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  1. From Sky News; 48k more deaths than expected from people dying at home unrelated to covid. Out of the 98k excess deaths this year. So 50k excess deaths related to covid. Same as winter 2017/2018 then but this time we killed same again by reduced health care. .
  2. FFS you are using reddit now as verification in you roll as self imposed arbiter and fact checker 🤪🤣🤣🤣
  3. Sweden has achieved natural covid herd immunity with a proven antibody count of 40% of pop and with T-cell immunity takes them to 60-70%. They did it by using the original WHO pandemic protocol (2019). The UK, having switched to the China plan (2020 untested) are relying instead on vaccine immunity. Here's a graph they don't want you to see - Sebastian Rushworth M.D. NB/ There will always be seasonal winter spikes in deaths of the old and sickly from respiratory disease, always has been since the dawn of time. The latest nonsense that lockdowns, masks and social distancing
  5. very interesting new documentary on covid, lockdowns, the great reset, 5G, digital data and the 4th industrial revolution. Intelligently pulling together older stuff with new, for example Amazon expect to need no human employees within 10 years. Bill Gates expects robot workers will be taxed, the money going towards the basic universal credit payments. Part 1 30 min. .Best Geopolitical Documentary Ever - Explains Near Everything on Vimeo
  6. oh, Canadian Health Official ''none of this is really based on science'' shock 🤣 as if we didn't already realise.
  7. you are forgetting I don't give a **** what you think, the data is there, if you don't like it prove it wrong (I mean really, not some pedantic BS), I already showed you how to go about it but once again for the hard of thinking, go to the relevant ONS stats site, download the data and check the data points from the chart, it really is that simple. Constant bleating is no match for the ton of actual data produced, trying to find tiny cracks won't change anything, and pretending to be a 'fact checker' is just laughable.
  8. Deaths, winter months. 1996/97 vs 1999/00 vs 2020/21
  9. A prof writes ... Yardley Yeadon @MichaelYeadon3 The witch-hunting of lockdown sceptics - spiked I’m among those who, apparently, belong in a circle of hell for questioning both the narrative & the data itself. I’m not a right-winger or indeed any winger. I’m not paid to express the views that I do. The witch-hunting of lockdown sceptics. The demonisation of dissenters has reached hysterical proportions.https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/01/19/the-witch-hunting-of-lockdown-sceptics/ I’m well-qualified to assess what we’re told & much of it is wrong. I don’t know why
  10. disproved nothing, you fast search garbage and expect everyone to swallow it as if it's real even when I've shown it's garbage, total self delusion.
  11. disproved nothing, you fast search garbage and expect everyone to swallow it as if it's real even when I've shown it's garbage, total self delusion.
  12. and you have never disproved any of it, 'ohohoh, that's slightly out of date boohoo'. the gist is clear and you have never shown otherwise. .
  13. wtf, that's a completely different article about overall European boundaries, the interesting thig about that is how concisely a virus respects international boarders 🤣 complete drivel and just shows how different labs misuse the PCR
  14. this is the '2nd' wave from the latest data posted by someone just a few hours ago who lives in Sweden
  15. yeah, start a new thread and then you can post any old s**t you want .
  16. and that would be covid deaths as by the faulty PCR test then.
  17. this bs was rejected from the start, not comparable, Sweden has similar pop density to UK. don't waste time regurgitating old bs, just shows how behind the curve you are.
  18. you don't actually know what these restrictions are do you 🤣
  19. you really do live in a bubble don't you. the long term affects experienced by many covid survivors will be nothing compared to the long term affects of lockdown. UK govt report last July estimated 200,000 premature deaths over the next 5 years. US estimating 1.37 million deaths resulting from job losses and recession caused by lockdown business closures over the next few years went through this morning, I think from Forbes magazine. Meanwhile data from ONS still a bit confusing as they they can't decide on numbers 'involving' covid or 'due to' covid and somehow end up with more covi
  20. and ... https://t.co/H0e2v1n3EN once again, a pandemic is supposed to describe an obvious and extraordinarily high all deaths count. Some clowns have been even trying to compare covid-19 with the 1918 Spanish flu. Minor fluctuations do not signify a pandemic and not surprising as covid-19 has a 99.9% survival rate.
  21. no not really, suppose it's just a question of scale really ...
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