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  1. London open reversing the Frankfurt opening drop. M30 charts.
  2. not really a very hard look at the setup and the entry, what was good, what was bad and what to consider going forward. Did you stick to your rules for entry, do you have any rules, what actually went wrong if anything?
  3. ok unfortunate but what lessons were learned from the trade review?
  4. Apple warns may miss quarterly guidance estimates due to virus impact starts a new pullback in the indices.
  5. Overnight Indices and Oil down. Bonds and Gold up. Today 9:30 UK earnings and employment data. 10:00 Ger and EU econ senti.
  6. Hi Charlotte, can you check this link, it just goes to 'page not found', same as the link tweeted by IG Squawk.
  7. Japan just cancelled their annual marathon due to virus spread fears and they have the Olympics coming up while UK 'confidence in household finances' just hit a record high, what could possibly go wrong? 😳 H4 chart with ADX crossing dots.
  8. This is good, you always need a few simple rules that will increase the outcome probability of every one of your entry setups, even breakouts. Felix De Vliegher @smartfxlearning 8h My breakout trading strategy: 1. Only use horizontal levels 2. Only use levels that show weakness: multiple consecutive tests 3. Only trade the breakout when you see a consolidation before the breakout or a pullback after the breakout, or both 4. Don't overcomplicate things.
  9. ?what's not bullish about it, it's broken the down trend line and the triangle and the wedge to the upside. Has, rather than 'appears' to have, or am I looking at the wrong chart 🙂
  10. Dax checking the daily pivot (based on Friday's data not Sunday). Not much happening on Dow.
  11. may not like one indicator but as a group the dashboard looks very bullish.
  12. so different people will see different aspects in any chart and award different ratings of importance. The 'bullish pattern' is solely concerned with chart technicals and not fundamentals. I would read the above chart as seeing the sustained bearish attack on the support level (141) has been beaten off, at least for now, with the bulls breaking the down trend line and putting in a recent higher low and then a higher high and will now be looking to attack the next resistance level (Fib 50). Near term bullish.
  13. The US indices and Dax remain at the highs. COVID-19 peak already in February? JPM: "Our insurance team is now considering shifting the timeline forward and assuming the number of confirmed cases will peak at around 90k in late February, yet the risk of prolonged epidemics in the next few months should not be ignored" Chart: Daily reported infected rate.
  14. Over the weekend Indices and USD up. Bonds and Gold down, Oil mixed. Today US bank holiday.
  15. you are both right because support and resistance supply and demand should really be thought of as zones rather than rigid lines. These zones are areas where you suspect many orders will be waiting and it's unlikely everyone will pick the exact same price level, some will want execution a bit earlier, some a bit later, that's if there are any at all.
  16. So this, matched with your Fib posting it's not really clear what you are asking these indicators to do. Does Fib work in isolation? no, but the same can be said of them all really. No indicator based on historical price data can predict the future, that's not what you should be using them for. Think rather waves within waves and lining up the wave pattern of price with the wave of an oscillator. So on the chart have say perhaps an MA that captures the slow wave movement of the market, a medium oscillator like MACD and for trigger look to candle patterns with a fast wave like Stoch. So you have a package of indicators and you are waiting for confluence. I pick these at random to make a point but the the principle is good. Find your own best indicators that link together and fit your market and time frame and together tell the story of price. If there is not a clear picture look else where, don't try to force a fit.
  17. Lib elite globalist Bloomberg is to spend $2 Billion in what is basically a buyout of the Democrat party to either put himself on the throne or at least to be the man behind the throne. Like Soros these mega rich Liberals are the guys bankrolling the modern socialist agenda that's being rammed down everyone's throat not because they are socialist themselves but just to push through globalism and bring cheap labour to the west in order to keep their margins high. The ex republican mayor of New York now turned Democrat (again) is running for the party nomination to run for president will sweep the likes of Sanders aside and already has backing from Clinton and is currently considering Clinton as a running mate (god just imagine it). His net worth is over $75 Billion so $2 Billion is a small price to pay for a chance to be the most powerful person on the globe while the Democrat party sells out their voter base for cash.
  18. I wouldn't worry, the virus downturn will be over soon, green energy has a long way to go before it can survive without govt subsidy and most socialists will be conservatives by the time they're 40 anyway.
  19. Trading Hypotheses and Trading Ideas. Who's trapped or who is about to be trapped. https://traderfeed.blogspot.com/2020/02/trading-hypotheses-and-trading-ideas.html
  20. hmmm, so not dead then. Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak 22m Virus Outbreak: NHS England has said all but one of the nine patients in the UK who tested positive for the coronavirus have been discharged from the hospital