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  1. 2 minutes ago, HPbrand said:

    So you are beginning to see what the phase 1 of this panic exercise is all about. Phase 3 is what everyone should be worried about. But of course, the majority cannot think for themselves so they are begging for the eventual "solution" to save them without questioning or demand any form of scrutiny. The push for "solution" is what useless people need and deserve.

    the final solution is herd immunity (60% of pop) these types of virus never go away till this occurs. US researchers already predicting this may well return next winter. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, dmedin said:


    Remember, when there are tens of millions out of work, there's no money to lend ... at least we have 'liberty' (the liberty to be impoverished, homeless and destitute that is).  Ah, Ludwig von Mises, what a genius :D

    this is your free trial for communism 🥳

    - shops empty or closed.

    - no wages.

    - no right of travel or free movement.

    - police stopping people on the street.

    - gatherings banned.

    - govt barking orders at you everyday.


    This is how half of Europe lived just 40 years ago, careful what you wish for 🤓



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  3. 5 minutes ago, VK said:

    In my humble opinion, could IG see the issue from the view of the client. I am not the only trader whom has issues with the overnight funding...telling us to do Futures (A$5 per pip which is more than my usual A$1 per pip with a min 2 contracts requirement) doesn’t really help our situation. It’s too late to realise that...doesn’t help client feel nice that We choose the wrong instruments.

    It’s forcing us to cut loss or continue to fund for the daily overnight interest which increase tremendously during the last 3 weeks.

    IG can justify the overnight interest, but the amount is too much to bear...hence the client is raising this as an issue.

    We want a solution as to how IG can help relieve some of our stress of paying the interest. That’s a fair request if more than one client has the same issue.

    As happened recently in the Gold market where spreads widen very suddenly in the spot and to such a degree that IG closed the spot market and directed clients to the futures market instead. IG was not responsible for the spread increase and had no control over it.

    The solution is to understand what you are doing and use the appropriate market if any at all.


  4. 2 minutes ago, VK said:

    I was advised by some traders to cut some losses and reopen the positions in other provider with lower overnight funding. The margin required is lower and actually paid for longing the crude now (as exposed to paying interest to keep them going).

    not sure how that works, the margin requirement is set by the regulator which in Europe and the UK is esma so not set by IG. If you are keeping the trade open then with futures there is no overnight funding at all. Overnight funding is set at end of each day so is different day by day so difficult to compare with other brokers unless you have same concurrent trades running.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Bopperz said:

    Link to a news piece

    I really hope we haven't destroyed our economy to "save" a lot of really old people who will then all die or other causes within a few years.

    yes we have destroyed our economy, the elderly should have been saved by isolating them before the virus even arrived here, the data from Asian countries was clear exactly who was at risk. A catalog of failure from the start in a 'follow the leader' fashion by most western countries, not helped buy China coverup being supported by the WHO. 


  6. 7 hours ago, dmedin said:

    A 38% retrace before downtrend resumes? 🤔🐻


    Why, what new news hasn't already been priced in? everything that can be shut down is, and not expecting ww3 just yet. A retest of the low is always possible but would need something extra to push it lower. 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Nokita55855 said:

    Thanky you for your answer. When have you realized extreme slippage so that your order wouldn't get filled? Wouldn't an Earnings Announcement be likely such an event were there is extreme slippage? I'm trying to time the moment when the price shoots up. 

    What would happen if I would place a close order? Would slippage affect me less in that case because it would be a closing order?

    no earnings announcements are less likely to be a problem, major news events over night or the weekend that might have a large impact on an entire sector can cause problems. Also you are less likely to have a problem with a pending order rather than trying to enter on a 'at market' order. Extreme slippage is rare and may cause a no fill due to IG's max tolerance limits, the problem with slippage generally is trying to get out of a trade rather than getting in.

    18 minutes ago, Nokita55855 said:

    one more add on, would I be able to determine a tollerance somehow? let's say a buy order at 103 up to 105 to make the fill more reliable?

    you would need to check the platform you are using, for example on the mt4 platform there is a check box for 'allow maximum deviation from quoted price'.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Look, China has had very few deaths - even in the epicentre of the virus.

    Clearly state-controlled economies and societies are the most 'efficient' at getting sh!t done.  So much for 'liberty' (that these pl0nkers from the Mises Institute f@rt on about when they're not advocating a return to the gold standard) - that just gives you idiots like Trump and Biden 🤠

    state-controlled economies and societies are able to put out any bs data they care to make up. 😁

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  9. 14 minutes ago, OrangeJuice said:

    Hi Without ProRealTime option, are the charts real time ?


    Yes, except for the delayed exchange prices on the share dealing platform, otherwise they are real time best prices IG can secure from their liquidity providers and based closely on the underlying exchange. There should be no difference between the web based platform, prt and mt4.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Bopperz said:

    Hands up who is keen to get the virus sooner, and get out of lockdown!

    Also, if you under lockdown, how are you going to get the virus? Very slowly. You might never escape!

    Looking at the stats from Taiwan, South Korea and Sweden (no enforced lockdown, no business closures) we should never have gone into lockdown in the first place, it was the vulnerable and the infected who should have been isolated.

    4 minutes ago, Bopperz said:

    I like these graphs, are they from the FT?

    Surly these graphs should be relative to population size though, else China and India are going to have a large death rate!

    yes, FT, looking at the rate of spread. The death rate is totally dependent on the number of people tested.

    Today's graphs. 


  11. 2 minutes ago, johndala said:

    Just thought Id post an update.  IG clearly never read all my messages I sent them.  All they done was send me a screen shot, same as yours....said it was easy!  Finally, after a week I get a mail just now telling me I have to manually fill in a  APPLICATION TO OPEN A METATRADER 4 ACCOUNT?  Then have to sign and email back.  Very bad service me thinks.  

    ok, thanks for getting back.

  12. 5 minutes ago, stormtrooper2 said:

    Understood, after a couple of days of research, finally I understood, this means you have to choose a better platfro

    Still waiting for the original poster to update, it never occurred to them to discuss the issue with IG til I suggested it. see same thread below.