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  1. 1 minute ago, dmedin said:

    Looking for a little pullback before buying back in this week :D

    In reality I should have let my positions run from a couple weeks back instead of ducking in and out.  Always learning.

    true enough, pullbacks are a natural part of the cycle and we are probably overdue one but that's not what 'the crowd' are looking for, they are calling a major reversal and piling in short every time they see a single daily red candle. S&P shorts are at 81%. 

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  2. China better than expected manu PMI data Saturday showing expansion for the first time in 6 months encourages the other indices. US large caps are up over 25% on the year (see asset list below). No doubt the top picking crowd have all steamed in short again following Friday's red candle, I'm not sure these poor souls can actually be helped as it's clearly a derangement syndrome. Some even try to use TA to justify the false reality of imminent total collapse but when the chart is into clear space there is nothing to hang TA on, it's all just wishful thinking.




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  3. 8 hours ago, Figgsey said:

    Thank you both for your help with this one. Yes it is tricky and perhaps the best (safe) working assumption is to assume that it is not a reliable indicator of "true" volumes traded on LSE.

    so yes the volume numbers will depend on how they are collected but the resulting volume profiles should be well correlated and that's what people tend to concentrate on.

  4. 2 hours ago, dmedin said:

    In retrospect I should have spent my first 12 months on the demo, but it takes a great deal of self-discipline to be about to do that and I admire anyone who can manage to resist the temptation to bet real money for 12 months or more.

    nearly but not quite. the point is you should have been collecting data the whole time. rather than just punching BUY SELL on demo you would have been better off trialing your rules based strategy (not the average basic platitudes based one) on a live average market that allows MICRO  trading size. (mt4)

    With real data you can then evaluate what works for real rather than hopes and dreams on demo and so build from a solid base.

  5. 3 hours ago, dmedin said:

    lol I've lost a lot in one year.  It's good to be reminded and have it 'in my face' so that I know when to stop.  🙈

    Analytics make it easier to validate your trading system and prevent false hope leading you towards bankruptcy. 

    I would say use analytics to make sure your system actually works before going live but this function is not available on the demo platform yet so find something else until it is.

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  6. Volume data is a tricky one as it can be collected in so many different ways so the figures never match between different sources but the profile usually does. Also be aware that the data takes time to collect and collate and the data shown at the end of day might not be the same as mid next day. This is a post from IG on this topic from a previous thread.



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  7. 10 hours ago, GrandVision said:

    Why does spread widen at that time of night? does it do it automatically based on trading volume/liq? 

    It was thanksgiving so the US markets closed earlier; this may have caused the algo to widen the spreads more than usual.


    This has come up before and no real satisfactory answer given as to why strange spikes and increased spreads occasionally occur around 9 - 10pm. Not being an IG employee I couldn't say for sure but my own suspicion is that at the close of the US market many main stream liquidity providers go offline and in order to keep providing prices IG need to access alternative liquidity streams providing less favourable prices causing a sudden widening of the spread.

  8. 1 hour ago, GrandVision said:

    Thanks for the reply, that chart is way different to mine. I was stopped out in between your 2 blue arrows.

    WTH? Is the chart update a simulator or something? Surely price is the same for everybody based off a server update? it should draw the candles based off the data that is at the server. Why is it drawing some random candles on each client? that seems wrong imo. I dont even know how it can be possible tbh. I could understand if it was a different sub market for the PAIR , but that is not the case here. Its all IG markets. Well i guess i should stick to very wide stop strategies in future to minimize the risk of this happening.stopout.thumb.png.8928f34f6f0bdc1fd3fd84918890f0ef.png

    yes you're right, looking more closely toggling between Ask, Mid and Bid should change the levels but not the proportions of the candles, maybe @CharlotteIG can check with tech. It looks like the spread widened considerably leading up to 10pm Thursday as is reflected when price is set to Bid but not seen when price is set to Mid or Ask.

  9. 11 hours ago, GrandVision said:

    Hi, I placed a trade on EUR/JPY. As you can see in the image, my entry was around 12057. I placed the SL at 12049, and TP just under 12070.

     The price went nowhere near the SL area yet i was still stopped out? This is very concerning, it has also happened some times before but only when ranges were much smaller than this so i thought nothing of it.

    What is the reason for this? Is it the spread? non-guarenteed stops? 

    Very frustrating to be stopped out when price doesnt even seem to hit the SL. Even if i just got wicked i wouldn't mind, but this is a phantom stop out of nowhere. 😣


    Hi, you don't give the times of the trade but if you were long then to exit you must sell back at the bid price, if you set the chart to Bid you can see price touched twice at 12049, at around 3pm and 10pm.


  10. 17 hours ago, Onceshy said:

    So say im short on existing position.

    So i go to "Dealings" and change stop to trailing. Is it a "buy" since im short? Making sure as I accidentally closed a short position, not sure if it was because i was under minimum trailing points or i mucked up the order.


    the platform should work out automatically whether the stop loss is a buy or a sell, you shouldn't need to enter that info, if the level you have entered is wrong it won't accept the order. If you accidentally closed a position it was because the platform saw it as a new order not an add stop and so netted off the original trade. 

  11. 17 hours ago, Wol said:

    Hi Traders,

    please see attached pic. Have anyone been experiencing the same, I'm unable to close my open positions nor am I able to see the chart of the same


    Hi, occasionally this does happen on demo and needs a tech to reset it hence the call number. The live platform is not affected.

  12. 17 hours ago, greenscorpio1000 said:


    having just realised you can adjust the chart to different reading s as the above , when going short  it s stopping me out early, this was when i used the mid settings. Can you please advise me what would be the best way to use this facility  

    most people just use the mid but also have an idea of the spread and so know that the actual stop and take profit levels are just beyond the mid price. When setting levels always add some free board, if your target is a particular price level set the t/p for 5 points before.


  13. 14 hours ago, dmedin said:

    I don't see any compelling reason to go long or short on gold right now based on this chart but it's fascinating how it's not dropping further as the indices rise.  On the COT reports you can see that big speculators are still long on gold.

    yes, you can see on the long term chart the large specs have not abandoned their long positions, well not yet anyway.


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  14. Should be interesting today and what happens to indices, no major news expected but US traders back from holiday and how they leave the S&P poised for the weekend should hint to the week ahead. So far a red candle so the top pickers will be back out from undercover because they know they're never wrong, just not right yet 🙃



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  15. 15 hours ago, AndrewS said:

    Caseynotes , you may be right about the news, but the drop started at 8 am Tokyo time.

    that's right @AndrewS, it wasn't Trump signing the bill that made to markets react it was the high level of vitriolic response from the Chinese and threats issued by a number of high ranking officials. They are convinced it's a Trump ploy to introduce new leverage into the trade talks but the bill was in fact introduced by the democrats and was actually a ploy to embarrass Trump. The Chinese don't understand 2 party politics.  

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  16. @andysinclair, brilliant, looks good and easy to see at a glance what's going on.

    Always useful to have a gauge as to what the overall market situation is as to whether the feeling is for risk on or risk off but it's also useful to see which markets are moving and which are flat. If a market is active I'd expect it to continue to be active regardless of direction til proved otherwise and same for flat markets.

    So combine the two (active/flat & risk on/off) and you can narrow down particular markets of interest and likely direction. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    @Caseynotes No I was just enthusiastic about the bounce off support.  There was a fairly big drop on the hourly chart last night.  :D

    yes, on news re; China, the pattern of late has been for Dow to find support in London session before girding it's loins for a march onward in the US session but can't really expect too much today 🥳

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