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For hopefully the last time. I tried desperately hard to finish this discussion on the last post as you can see how I ended it. Let it go as they sing in Frozen. 😀 Relax and take a chill pill. Do not get too serious. I am not trying to hijack anything so please refrain from making any such accusations.

Let us end this discussion and leave on a positive note. Life is too short and there simply is not enough time. Be happy and do not take things seriously or personally. It really is ok to have differing views. If your views are right and mine are wrong then that is fine. I shall accept that. This should be music to your auribus. 

One can all but hope this is the 'ultimum spes' on this matter.

Have a good evening. 👍 No hard feelings. One needs to be challenged as otherwise the IG Community will just be the Caseynotes show and the majority of posts will contain Caseynotes views. There will be no alternative for others in the IG Community. I provide an alternative which is totally different to you. This is extremely healthy for the IG Community. If I am wrong then fine. Let the results of potential trades determine that rather than words, links, videos, etc. 

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@TrendFollower, your every post has implied I can't or won't answer your oh so virtuous questions. I keep throwing back to you that if you can't even be bothered to look at what I'm posting then your questions are not worth answering.

You have challenged nothing, all you have done is sought to undermine a basic principle with absolutely no evidential input of your own. Debate is not 'I'll ignore everything you say while I critique it'. You have offered nothing to this 'debate' while clearly seeking to derail the thread.

You have totally wasted my time by arrogantly not even bothering to view that which you have been repeatedly disparaging. I know exactly where you can stick your 'thumbs up'.


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You do not always have to have the last word. I watched the video last night but I really want to end this discussion between us because I do not want it to get unprofessional or personal. I have asked some questions that is all without watching your video. Is it really that much of a big deal or crime. Some of us are very busy and do not have the level of time you do on IG Community.

I have seen you spend lots of time with others and I have seen you provide lots of answers so I don't quite understand the issue here. I am not undermining anything. I am merely asking some questions. I have just asked some questions in my opinion very politely and professionally. I wanted your perspective but you have really taken it, I am guessing personally. I am not trying to derail any thread. You have seeked an argument with me rather than spend time discussing my questions which is your choice. Had you offered your personal perspective on my questions then you would not have participated in derailing your own thread. You have chosen to participate in wasting your own time so please do not accuse me of doing so. 

You last line is just plain rude and offensive. There is no need for that type of statement. May I please offer a hand shake and move on from this. 🤝 Remember you can choose not to respond to this or accept my gesture of a e-handshake and end this. You do not have to respond provocatively or respond in a way which belittles someone. That is your personal choice. I hope you can put an end to this. 

Being of Indian Origin - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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Good video from David Jones (ex IG chief analyst) published just today.

How to Trade Using Support and Resistance Levels (Part 1)


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... email address and agree to receive promotional material is all that's needed, once enrolled can take as long as you want to complete the course. 


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    • @Bala198,  Kodiac is right, for it to appear in the top left corner it also needs to be activated by right-clicking on the chart and then click 'one click trading' but the option will only appear in the list if the market is open.  There is a better one called mini terminal in the IG mt4 app package download on which you can add stop loss, trailing stop and take profit all on the same bracket order. Once downloaded it is placed in the EA list section of navigator. 
    • AND 777 IS THE NUMBER OF ...  companies reporting earnings this coming week and some very big tech names amongst them. This is significant as the US indices are waiting at the boundary for either a push forward or a pull down and big tech have been the main drivers for some time now. Bear in mind also the US market opens tomorrow and that the following week also has a large number corporate earnings releases. See the calendar below.
    • Just 19 hours later from my previous post and Bitcoin is holding firm but the rest of the 'Alt Coins' are dropping in price considerably. Bitcoin mat well follow suit. Time and price action will tell us whether this happens or not. The rest of today and tomorrow should be very interesting. 
    • Looking at Lumber then it seems to me that it needs to hold the $30000 level. If it can defend and hold that then there could be further upside this year. If not then it could begin going down into the late $20000's. This is a personal assumption which now will need to be tested based on current price behaviour.  In my opinion, for any trend followers who are short, they must hold (even if they do not add to their positions on further price declines) until there is a clear trend reversal. This should execute their stop loss / trailing stop. In my opinion, for any trend followers who are waiting on the sidelines that do not want to short, then they must wait patiently until there is a clear trend reversal signalling / indicating a trend reversal to warrant a long trade initiation. 
    • One thing to remember is that Platinum is trading at a cheaper price than Gold. Gold and Silver have left Platinum behind since the rally started back in August of last year. It seems Platinum has had enough and wants to begin to assert some authority on the price action.  Platinum of course has several important industrial uses. I think Platinum will try and hit the $1000 dollar area as that is an important psychological price point and these rallies love nice round numbers as a target. This is seen time and time again in Commodities. Platinum is both an industrial metal and a precious metal.  Platinum is also known at the 'Rich Man's Gold'. This could lead to a reversal in pricing between Platinum and Gold. Platinum should be more expensive than Gold and so there could be a shift in speculative capital from Gold into Platinum. Platinum could attract extra volatility as Gold and Silver are more liquid markets.  I do not know what will happen in the future for Platinum prices but I shall follow the price action closely. Platinum will not follow any of my thoughts or assumptions as to what I think may happen. Platinum is not obliged to follow any of my trading strategies or plans. Platinum may not follow the path I have mapped out in my mind and nor does it have to. Platinum will do what it will do just like any other Commodity. As a trader the key is whether I can profit from the price action or not. Prices can change like the weather and so can traders views and opinions. I know from my experience that on many occasions the price action changes my views and opinions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If this did not happen due to stubbornness, ego or I know best attitude then it would be worth worrying about. 
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