 hours ago, barry7376 said:

Absolutely !!!! Everytime there's high demand.  Happened to me on 9th March'20, when markets collapsed and all PIs tried to login, issued continued on the 10th March and days after. THEY ARENT SPENDING ENOUGH ON IT INFRASTRUCTURE. They gloat how great its been for them lately with extra commission, staff bonuses and new clients signing up but their IT system cant cope!


Did they fully refund your losses?

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11 minutes ago, MikeBamber said:

Both through the web platform and ProRealTime... I cannot close out an open position on US500... IG are you going to refund any money lost because of your techincal error?

Same here. Not able to close position. Not able to access platform now! what happened??


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Me too! It seems that the platform collapsed!!!and the service line also cann`t be reached!! I wonder who is going to bear the loss!!

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Just now, oxygen4life said:

I'm in Switzerland and they show the Swiss number when opening the mobile application, maybe try that?

I`m in Australia and tried their local number 1800601799,but can`t connect

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