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  1. the empirical data continues to mount up and reiterates the story as told in this thread from the beginning, covid 19 kills mostly the elderly with pre-existing medical conditions just as the common flu does every year. The rolling 5 year average for such deaths is around 35,000 a year, the year before this covid was a bad one with 50,000 deaths. There are only so many unwell elderly for the flu to kill each year. The risk of someone under the age 45 dying from covid 19 have been shown to be almost zero, of the 40,000 odd to have died from covid 19 this season only around 250 were healthy people under the age of 65, tragic yes but statistically insignificant. The media and govt has been leading you round in circles by the nose from the start.
  2. Hi, the charts should re-start live with a close and restart mt4 or just close the default charts and click add a chart, if you want more markets just right click on marketwatch and click 'show all'. Not sure why the demo feed is not coming up, not seen that problem before, try rescan servers but you might have to download metaquotes mt4 for demo and use IG for live. You don't need to fund the account until you actually want to place trades. ps @CharlotteIG can you please remove the pic in the post above with the live account number.
  3. Hi, all the companies listed in the major indices are international and so are linked to the fortunes of the western countries as a whole and especially to the spending power of the mighty US consumer. The S&P tends to lead though an increasing case could be made for Nasdaq and the others tend to follow. In the Indices thread I've been using Dow as a leading indicator for the Dax for a number of years. The one out of sync has been FTSE ever since the start of the Brexit uncertainty.
  4. After tagging 3233 S&P falls on news Trump has rejected nearly all China's claims in the South China Sea region. Dax and Dow find support at yesterday's low. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow H!.
  5. Indices and Oil down. Gold and Bonds up. Today UK GDP, EU and Ger econ senti, US CPI. AUD up, CAD down.
  6. yes that's what I'd heard too but having spent a couple of hours with it I was left with the impression it was slower than chrome.
  7. can't decide which way to go, currently having a fourth go at R1;
  9. March; Deputy Chief Medical officer Jenny Harries says masks are 'not a good idea' https://t.co/YnTijZGT5b April; Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam says 'We don't recommend face masks' https://t.co/UWf6hrcYYM A few weeks ago; Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty says 'Don't wear masks' https://t.co/TYGWe4tbch Today; 'more-mask-measures-coming-in-days' https://order-order.com/2020/07/13/more-mask-measures-coming-in-days/
  10. nearly, volume profile. Just a new one I'm checking out.
  11. Warren Buffett's 'Circle of Competence' 90 second vid message on trade selection.
  12. Caseynotes


    May well do though having a good morning so far and looks like an attempt to test the recent high. Daily chart;
  13. Dax and Dow having tested high and low now settled in the middle. H1 charts;
  14. Hi, not on the IG platform but you can on Tradingview. https://uk.tradingview.com/
  15. DailyFX Team Live Retweeted Justin McQueen @JMcQueenFX 2m US earning season returns this week with the banks kicking off proceedings.
  16. DAX's China connection
  17. "Revelations of an NHS Whistleblower" Here lies an anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in a major hospital in Surrey, in relation to the criminal gagging of all levels of NHS staff. "In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic" "In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period." " ... ambulances are driving around, with their emergency alert systems active (sirens & / or lights) with no job to go to." "The fact is that regardless of what you actually die of in hospital, it is likely that Covid-19 will feature on your death certificate." https://www.thebernician.net/nhs-consultant-says-staff-are-being-silenced-over-covid-19/
  18. why would you automatically assume that a 200 sma would be as relevant on a 5 min chart as it is on a daily? you need the experiment to see what ma might actually be being used on each time frame you look at.
  19. At some stage in the near future Govt Covid aid payments to companies will come to an end and we will start to see just who and how many will actually survive the lockdown, the answer may come as something of a shock. S&P looking to the monthly R1 and weekly chart resistance (red) 3233. Dax and Dow H1 heading for the daily R1
  20. Indices and Gold up. Bonds mixed. Oil down. Today BoE Governor speaks at 4:30pm. USD down, GBP and AUD up.
  21. The only thing you seem to get from educational material is triggered. What was actually said was that on the 17 markets he follows he draws up levels he's interested in on the daily chart and only when price is nearing one of the levels does he then drill down to the M5 chart to plan a more precise trade execution. As noted on numerous occasions previously you're not a good listener, you seem to have an opinion bias that translates what is actually being said into what you really want to hear.
  22. "At the outset, we were told the virus was so pernicious that it could, if not confronted, claim half a million lives in the UK alone. Its fatality rate was estimated by the World Health Organisation at 3.4 per cent. Then from various sources, we heard 0.9 per cent, followed by 0.6 per cent. It could yet settle closer to 0.1 per cent — similar to seasonal flu ..." Dr John Lee The fatal mistakes which led to lockdown Modelling is no substitute for quality data and research https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-strong-was-the-scientific-advice-behind-lockdown