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  1. still never found a decent UK company version of this site 🤢
  2. ah, gun sling it out with the big boys, make sure you're wearing your brown underpants. 👀
  3. Hi, when trading derivatives on IG you are trading IG's market which tracks the underlying market so IG don't have a non-trading hour mid week. They do though around that time switch from more main stream liquidity providers to er, others, that might cause short term increased volatility and may even cause a spike on the charts which may be seen as slippage if you were opening or closing a trade at that time.
  4. Hi, IG use a variable spread system which also applies to the min stop distance and is determined by the current market volatility. This will determine where you are able to place a new trailing stop and I think it does have a step function to delay the start, play around on the demo, that's what it's for.
  5. @Nexuscrawler & @Hippocampus, Hi, all 'daily funded bets' (DFB) also known as spots have a daily interest charge (or credit). The Futures or Forwards markets are designed for holding longer term and have a larger spread instead of the daily interest charge. If expecting to hold for less than a week the DFB is probably better, if longer than a week think futures. The swaps fees can only be worked out accurately at end of day but some estimates can bee seen for some markets on the platform, see https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated- Options are probably best left til understanding of the general leveraged platforms (DFB and CFDs).
  6. hi, occasionally the demo platform does misbehave, you may find that the problem resolves itself post weekend break on restart Sunday 11pm, if not call or email the helpdesk to get tech to reset for you.
  7. Zerohedge is well known to us here, he's nothing if not consistent 🙂 (since about 2011 if memory serves).
  8. Cross asset returns. 1 week, 1 month, and YTD. (themarketear)
  9. Hedge funds and pension funds shift their money between assets and markets and have stayed away from equities until now during this 2 year period of market consolidation, their analysis looks to be telling them to get back in, if so it will spark a new leg up.
  10. A reminder as to what the start of a bull market looks like and what the start of a crash looks like; h/t to Bostoncharts.
  11. @dmedin 👀 LOOK 👀, get in there quick!! Mike Bellafiore @MikeBellafiore We are hiring traders https://www.futuresmag.com/2019/08/11/top-40-proprietary-trading-firms
  12. Boom boom, that's one of Winston Churchill's isn't it. With regards the first point we have been watching the open interest in these markets for some time now and have noted how historically it's low meaning the big funds have held only a light position throughout the period of uncertainty and have only just recently started to increase their holdings in equities. That is the very thing that drives a new bull run. Sure something might come along and trip them up but in the mean time I'll follow the direction their analysis takes them.
  13. interesting but whereabouts, UK? UK and Ger follow the US lead as they need American consumers to start buying more from the big Dax and Ftse companies before they start to see any upturn.
  14. No one's a nut case but maybe some might benefit from taking off the 'Bear Goggles' once a fortnight perhaps? you know, just to clear the vision a bit. 😉 I understand that all EWer's are only ever looking for turns but most of the time just going with the flow is the better option. There's no need to be careful when you are just following and not trying to lead, the chart will tell us when the next down turn arrives, great, look forward to it, price always moves faster going down rather than up. Anyway, what's the best, most leading of leading indicators for the economy??? GDP? no, that's lagging and hardly ever a surprise which is why it's not usually a market mover. PMIs you shout, well yes that is a good one, purchasing managers need to look ahead and determine what a company will be needing in 6 months, but the best? no. You are a hedge fund manager or pension fund manager, you control Billions, you can afford the best, most expensive and extensive research and analysis money can buy. I am not a fund manager, I can't afford sod all and that's exactly what I get, so what do I do? I watch where those in control of billions put their money and currently that is going into the S&P 500 (and the other US indices) and that's what makes the S&P the best leading indicator for the economy. The markets are a discounting mechanism and a predictor of the future. If , after 2 years of consolidation, fund managers backed by all their research have started to buy the S&P (constit. companies) then you should follow, until they stop, simple.
  15. could well be subdued or even reverse a bit on profit taking due the US bank holiday on Monday.
  16. Ha ha, I never even looked, I thought you needed to register before playing. no, no patterns just structure 🧐
  17. Housing starts booming in the US, today's data and graph;
  18. How is your trading game? Find out with this free trading game based on real historical market data. How the game works Get a chart with 10 months of data Place a bet by going long or short Find out what you traded and how much you gained or lost How good of a trader are you? Find out now! LongShortGame is free. Create an account to see statistics and participate in leaderboards. https://longshortgame.com/
  19. ha yes, implied volatility is a dead give away.
  20. There is potentially more liquidity available for FX than any other market, just little incentive to use it at the moment (low volatility). Traders have been watching the fundamentals and been quite happy to watch the eurusd go sideways for a year and a half. Choose your markets wisely, Dax and Ftse have a spread of just 1 point, Dow 1.6 points, also take a look at the main commodities. Yes, stay away from high spreads, they instantly put you at a disadvantage.
  21. Larry Tentarelli @LMT978 "Here's what works best for me: a consistent, technical process a narrow set of rules that excludes random trades, trade w/ the main trend trade one direction, long or short, no predictions no opinions, small losers/bigger winners, scaling partial gains while holding the core position"
  22. at the first sign of resistance, buy and hold not as easy as it sounds then? 🧐