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  1. 3 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Huge wild swings up and down = no trend to follow = lose money

    er, are you referring to the eminently tradable recent medium term range? 


    take a look at the video in the last post of the technical analysis thread (trading support and resistance revisited).

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  2. 23 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Ay, me too, Tom Bombadil, me too.  😼

    Always start with a look at yesterday's candle, the colour, ohlc. Expect continuation of colour, if blue expect resistance (yesterday's high) to be challenged (the low if yesterday's candle red) continue with the continuation bias until the daily pivot is overcome.

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  3. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/2020-rough-year-greta

    One of the key components of the intergovernmental fear campaign to promote COVID lockdowns – was dubious computer modelling. Initially, these were referred to as “The Science” by ****-sure politicians and public health officials. The press quickly fell in line with this groupthink. Any dissenters were roundly attacked and deplatformed. As their mission crept on, it became clear that these models were ever only masquerading as ‘science’.

  4. 2 hours ago, Maga17 said:

    I am trying to place an order so it will open when marker opens as usual , however it doesn’t let me place the order saying “ market no longer available online “ what does it mean ? Is it that that stock can’t be trade on the platform again ?

    Hi, probably temporary and usually means something unusual is happening or about to happen with the stock, does it have a phone symbol instead of a green dot next to the name? if so means telephone trades only.

  5. 2 hours ago, christd0015 said:


    Can someone tell me what "Wall Street (data only)" means in the Popular Markets?

    Is it a combination of the futures of Dow, S&P and Nasdaq, or what?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi, not a 100% sure I think it means in general that the data is not from a live IG feed and is either delayed data or last received data if the market is closed for example. 

  6. Worries about the second viral surge are misleading, yes as more people emerge from lockdown and mix and with the massive increase in testing there will be an increase in new cases found but the death rates are not increasing at the same rate, unwell 86 year old males can only die once it seems and that was in the first wave, all the accumulated data shows that the under 45s have an almost zero chance of dying of Covid 19 (see research papers linked in posts above).

    Incidentally there is no test for Covid 19, only for covid type viruses which include most other flus as well as the common cold.


  7. 5 minutes ago, dmedin said:



    No, but IG just cuts you off from trading when the market is making a major move.  (Major outages)

    major outages are rare, the bigger problem is a sudden lack of liquidity which is the cause of a gap or a spike, it's at those times that some think that IG should just take the other side of their trade instead of looking for a counterparty in the market.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, CharlotteIG said:

    There are some brokers out there that will not hedge the same way as clients and win when clients lose however IG are not one of them. We want our clients to win so they will continue to keep trading with us. 

    It's worth pointing out again that brokers who do take on the trade are also taking on risk and can and do go under whenever their clients manage 'get it right'.

    Below is from a press release from a broker who recently had to issue a major profits warning to share holders following a period of market turmoil when their clients did just that.



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  9. 1 hour ago, Parkerman said:

    I currently am small long an ETC. It is in profit but my screen is showing a minus number in finds and the same minus number in available to deal, why is this?

    the available to deal figure is the amount left to use for new trades after the amount of margin used on the initial trade has been subtracted from the total.

  10. 5 minutes ago, nit2wynit said:

    Casey has no Idea what he's talking about.  

    Gap and Go strategies are nothing different from any other trade.  Just smaller Timeframe.  Don't waste your breath trying to convince him.

    He doesn't even use the retail platform.  If he trades at all it's Forex and Indicies on Mt4.  Dschenk didn't stick to the Gap and Go principles.  He often let his losers Run too far, but he consistently made profits.  However, his strategy wasn't something that I thought could work in the long run.  He would often risk 4-1, but his success was around 80%.  What this often meant was he would make 8 good trades and take £20 on each but then let the last 2 run against him to remove all the profits he made.  He seems to be doing OK now.  Maybe he'll pop back in to clear up Caseys remarks.

    oh right, so what was your excuse then?