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  1. Strong push after Powell's mon pol statement today, looking ahead to the recent highs of 1439 but due a pause to avoid exhaustion. H4 chart;
  2. Captures the 60 mentioned this morning, may look to consolidate here. H4 chart;
  3. BTC really tanking now, has dropped back down through the resistance zone to 11740.
  4. Hi, the wed based new platform demo seems to be working fine, were you meaning a different platform?
  5. Dow tags R3, Dax stuck at the pivot.
  6. Next week is one of the best performing weeks of the year for the S&P by median historic data. See seasonality tool below.
  7. Dow tags R2 26898. Gold hits 1411.
  8. Hi, you should only be getting that message if you have selected 'Enable proxy server' from 'Tools' > 'Options'. Uncheck and select IG from the top dropdown box, see pic below.
  9. Fed chair Powell's testimony on mon pol to congress.
  10. And Dow, lifts straight up to R1 26835.
  11. Gold suddenly getting pumped, up over 1400; H1 chart;
  12. Useful fairly extensive guide to bull and bear traps using text, diagrams and video. One key point to add regarding any chart pattern is that when something becomes so obvious that everyone can see it the likelihood of a trap being set increases greatly. https://www.tradeciety.com/bull-trap/
  13. Hi, see this thread linked below;
  14. The snap was from the exchange site; https://www.asx.com.au/asx/share-price-research/company/TOU
  15. I see this market has gone 'closing trades only', seems to be very low in liquidity.
  16. The IG status page says PRT is operational and someone posted a PRT chart just an hour ago so the connection problem may be local. https://status.ig.com/
  17. Worth adding this Tradingview chart which use Oanda broker data if memory serves, shows the same lack of continuity. So M1 DB chart from Monday see the 14:35 red candle, no 14:36 candle, then 14:37 and 14:38 (highlighted).
  18. After an initial move lower Dow back to re-check the pivot with Dax following so direction for the session still undecided. H1 charts;
  19. Not seeing a problem, wondering if the account type needs to be set, see pic below. Maybe @JamesIG, can check as there have been a number of peeps with a similar problems.
  20. Yes, the interesting one here is that speculators bought WTI and sold Brent, see below on the latest COT report.
  21. BTC pausing at 13000 after continuation up on a successful retest of resistance now support at 12000 yesterday. H4 chart;
  22. US Oil testing yesterday's high 58.92, a break above will line up the recent high from June around 60.00. H4 chart;
  23. Gold on a down leg looking for support, recent low at 1386. H4 chart;
  24. Both ducking under the daily pivot on the European open looking for support, will wait for the London open to confirm direction. H1 charts;
  25. I'm not familiar with the share dealing ticket and you are right the number isn't on the instruction videos. The only thing I can see that is remotely close are volume figures (see pic) Hopefully someone will let us know.