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  1. His name is Bankruptcy 😳
  2. why you trying to guess the highs and lows? Price has spent the whole day travelling between levels, all these levels (except the new H1 support green 12366) have been on the chart since early this morning (check postings above) 👀
  3. Dax back to 12660 as both Dax and Dow continue climb back up towards the high of the day. M15 charts;
  4. definitely a bounce but to where? Dow held up at yesterday's low 26997 (blue, see chart above).
  5. Dow trips down to tag S1 Dax follows through towards S2 but both now on the bounce.
  6. you're welcome, not so late it was only 2017 🙂
  7. lol, why all the whining about indicators then?
  8. Dax, Dow and Ftse all trying to keep in touch with their respective monthly chart (recently beaten) resistance levels (purple). S&P seeking support around 3130.
  9. Overnight remains risk off. Indices and Oil down. Gold and Bonds up with Bonds just pulling back. Today not much on the calendar so it's all about the virus.
  10. they are all different tools, different tools for different jobs, there is no one 'does it all' holy grail indicator, I got the impression MAs and RSI weren't doing it for you.
  11. yeah, context. the lines were on the chart anyway, irrelevant.
  12. an exit indicator signals when to exit the trade, if there is no divergence there is no signal so not going to work, not looking for rarity but something absolute. Multiple inline and sloping MAs will work for a trend identifying indicator sure. The trigger also needs to be absolute, chart structure or pattern might provide context but isn't a signal in itself. One down 2 to go.
  13. a pair of crutches is a useful aid, just not for someone with an arm injury who might then say these crutches don't work and they would be sort of right. an indicator needs chart context and structure to work with but people don't see that, they just go through a list of indicators chucking them at a chart to see what sticks but then find that what worked yesterday doesn't work today. so start with the chart first, look at the structure and context then think what job you need the indicator to do then select a specific indicator for that job. you will probably need a trend indicator and a trigger indicator and an exit indicator and it's highly unlikely you will find any one that does all 3 jobs.
  14. not sure why you think the market should automatically respect anything you put on your chart. If I wanted to dump or buy a hundred million of whatever why would you think I should consult you first?
  15. the problem is that D+ and D- are doing the same job as PSAR, they are both trigger indicators neither is a filter, they are both either on up or on down. The A line is separate and is saying when to stay out no matter what D+ and D- is doing.
  16. yeah but there is a need to filter out noise and a tool to keep you out of sideways choppy markets so whatever works for the individual really.
  17. The > 20 really applies to the average line (A, usually black) to indicate market trending (>20) or not trending (<20) and acts as a filter so you are looking to go long when D+ is above D- and A is above 20.
  18. yes, outside China it's just getting started.
  19. depends on the job you are asking, trend direction confirmation, possible retracement bounce location or crossover trend change of direction. One set of MAs can not do all 3 jobs. The crossover MAs on the Dax chart above are the 3 & 8 linear weighted MAs. Choose the right tools for the job.
  20. Fibs are used quite extensively I agree but you always need the price action confirmation, I personally find just looking for that confirmation between 40 and 60% retracement is good enough. Often the Fib 50% is a hit but oh wait, that's not actually a fib number is it.