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  1. Econ Calendar with links;

    Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous  
    Thursday, April 15, 2021
    02:00   JPY   BoJ Governor Kuroda Speaks          
    02:30   AUD   Employment Change (Mar) 70.7K 35.0K 88.7K  
    02:30   AUD   Full Employment Change (Mar) -20.8K   89.1K  
    02:30   AUD   Unemployment Rate (Mar) 5.6% 5.7% 5.8%  
    07:00   EUR   German CPI (MoM) (Mar) 0.5% 0.5% 0.7%  
    07:45   EUR   French CPI (MoM) (Mar)   0.6% 0.0%  
    07:45   EUR   French HICP (MoM) (Mar)   0.7% 0.0%  
    09:00   EUR   Italian CPI (MoM) (Mar)   0.3% 1.1%  
    09:30   GBP   BOE Credit Conditions Survey          
    13:30   USD   Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)   5.0% -2.7%  
    13:30   USD   Initial Jobless Claims   700K 744K  
    13:30   USD   NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Apr)   19.50 17.40  
    13:30   USD   Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Apr)   42.0 51.8  
    13:30   USD   Philly Fed Employment (Apr)     30.1  
    13:30   USD   Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)   5.9% -3.0%  
    13:30   CAD   Manufacturing Sales (MoM) (Feb)   -1.0% 3.1%  
    14:00   RUB   Central Bank reserves (USD)     574.8B  
    14:15   USD   Industrial Production (YoY) (Mar)     -4.25%  
    14:15   USD   Industrial Production (MoM) (Mar)   2.8% -2.2%  
    15:00   USD   Business Inventories (MoM) (Feb)   0.5% 0.3%  
    15:00   USD   Retail Inventories Ex Auto (Feb)     1.2%  
    15:00   CHF   SNB Gov Board Member Maechler Speaks          
    15:30   EUR   German Buba Mauderer Speaks          
    16:30   USD   FOMC Member Bostic Speaks          
    19:00   USD   FOMC Member Daly Speaks          
    21:00   USD   FOMC Member Mester Speaks          
    21:00   USD   TIC Net Long-Term Transactions (Feb)     90.8B  
    23:30   NZD   Business NZ PMI (Mar)     53.4  
  2. On 07/04/2021 at 11:57, Caseynotes said:

    So, just a reminder that the flu no longer exists and Covid19, which has replaced it, has a Infection Fatality Rate almost identical to it 🤔




    ''According to a meta-analysis by Dr John Ioannidis [Professor of Medicine at Stanford University] of every seroprevalence study conducted to date of publication with a supporting scientific paper (74 estimates from 61 studies and 51 different localities around the world), the median infection survival rate from COVID-19 infection is 99.77 per cent. For COVID-19 patients under 70, the meta-analysis finds an infection survival rate of 99.95 per cent.''

    (From the linked article in the above post)

    The WHO does not refute this and has in fact published Dr Ioannidis's work on their own web site.


    Abir Ballan @abirballan

    A recent study by John Ioannidis @Stanford adjusts the infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID19 from 0.23% (previous estimate) to 0.15%. It is now almost identical to the IFR of the flu.



    the WHO has just changed it's mind, they've now decided that Covid19 is an influenza after all.

    Getting dizzy on this never ending merry-go-round yet?




    By the way, here is the research paper showing Covid19 has an IFR of 0.15% (basically the same as flu). Mentioned in quoted post.

    Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID-19: An overview of systematic evaluations - PubMed (nih.gov)



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  3. Quarter of Covid deaths not caused by virus, new figures show (telegraph.co.uk)

    The reality is likely to be far more. 50% of patents who tested positive for covid in hospital were asymptomatic.

    Hospital's were teeming with the virus, many would have come into contact with it.

    As we know that's all it takes to test positive with a PCR run at 45 cycle thresholds even if you already had immunity.

    A positive PCR only meant you had had contact with covid within the previous 28 days, not that you ever had the disease, yet if you tested positive that's what went on the death certificate regardless of what you might actually have died of and were admitted to hospital for.



  4. test

    Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous  
    Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous  
    Wednesday, April 14, 2021
    01:30   AUD   Westpac Consumer Sentiment (Apr) 6.2%   2.6%  
    03:00   NZD   RBNZ Interest Rate Decision 0.25% 0.25% 0.25%  
    03:00   NZD   RBNZ Rate Statement          
    07:15   JPY   BoJ Governor Kuroda Speaks          
    08:00   EUR   Spanish CPI (YoY) (Mar) 1.3% 1.3% 1.3%  
    08:00   EUR   Spanish HICP (YoY) (Mar) 1.2% 1.2% -0.1%  
    08:00   EUR   ECB's De Guindos Speaks          
    09:00   USD   IEA Monthly Report          
    09:30   GBP   Labour Productivity (Q4)     4.0%  
    10:00   EUR   Industrial Production (MoM) (Feb)   -1.1% 0.8%  
    12:45   EUR   ECB's Panetta Speaks          
    13:30   USD   Export Price Index (MoM) (Mar)   1.0% 1.6%  
    13:30   USD   Import Price Index (MoM) (Mar)   1.0% 1.3%  
    15:00   EUR   ECB President Lagarde Speaks          
    15:30   GBP   MPC Member Haskel Speaks          
    15:30   USD   Crude Oil Inventories   -2.889M -3.522M  
    15:30   USD   Cushing Crude Oil Inventories     -0.735M  
    17:00   USD   Fed Chair Powell Speaks          
    18:00   EUR   ECB's Schnabel Speaks          
    19:00   USD   Beige Book        
    19:30   USD   FOMC Member Williams Speaks          
    20:45   USD   FOMC Member Clarida Speaks          
    21:00   USD   FOMC Member Bostic Speaks          
    23:05   USD   FOMC Member Kaplan Speaks          
  5. Lockdown & masks UK vs no Lockdown & no masks Sweden.



