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I was reminded of this gem of an educational video from years ago but still just as relevant today; 'A Blueprint For Trading Success' 50 min.    

I don't think this has been posted but we recently posted this 16 candlestick patterns every trader should know article on IG.com. Let us know what you think.   

Bit of useful information for ya all I did 10 experiments using  the barchart.com over last few months . Ran 2 equally weighted portfolio's  (swing trades <1 week)  10 long positions in one an

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Interesting piece on divergence not least for the convoluted English translation.

Discusses relationship between divergence, buyer/seller, and overbought/oversold.

Includes an explanation of hidden and classic divergence and Class A, B and C divergence as well as rules for use and when not to use.





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ICYMI. Very good recent IG video with Ron Williams of RWA and Jeremy Naylor on technical analysis and market cycles.


Interesting bitcoin chart near the end.  20 min



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New comprehensive guide to how to use trendlines.  





Amongst many other uses there is reference to the very interesting Thomas Bulkowski bump and run reversal pattern more on which can be found here;




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3 Technical Analysis studies here;

Steve Burns; 10 technical trading rules,

Rayner Teo; Different types of trends and have to play them.

Axia Futures; Execution on the price ladder.



Only price pays. In trading, emotions and egos are expensive collaborators. Our goal as traders is to capture price moves inside our time frame, while limiting our drawdowns in capital. The longer I have traded, the more I have become an advocate of price action. Moving away from the perils of opinions and predictions has improved my mental well-being, and my bottom line.


Media preview






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Good educational piece by Nial Fuller that looks first at chart structure and identifying key components then looks at candle patterns within those key areas to identify entries.


Price Action Technical Analysis Reveals the Footprint of Money

author thumb By Nial Fuller in Forex Trading Strategies Last updated on June 26th, 2018 | One Comment
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Yes, well written and presented and covers the main need to know patterns without labouring the point, very good. Published just last Friday.

I never would of thought to look to find it in IG analysis > news and analysis > trading opportunities? I wonder what else is in there, that section really needs an index.







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This video is doing the rounds again, published at the end of last year it looks at matching market cycle to strategy to indicators. Very good if you've not seen it before. 20 min.


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Useful and interesting video for new traders. 'The Ultimate Forex Trading Guide for Beginners'. Covers a lot quickly and in plain language from the very basics of what is FX and how it works though how brokers work and how trades work.

50 min. 


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Hi @TrendFollower,  Marwood have been offering courses for some time and are perfectly legit, the price reduction thing usually occurs for a couple reasons namely they may be about to update and refresh the course, 'all new', and also there will be a lure at the end to try to get you to sign up for another one which some will do if they liked the content of the free taster. Udemy do it all the time, see  https://www.udemy.com/topic/stock-trading/

I am a Test and born on the 12th of June because of a glitch that occurred when we were transferred from the old Forum platform to this new one, I was a nothing for a long while so 'Test' feels like a promotion.

I think test must be a recent attempt to rectify the glitch. 


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When I added the link for the Udemy online courses site in the last post I didn't actually notice that they are currently having a 7 day black Friday sale event with many courses offered at a 75% price reduction.


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Lol @TrendFollower,  no I don't know him personally but have known of  him long enough to know he is actually a successful trader. If you look through the work you will appreciate it is well reasoned and rational.

In fact I know of most of the traders he gives a 'shout out' to that have lead to his development and success and so recognise many of the concepts within the study and have seen how those concepts have developed over many years with help from Michael Huddleston (I am ICT) through Tom Dante (Trader Dante) and Will Hunting (wmd4x) and finally onto CryptoCred.

Trader Dante I have followed since 2012 and posted many links to his work on this forum for years because I know it to be genuine good advice from an experienced trader. Actually earlier this year, for a laugh, he and Brian Watts entered the CME wheat traders competition (neither have ever traded wheat before) and Dante won it hands down.

If you are demanding to see CryptoCred's audited accounts like Oilfxpro use to do then no but I have enough experience to recognise the good from the bad and wouldn't have bothered posting it if it was anything other than genuine sound advice and real and tested concepts that every trader should be aware of.




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4 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

From my experience and in my personal opinion those who are truly successful and profitable traders (the best)  would just go about quietly and make successful trade after trade and profit after profit. They waste little time trying to educate others or even stating their knowledge, experience, wisdom, etc. with others. They would not waste their time offering freebe material to all around. Very few of the truly great traders behave like that. I appreciate there may well be exceptions but is CryptoCred one of those?

That's not necessarily the case, often just the opposite in fact for a number of reasons. Firstly, right at the start Cred credits those he has learnt from and acknowledges that their contributions have aided his own development, it follows that some people just want to give something back.

Successful traders are not made or born but make themselves but even so cannot do it in isolation, everyone has had some help along the way. The best traders are employed by institutions and sit at a desk alongside other traders swapping info and ideas all day long. New traders at a institution's trading desk will get a mentor whether they want one or not.

Also there is a benefit to setting principles and concepts down on paper which helps to order it in your own mind and helps to make sense of it all. So in affect the work is for your own benefit firstly and once completed in a precise and condensed form is easily distributed if one wishes but that is secondary.

The scientific community takes a concept and alters it in some way to make it better with the expectation someone else will come along and improve it further still. Some of the concepts in Cred's study I first saw a decade ago in forum posts by ICT that have evolved and been improved by the other guys along the way. So in many respects Cred's study is a continuation rather than an isolated effort.

Ultimately though it may just be yet another study on trading and technical analysis but of the many hundreds I have browsed this one is well put together, obviously aimed at the beginner to intermediate level it's very informative and well worth the time taken to review it. As he states himself it would be unwise to try to incorporate all of it into one trading style but I doubt anyone can say they got nothing from it.

It is also important to note that Cred is happily giving this away for free. The concepts are rational and reasonable, I don't recall anything I completely rejected and it's very clear and concise  but of course remains very much take it or leave it.






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