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  1. 6 minutes ago, Frodoscious said:

    What is this charge for?

    I invest once per year in long term investments that I therefore don't need to change. I'm charged a commission for that.

    I only invest using my ISA allowance, so don't qualify for any exceptions.

    What is costing IG money in the maintenance of my account?

    Thinking of pulling out completely and using another broker.

    Good point, see this comparison page;



  2. 1 minute ago, Frodoscious said:

    No answers. No reasons.

    hi, I don't think anyone from IG was on the forum yesterday. Charlotte is the main go to person so if you add @  as in        @CharlotteIG she will get a notification her tag was mentioned in a post.

    Also consider they can't address specific account queries on a public forum so may end up pointing you towards the IG helpdesk to pursue the issue further.   

  3. 23 minutes ago, JohnMcClane said:

    Looks like it's in "zoom" since yesterday, the graph bars look giant and I can only fit 4 bars on weekly chart on my screen just like in the picture I uploaded and it doesn't change, so I can't look at the weekly trend and can't see moving averages (also a problem when I switch to daily chart). Is it broken and how can it be fixed?

    US Dollar Basket ($5)_20200111_12.26.png

    Hi, sometimes this happens if it's the first time you've opened the chart, there is not the historic data loaded, it seems to right it's self fairly quickly, maybe try a platform restart.


  4. 1 hour ago, Kodiak said:

    But he lags the democrats😁

    "'Trump’s stock market rally is very good, but still lags Obama and Clinton"

    "The Dow Jones industrial average has gained about 45 percent since Trump was sworn in nearly three years ago. The Dow was up about 53 percent at this point in Obama’s presidency and a whopping 57 percent in Clinton’s early years in office."


    great, so this is just an average run then and bound to continue for at least another few years. 🥳

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  5. 1 minute ago, Nexuscrawler said:

    I did, yes, but most of these questions are about the error message you get when you exceed your data allowance, and not actually asking to raise it. The most recent question about it I could find was asked in 2014 and ended with IG saying that they'll look into it. Since it's been more than 5 years I wanted to bring it up again, because it's currently the biggest limitation you have when developing automatic trade programs.

    ok, I vaguely remember peeps discussing it here in the last few years and thought someone had a get round for the problem but I may be wrong, anyway there are a few api'ers check in on this forum so maybe over the weekend someone might offer up some news. Reply to this post tomorrow sometime to keep the thread up on the noticeboard so others might see it and respond.

  6. Dow high of the day 29055 new all time high. Same for S&P. S&P retail positioning (bottom chart) and the crowd massively short as they have been all year, obviously all contrarians have been long all year, may all you bears  continue to keep buying short contracts and keep this bull rolling. 😂





  7. Donald J. Trump  @realDonaldTrump


    “11,000 points gained in the Dow in the 3 years since the Election of President Trump. Today it may hit 29,000. That has NEVER happened before in that time frame. That has added 12.8 Trillion Dollars to the VALUE of American Business.” @Varneyco @FoxNews The best is yet to come!


    everyone's waving 'Dow 30,000' hats! I want one😉


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  8. 7 minutes ago, cheviot said:

    I do buy indx sometimes.....I bought FTSE 100 at 7629 at 7 this morning as hedge against my SP short , then i dumped it at 7630 for a point profit.....You bulls would have been proud of me...

    well in today's market yeah, not much to write home about on that chart;


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  9. 4 minutes ago, cheviot said:

    I d say , we ve had a p/back to support on Sp at 3273, leg higher to highs then Woshh   down we go ......Apple holding market up at $310 , once its finished , sayanara !! 

    could be, you mean a leg higher on the US open then a drop down into the US close?

  10. Just now, dmedin said:

    I'm not looking for a crash, I'm looking for some movement (either way)! :D


    yes but a slightly negative report on a bullish market isn't going to cause fireworks, will be interesting though to see how things go into the end of week close, will there be profit taking or adding in? 

