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MT4 not opening





I've just made a modification to an indicator in MQL4 and then MT4 seemed to crash. I then couldn't restart it. The busy icon was wurring away but then nothing happened. I restarted my computer a few times but still nothing. Then after about 7 mins and whilst I'm typing this it has just popped up.

Any ideas what happened there? Is there a lock after a crash?



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@EdFuk,  try this thread for help tips, you will need to get mt4 open to delete the indicator causing the conflict.

If worst comes to the worst and you need to uninstall mt4 don't click the 'delete personal data' box, you may be able to save it, but if the problem is still present on a reinstall you will need to uninstall again and tick the box and start again after a complete wipe.


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Guest Chivargo


I am struggle to open Metatrader 4 on Pc (desktop).. it download but don't open Metatrader 5 is working fine. 

I have uninstall it a number of time but no luck. Please help.  thanks


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