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  1. covid-context.com/index.html (covid-context.com) 1 Comparing annual death rates over the last 30 years, 2020 only ranks 19th highest for England and Wales.Office for National Statistics provisional data – January 2021 https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/adhocs/12735annualdeathsandmortalityrates1938to2020provisional 2 The average age of a Covid-19 death was reportedly just above average life expectancy (82.4 years vs 81.1) in England and Wales.Reported November 2020 https://
  2. Not that I've ever heard; No comission Robinhood (ha), half of their revenues comes from payments from Citidel for orderflow data. ''Citadel, 2004: ban payment for orderflow KMZR Draft (sec.gov) Citadel, 2020: paid Robinhood $362.5MM for orderflow'' Exposing The Robinhood Scam: Here's How Much Citadel Paid To Robinhood To Buy Your Orders | ZeroHedge
  3. How wrong were the models at predicting covid deaths? Really badly wrong, so wrong in fact it makes you wonder why they are still using them to keep us locked down.
  4. Interesting one to trial on demo ...
  5. More on masks and lockdowns efficacy; Right from the beginning the WHO pandemic protocol, in line with epidemiologists, said protect the vuneralble and allow the healthy to build herd immunity which will protect everyone. Then suddenly the Chinese Communist Party weight in and tilted the WHO with their masks and lockdowns BS and everything was turned upside down and the vunerable were 'thrown to the wolves'.
  6. Nice RRG representation for a range of stocks from Adaptiv
  7. No, IG net off inhouse shorts and longs, then any excess is hedged. So if you are long IG takes a corresponding long position in the underlying market, if you win they win, collect the win and hand it to you. They still make a profit because they get a better spread than they give to you. But the main advantage all round is that they won't go bust if the market does something drastic.
  8. Research papers from as far back as April 2020 were showing the benefits of Vitamin D for the treatment of covid but, as was the case for HCQ and Ivermectin, all such research was denegrated and even banned from being reported in the press and MSM. Drs were being sacked for trying to publise these cheap but effective treatments, nothing was allowed to interfer with the development and deployment of the new, expensive RNA altering vaccines. Now that the vaccine rollout is well underway opposition to Vit D, HCQ and Invermectin has quietly evaporated. Shame about all the unnessesary dea
  9. For Futures, CFDs and Spread Bets you are trading the brokers own market who base their prices on the underlying market. Futs, CFDs and SBs are leveraged products and so all need a margin comitment to trade them.
  10. oh, so vaccine passports were actually planned by the EU in 2018 for implementation in 2022, no wonder covid was seized on with such enthusiasm. Didn't the EU know that that was just a conspiracy theory? Now we are led to believe none of us has a functioning immune system, that's why everyone must get the (experimental RNA) vaccine - and because viruses mutate - get a jab every year. 'Universal vaccine' that can conquer all variants could be available within a year No pretence that this farce will end this year then telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/1…
  11. Hi, the dividend adjustments are posted in the forum 'Blogs' section.
  12. There can't be anyone left who is not aware that we all have been completely and deliberately mislead by covid numbers reporting, but just in case ... Rustler @TheRustler83 16h #FOI returned from 6 no. @NHSuk boards in #Scotland Only 94 deaths directly from #Covid19 from a population of 2 MILLION people. Further FOI returns to follow. Based on this data, the number of deaths directly (solely) from Covid in will be 250-300 Shine a light on this! At least now you are all climatized and acceptant of perpetual rolling lockdowns which is of cour
  13. 4 min video comparing the covid deaths impact for a large number of European countries. Those that had a high deaths total in the April wave had a low winter resurgent number of deaths. Those that missed the April wave had a high winter death toll instead. Only a few countries had excess deaths in both April and the winter resurgence and that was caused mainly by govt incompetence.
  14. So, the worst pandemic for a century eh? German total deaths for 2020 is LESS than the 4 year average. And US totals are in line with previous years. Not much of a pandemic then. The only country to completely stuff it up was the UK, by shutting down the NHS the govt ensured the same number of people died from lack of health care for other causes as died from covid.
  15. An entire generation is being crippled by govt policy inducing mass hysteria. Children's referals for psyc diorders is sky rocketting as are child suicides. After months off school and trapped in social isloation the plan in the US is to send them to this. Children are not even affected by the covid virus, **** grandma and **** the NHS. .
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