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  11. 26 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Forget it ... closed out everything.  Going nowhere.

    Indices hardly moving after NFP came in well below estimates.

    yes, amazing. the market has failed to crash and burn on a massive 15k miss on the 160k target. must be down to overall bullish strength then.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Nexuscrawler said:

    I programmed a bot to automatically create and close orders for me based on several moving averages and trade momentum. I've tried to find a broker with an API for quiet a while now and I think IG might be the best choice for me, but I'm really having trouble testing my trade strategies mainly due to the low data point allowance on historical data.

    Hi, this question has come up a number of times in the past, I don't use the API but have you searched the forum for previous threads on the subject? If you get nothing on the forum search box use google with 'api data allowance' and add 'IG community'.


  13. A lot has been poured into this thread so about time to boil it up, render it down and pull out the bare bones to see just how simple the process actually is.

    On the first page we saw how to define ourselves, what we want, what we have the time to do, our personality and what we are most interested in. We then match that with types of trading and time frames.

    So for example you decide you don't have the time to day trade but like the idea of swing trading, you are interested in commodities but note that the average stop loss below the swing low on the daily chart  equals £x which is a bit too rich for you but on the H4 chart is only £x which is ok for your account size.

    So you decide to swing trade commodities on the H4 chart. Simple.

    Next the strategy. You want to swing trade which means buying dips in an uptrend (or selling rallies in a downtrend). So you will need an indicator to show trend plus a confirmation and you will need a entry trigger and confirmation.

    An indicator on it's own is worthless. What you need is a combination of indicators that will signal an entry and filter out more losing trades than winning trades. This is crucial, let it sink in. 

    You don't need a 99% win rate or the 'best' trades or the longest running trades. You just need an entry trigger and filter out more losers than winners.

    So what might that look like (made up example); 

    A/ Trend indicator: an upward sloping MA and MACD above zero to confirm.
    B/ Buy dip entry indicator: Heikin Ashi candles change from pullback red to trend colour white and a RSI bounce up off around 50 to confirm.

    Well that was simple but now we need to phase 1 test it and that's a simple eyeball backtest of 20 trades so scroll your H4 chart right back then start looking for entries going forward. For testing purposes bolt on a standard risk management of a target of 2x the stop, this can be modified later if the system works.

    How long did that all take, a couple of hours? But deciding on what type of trader you want to be only needs to be done once, the system build and phase 1 test took probably less than an hour.

    For a Reward of 2 for a risk of 1 (the stop loss) the chart in the post above tells us we need a win rate of at least 35% to be profitable. If the system didn't achieve this on backtest was it close enough to try to modify or do we need to start anew?

    Once we have found a simple system that is profitable on backtesting now there is a problem, if you are only getting a couple of trades a week phase 2 testing on demo will take time because you want a reasonable sample size of 20 odd trades, grin and bear it or consider trying a simulator. 
    Once completing phase 2 if your system survives this far you are ready for phase 3 testing which is on a live account with minimum size.

    Additional considerations; 
    Higher Time Frame - look for trade entries in context with the HTF charts, don't look to trend trade if the HTF is consolidating or about to hit key resistance. Or if the HTF shows any resistance has been beaten and this is the first pullback then think go full throttle. 

    In the example above a swing trader is looking to buy the swing low and sell the swing high rather than just take 1:2 risk reward, the point is that for testing the set 1:2 is good enough.

    Finally, so all in all not as difficult as it all sounded at the beginning, but can this really be enough? If the system is validated then yes, it is enough.

    Built it, Validate it, Do it.

  14. Dow and S&P blast off up into clear space, Dax clears recent resistance, Ftse needs to break daily chart resistance to move on to the weekly resistance.

    US NFP today, the Wednesday ADP nfp was a good beat so maybe the same today.

    h/t to FXStreet for the ADP/NFP payrolls comparison chart.






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