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charts not working



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There is a known issue that our Western Australia clients that use Telstra have been experiencing issues. This is a Telstra issue and has unfortunately meant that apart from giving troubleshooting advice, we are unable to resolve the issue. 


 If you are using Telstra, do your charts now work?





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I am also in WA and having the same problem with charts not working on my desktop. I'm with iinet so it goes beyond Telstra.  Charts work fine on my iPhone which is also with iinet, but via optus net.

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I think the problem with charts not working is a windows update. When at home my iPhone uses wifi to connect to the web and IG. The charts work fine in the phone. Therefore it is the Program that has a clash with the update at the end of May. It is most frustrating. Please take another look at it.

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Hi,   I'm in Sydney and have been trying for what seems about a month now with not being able to see charts.   This followed after a windows update and tried advance settings and resetting adobe flash player numerous times, sometimes rebooting in between but nothing has worked.  Had hoped another windows update last week would fix the issue but it hasn't.   


Have also tried chrome but have the same issue.  I work long hours and really don't feel like hanging on the phone with Telstra while they try settings as I have enough problems with them and the internet dropping out etc.


Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Hi  and , sorry to hear you've been having technical difficulties!


If you can't find the answer on here, please do get in touch with our technical helpdesk as they'll have a lot of things they can try to resolve the issue for you!  They are available on +61 (3) 9860 1729 or helpdesk.au@ig.com, so please do get in touch when you can.


Hope it gets sorted!




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Sorry, but it's not an issue of trying to look at charts on weekends as I don't even try then.   It's the fact that when I log into IG of an evening that charts don't come up.   Admittedly I possibly haven't tried for a month or so as I've given up for the time being but was trying a couple of times a week for months and seeing nothing.


Frustrating as I would often spend a couple of hours most evenings looking for trades.   I'm not saying it is an IG issue as even though I've been able to verify that I have the current version of the flash player as I tried a couple of weeks ago to do a Telstra Speed Check on data download rates it doesn't work and tells me I need to have flash player loaded.  Then tried the Oomla test and it worked there so maybe they don't use flash.   Either way there is some type of conflict with my computer and Flash and my computer is a HP and barely 1 year old.



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Hi   This problem with Telstra (Australia) carrying IG data has been going on for years and has affected traders in Syd, Melb and Perth but seems to be a specific Telstra problem and does not seem to affect any other countries or any other carriers. Check  's post not far down this thread to go through possible remedies.

Any other Australian traders who have solved this problem please advise.

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