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MT4 Mini Terminal



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8 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Anyone seen this malfunction on the mini terminal and know how to fix? never happened before, see pic.


IG MT4 has been updated in the last few days, was Build 1170, is now Version 4.00 Build 1212 (10 Sept) 2019

But I can't get any of the IG app EA's like the mini terminal to work, tried everything bar a complete reinstall, anyone else having any issues?

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10 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

oh right, so they palmed me off with the dud then 😡,   ******* typical  😅


oh great, now a ******* windows update on top of everything else, now in my programs list their are only 27 programs listed and that's not right, and MT4 isn't listed to uninstall.

Go to the desktop IG mt4 icon, right click, select properties, select 'open file location' and there is an uninstall choice there.

Download fresh MT4 and apps pack from IG, install and success. Build 1220 (13 Sep 2019) and the mini terminal is back up and running.


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