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first we had the Elon and Tesla fan boys and now we have the equally boring and cultish Tesla haters. #Yawn. Like this article... of COURSE if someone takes a baseball bat to a car it's gonna **** it up. hardly a shock.


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also just read this article https://www.teslarati.com/model-s-owner-endures-insurance-woes-repairs/ and the whole thing is about how Tesla is apparently ****, then relatively near the bottom it goes "All in all, I recognize that it was Ameriprise (insurance company) that caused me the headaches here and wasted a lot of my time."

it also comes down to supply and demand. "In Chicago, there’s only one certified body shop in the metro area."

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Just another day for Tesla; shares down another  7% pre-market,  2 executive resignations and the CEO is smoking legal cannabis and talking about how we are living in a computer simulation on a podcast, while being investigated by SEC. LOL.



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Guest ironman

**** Musk on the mary jane is something everyone should be applauding. He is literally iron man - does not give a flying monkey. Joe Rogan is a ledge but i can also see why stock has tanked on the back of it. Shows how branding is important. Shame really as i recon Musk is laughing on the back of this and gives more reason for why the desire to go private was legit. 

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Quite right @TrendFollower, the fine is not a problem for him or the company, the biggy is being forced to step down and secondly there may well be a tidal wave of class action suits against him and the company now that he has, for all intents, admitted guilt.

Worth watching the IG video from 10th Sep (above) re; Citron research had already started a law suit against Musk and also raises the question would Tesla stocks actually go up on a Musk resignation.

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It all happened so fast it never went to court, SEC only filed papers early this week, Musk capitulated immediately and settled out of court. Also I think that you can be sued any number of times by whoever has been disadvantaged by the wrong doing, hard to see what kind of defence Musk could put up having just settled though no doubt there is a non admission of guilt clause in the settlement. There are many likely to be queuing up behind Citron Research in what seems to be a deliberate attempt to manipulate the market. 

And LOL part of the settlement is that he must hand over control of his social media accounts to (a sensible adult).  

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I'm trying to set up a stop order on TESLA stocks but I keep getting a message "Market not available online. The market you have requested is no longer available online." It's 05:47 a.m. in New York, the pre trading hours.

Why am I unable to place this order?

Many thanks.

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44 minutes ago, ChickenFeed said:

I'm trying to set up a stop order on TESLA stocks but I keep getting a message "Market not available online. The market you have requested is no longer available online." It's 05:47 a.m. in New York, the pre trading hours.

Why am I unable to place this order?

Many thanks.

Hey @ChickenFeed - you should be able to submit from 12 midday (UK time) onwards. This will be in 30 minutes time from the date and time of replying to you. Hope this helps. 

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Ha yes, just saw the chart. Referring back to the IG video further up the thread and the question that shares may well go up on a Musk resignation we have an answer. 

Brilliant guy and a brilliant thinker, great for ideas and startups but just a little too wayward to be the long-term guiding hand for a major auto company. 

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I thought you meant the car, which does seem to be popular with mostly good buyer reviews, just the poor production levels a problem. But yes, I see from your charts what you mean and yes, traders still consider this to be a cheap zone in which to buy and that may well prove to be the case again though repeated tests of supply or demand zones eventually exhaust the supply/demand so one never knows but can only watch carefully for an opportunity to catch a lift either up or down, don't care which. 

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Elon just can't keep out of trouble. Despite agreeing to have an overseer to vet his social media communications as part of his settlement with SEC Musk continues to bait, ridicule and show contempt on twitter and has again drawn the attention of SEC lawyers.


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