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Seems you know how to use metatrader

Is there any major difference between a virtual server (metatrader virtual server)

And Beeks vps (IG) 


You can also use your VPS to trade using MetaTrader 4 from any computer, just by logging in to your VPS. 

Our VPS is provided by Beeks, and is available completely free of charge to clients who maintain a balance of £5000 or more. Otherwise, it costs £50 per month."



except the price? 


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17 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

@Kodiak, I really don't know too much about these myself, never really got into actually running EAs.

I suspect any vps should do the same job no matter the provider (Metatrader or Beets via IG) therefore should just be down to a matter of cost.

Hopefully some who uses them can pitch in with a view.

Ok, I think with Beeks vps its possible to run more than one mt4 at the same time?



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