    IM @ianmSC  'Boris Johnson: Lockdowns are responsible for any reductions in deaths or other numbers Sweden: Lower numbers with no lockdown.'


    Both lockdowns and masks actually cause harm.




    Kelly Brown @rubiconcapital_ 5h

    My preprint study exploring whether lockdowns worked in Toronto.


    Clearly the agenda of this never ending farce is not centred around  the virus, time to start considering the alternatives.



  6. 36 minutes ago, Twinsignals said:

    Ok that fine. So GIK is a SPAC, if the vote goes as expected, will my shares be automatically changed for ZEV shares? 

    basically yes, IG should be in touch if that is the case. see 

    What happens to my shares position if the company is involved in a takeover | IG UK


    Ownership of underlying share and company divestments/mergers - IG Trading Support - Dealing Questions - IG Community

  7. Haha, people really still believe this merry-go-round nonsense.

    He is of course just paving the way for more lockdowns later in the year.


    Julia Hartley-Brewer  @JuliaHB1


    If @BorisJohnson thinks the vaccines aren't the reason why we've seen plunging death rates from Covid among those who've been jabbed, he should probably also have a word with the @BorisJohnson who tweeted this last Friday... Left hand, meet right hand.


    Julia Ha



  8. 3 minutes ago, AEJ said:

    Apologies for the question - there's probably a simple answer, but how do you get rid of the large section on the bottom of the desktop site with "news and analysis" and "signal" boxes? It currently takes up half the entire screen and the chart is squashed into the top half and can't really be seen properly. 

    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi, on the right hand edge there should be an expand, collapse and turn off (X) button.

    (to start them click on name along bottom edge)

  9. Johnson telling us now that the seasonal decline in flu type diseases is all down to lockdowns (not vax).

    Johnson realises at this stage that there is no amount of BS Brits won't swallow. 

    Research papers showing lockdowns haven't worked keep pouring out, all totally ignored by the PM and SAGE who stick to their fake models.


    Did Lockdown Work? An Economist’s Cross-Country Comparison | CESifo Economic Studies | Oxford Academic (oup.com)


    MSM don't mind, they're making a bundle out of this as well.

    'The government spent more than £184m of taxpayers money on media advertising relating to Covid in 2020. The UK government have gone from the 30th largest media spender in 2019 to the largest in 2020.'

    Govt spent more than £184m on Covid comms in 2020 (campaignlive.co.uk)


    Meanwhile the never ending trail of excuses for continual lockdowns are being debunked by real science one after the other ...

    U.K. COVID-19 variant doesn't cause more deaths, study finds | Seeking Alpha




  10. 57 minutes ago, jacksimpson said:

    Hi,  I'm using the IG web based charts.

    Hi, not seeing a problem on my demo. check you are placing each chart in a workspace, if many charts then create extra workspaces.

    Try 'save layout' from right click menu on a chart.

    see on forum if anyone else reports same problem, may need to email tech via the helpdesk if problem persists.


  11. Professor Richard A. Werner @ProfessorWerner

    On 8 April a German court in Weimar ruled that schools are not allowed to impose masks, distancing & testing as this is neither necessary (PCR tests do not prove infection) nor are there benefits, but to the contrary harms children, their development and infringes on their rights.

    Sensationsurteil aus Weimar: keine Masken, kein Abstand, keine Tests mehr für Schüler - 2020 NEWS


  12. 16 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    Meanwhile in the UK ...

    A 'Sunday Times' survey finds that more than 40% of those surveyed actually *enjoyed* house arrest, strangulation of the economy, travel bans etc. 

    The Sunday Times  @thesundaytimes  'Have you actually enjoyed lockdown?'


    Ha ha, that Sunday Times poll result has really got people going ...

    ''It reminds me of the East Germans & Russians who talk fondly about the communist days. There are people who don't like freedom, choice & improvements in lifestyle.''

    ''Most people dislike and are afraid of freedom and responsibility ... I would have expected, to be honest, even more people to come out as having enjoyed the lockdown period.''

    ''The human animal loves to be domesticated, herded, controlled, ruled upon and generally told what to do more than any other mammal ...''


    Probably a better reason is that in England nearly 40% of employees are on the govt pay roll (nearer 50% in Scotland) and as such have been on full pay the entire time they've been sat on the sofa watching Netflix and eating half priced Nandos.



  13. 12 hours ago, Twinsignals said:

    I have shared in GIK and the shareholder vote for merger is 21st April. I’ve been told O should receive something about the vote, but I’ve seen nothing. Is this something IG have to do as a proxy?

    Hi, IG uses the 'Custodian Model' for share holding and as such the shares are actually held by the Custodian (Citi Bank) which means you won't have shareholder voting rights.

  14. 4 hours ago, Ethanchanpion said:

    Is there a way i can change this ? or trade in another country?

    Hi, the margin increase is due to the regulator (ASIC), you can always use a higher risk broker based in a country with less regulator provided protection.

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