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PRT 11 is here!



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First thing this morning, sign in, start up PRT (I'm currently "between contracts" and it beats hell out of daytime TV!) and did some research with PRT which was V10.

Sign out and back in an hour or two later to see "Boom! ProRealTime V11!".

It looks "cleaner", more C21 style design, chews up a bit more system memory. My cobblecode "indicator" still seems to work. I like the new-style transaction markers on the screen. Trying to put fibonacci retracements on the chart takes a little bit of work.

But "Well done, IG!"

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Guest kyle@nikstem.co.uk
On 24/11/2020 at 21:02, Kodiak said:

No need to do anything but wait a day or two (maybe end of month?)

Its done automatically when open up PRT, when its ready


UK are beta testers😁

6 December now and it's still only enabled for V10.3 - do I need to update my Java or something?

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On 24/11/2020 at 21:02, Kodiak said:

No need to do anything but wait a day or two (maybe end of month?)

Its done automatically when open up PRT, when its ready


UK are beta testers😁

it's now 7 December and it's still coming up as V10.3


Please confirm if we need to do anything like: use a different browser, upgrade Java ?

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I don't know if this is just me and my account but the cuurent state of play, from my point of view is that:

- I get PRT 11 on my "Demo" account, and
- I get PRT 10.3 on my "Live" account! :(

This causes a bit of a 'cognitive disconnect', especially at the start of the day before the coffee's kicked in. I don't know what IG's plans are, whether they're beta-testing PRT11 on the demo service to make sure it doesn't break much/anything before going live with it or maybe they're waiting for the "big money" traders to move their scripts over to PRT11 format (not much of a change as far as I can see, but....)

I can only hope that maybe Santa Claus leaves a lovely PRT11-shaped pressie on the "Live" account for  Christmas.

Please Santa, I've been good this year. OK, I have paid my bills and I haven't been arrested. That counts, right?

Have a great Christmas everyone and remember, it aint over until the head and shoulders pattern fully forms! :)

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Start up this morning, looking to see if I can take a few small bites from the market. Start up ProRealtime and make coffee while that starts up.

It took a minute or two before I noticed that the PRT screen looked "different" to what I was expecting on the live account. It was a P|RT 11 setup and not PR|T 10.3.  I checked and 'Yes' I was on my live account.

So it seems that PRT 11 is now available on live accounts as well as the demo.

Thank you Santa, and his team of helpers over at IG, of course! :)

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