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PRT Pro Order / Algo - Minimum on DJI / Dow??



I can manual trade on DJI / Dow at 0.5 min Lot size.


Using a coded Algo on DJI / Dow min Lot size is 1.


Where / what is the logic / rationale behind this anomaly please?

Thank You

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Yes its strange that its possible to trade 1,1 lot but not 0,9 in proorder when min lot size is 0,5?



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Hi  and 


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have just had a word with our technical support team and they have confirmed that it should be consistent across the board. Please can you raise a report from your PRT account. You do this by going to the following location: Help > Technical Support


2018-03-01 10_31_45-FTSE 100 (DFB)   Daily   7,188.0 (-0.32%)   01-Mar-2018 10_31_47.png


You then need to select your issue and make sure to attach a report and quick message informing us of the issue (copy and pasted from above for example). We'll then be able to contact the third party vendor (PRT) and ask them to make the appropriate changes. 


2018-03-01 10_32_57-Reply to Message _ IG Community.png

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    • trading US small cap gappers as per ross cameron, here's the thread, what a ******* disaster that was.  
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    • neither SB nor CFD are linked to the exchange unless you are dealing through the DMA platform and even then you are still dealing through IG. you are taking a bet on a move in the market, someone must cover that bet, who? it can only be either another buyer/seller or IG. you can't get filled if no one takes the other side of the bet, WHO? it can only be an other trader or IG and as I've already said it's obviously not IG or you would have got your fill automatically.