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MT4 Upgrade?



MT4 seems to have been upgraded at some stage though still the same Build 1170 I found that if you download mt4 now the file size is twice the size of the one I had, also the apps pack file is bigger and now has the Excel RTD (real time data) App.

MT4 itself looks the same but seems more stable, there used to be occasional fraction of a second dropouts that were only noticed because of the sound alarm but not getting any now, there are obvious extras are in the app pack, I haven't look through them properly but did notice some nice changes.

There are additional features on the mini terminal but they are not working properly and are causing the interface to freeze on the live platform (perhaps you could pass this on @JamesIG), the new price ladder allows orders to be placed directly onto chart and the new 'maxi' mode also looks good but changing the input values or even changing the vertical price scale will freeze the mini terminal and the only way to fix is to delete the chart and redo. The mini terminal works fine (as it always did) if the new features are not enabled.

Also as noted in another thread Autochartist seems to have gone? @Archeon.

I found this link below to educational videos for the apps was very helpful (produce by another broker so may not be exactly the same as IG)




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20 hours ago, JamesIG said:

Hey folks - let me get our Trading Services IT team on this. Apologies the thread slipped past this morning. 

Hi @JamesIG, could you pass this on to tech, (mini terminal 'Maxi' mode Live Account);

- change lot size in top box = platform shutdown.

- press LDR (ladder)  = mini terminal freeze.

- change vertical price scale with open trade = on chart labels get stuck and mini terminal freeze.


love the look of the thing though 🙂

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Hey casey - I've passed this on to @TimP who is reaching out directly to those who own the plugin. I don't think we've had other reports outside this thread so it does seem a strange one and not related to MT4 specifically. 

I imagine I know the answer, but would you like a call RE: basic troubleshooting on MT4?  

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9 minutes ago, JamesIG said:

Hey casey - I've passed this on to @TimP who is reaching out directly to those who own the plugin. I don't think we've had other reports outside this thread so it does seem a strange one and not related to MT4 specifically. 

I imagine I know the answer, but would you like a call RE: basic troubleshooting on MT4?  

Thanks @JamesIG,  I'm not having any trouble with mt4 at all, it's working fine and so is the mini terminal so long as those two new features are not enabled. I've no idea when they were added to the apps package I only found them when I saw the file size was different to the one I had from ages ago. I don't actually need them at all but they looked good so gave them a trial run.

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