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  1. well good luck, what's on the watchlist today then?
  2. "China exporters praying weaker yuan will save them from Donald Trump’s higher trade war tariffs" https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3024557/china-exporters-praying-weaker-yuan-will-save-them-donald
  3. Hi, you can't but you can just run it down with some blatant bad bets to the desired level or blow it completely, when you refund I think you can state how much.
  4. yes none of the aspects is rocket science, it's all 'doable', it's putting together the complete package that is inevitably tailored to the individual that takes the time. There are teachers because having done the work to learn some find they can make more money teaching than actually doing. when you say am I hoping for some remuneration you surely don't mean a reward from IG for posting here on the forum do you? when I started posting it was with the hope of conversing with those of similar experience but it's mostly just pointing a long line of newbs in what I consider to be the right direction (ie away from simply blowing up their account in a matter of months, but admittedly with limited success).
  5. I've had a number of different careers over the decades some of which were absolute money spinners and some that were an absolute joy but all of them took at least 5 years to really get on top of it. Someone might be able to explain quite adequately how to perform brain surgery but if that's all you've got to go on you're going to kill quite a few patients before you get the hang of it yourself. But once you have got the hang of it is it really still all risk? If your trade stats tell you the averages are good are you really going to worry how any one particular trade does? The concern shifts to building account size and so enable greater position size rather than starting a spinoff business I would have thought.
  6. I did actually and was plagued for months afterwards by adverts to join his 'pay for group' which seemed to be his main business.
  7. yes, that's understandable and no there wasn't really a question but just pointing out that the tools he is using to do the job are very expensive to get the results he claims and that the DMA was key which is available via IG. I'm assuming he is hooked up to all the big US exchanges to trade the companies on his watchlist that you are trying to copy and you would need to do the same.
  8. Fascinating lecture on Poker Economics, one of the MIT's OpenCourseWare series . Delves into early Credit Creation and money and debt by linking poker in the early 1800's in the US mid west to soft banks and onto the formation of the CME futures market in the same region. Then comes back to poker and it's links to quant analysis in the 1980's, beating casinos and the emergence of hedge funds. Just over a hour long.
  9. yes, around that level was the early July high resistance and then provided support once broken all through the rest of July.
  10. never really looked at any before, usually get most info off the internet or via twitter so had to look up what was around. https://www.orbex.com/blog/en/2016/11/top-5-trading-magazines-worth-subscribing
  11. Dax continues to make steady gains Dow was more cautious yesterday but both start above the pivot on the London open having already tagged R1. As is often the case may check for support before attempting higher. H1 charts;
  12. Another pause candle for Dow yesterday though Dax is trying to make some gains. Ftse still has resistance overhead during trying times. Not much on the calendar until ECB rate decision tomorrow. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/10/the-economic-numbers-are-continuing-to-defy-the-recession-hype.html Daily charts;
  13. Indices up Bonds continue down, USD flat Oil and Gold up Crypto down. US PPI data today at 1:30pm.
  14. Very informative video, now have I got this straight? you don' like the IG's cdf (sb) platform for trading small US stocks that probably do small volume with UK traders, I pointed you to the DMA platform which you looked at but didn't follow up on, and now post the above video where the guy you are trying to emulate tells us he is paying $250 A DAY for his DMA share trading platform and connections (exc trade commissions) to trade these US small cap 'gappers'.
  15. MT4 is third party and so IG don't really have any control over it other than their connection. I set up a pending order on the live platform yesterday without any problems at all.
  16. Probably still ok and not the reason as there is still a connection, click on the connection box and check other data centers (see pic). is there any other error message on the screen rather than in the journal?
  17. the demo is good enough for most people to learn and practice on except the very specialised type of systems such as ultra low time frames or very illiquid markets in which case you would be better off practicing on the live with minimum size.
  18. but what does it all boil down to, you can look for enclosed chart patterns like triangles then essentially you are trading breakouts, for support and resistance levels it's breaks or turns, you can look for trends but essentially you are trading failed dips (turns), the other main category is open chart patterns like double tops/bottoms and head and shoulders (turns). what you are looking for then is a break or a turn. start with an average time frame eg 4 hour and an average market eg, fx majors, indices, commods. a chart and candles on their own are not enough, you need a filter to discount the less probable and a confirmation to highlight the more probable, these two tools will likely rule out 50% of potential setups plenty of which will go on to win but never mind, so long as they rule out more losers than winners. for example the 100 sma makes a pretty good direction filter (follow the slope) and stoch works as a good wave turn confirmation tool (follow the slope). so the chart and candles must indicate a break or a turn, the filter informs you to dismiss all signals in the opposite direction and the stoch confirms the break or turn. add obvious levels where you could expect a break or a turn and you end up with this chart. whatever charts and tools you decide to use stick with it, don't mix and match, then practice execution while starting to think about tools to use to get you out of the trades.
  19. yes I would agree with Nit, what are you doing? the approach seems to be to try to find every chart pattern in the book on every chart and take a punt. we humans see patterns everywhere whether they are real or not, it's a survival trait that works in the jungle but one that will get you killed in the markets. decide on ONE approach, find filters and confirmations that add to the probability of that system being profitable, test it, then bring it to the market. but I repeat myself, again.
  20. Hi, there is the short IG made video which is more of an advert (see below), someone has done a short series of videos on youtube but can't find them at the mo, will try again later.
  21. Hi, it might be because IG are taking the company off the platform if it's fallen below their market cap minimum and it becomes much harder to match buyers to sellers.
  22. Hi, that might be a connection problem, check the connection box bottom right, the number after the slash is the number of drop outs, there will be one or two on startup but if you have a lot more there is a problem. Also check the data feeds from 'File' > 'Open an Account', the speeds should be less than 100 ms.
  23. Both have pushed down through the pivot looking for support, the long, med and short term are all bullish so not anticipating a deep correction and there are plenty of levels where buyers might step in. As in the indices thread we may be due a short period of consolidation so thinking more range play than trend ride until the picture becomes clearer.
  24. Hi, see this page; https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/metatrader-4
  25. As mentioned in yesterday's morning post a pause candle it was and for the same reasons could be looking at the start of a short consolidation period for indices. Ftse though basically in step continues to be rattled by Brexit indecision.