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  1. when oh when will Gates finally rollout his 'Chip n Vac'. Govts are just looking stupid now leading people round in circles trying to prevent them gaining herd immunity coz then of course the chip n vac would be superfluous.

    With corona virus testing now in full swing lots of new cases found (colds, flu, but no increase in death rates?) now masks are absolutely necessary despite the UK govt and the WHO saying up until just recent that they were useless.

    The problem all along was that Gates's vaccine was never going to be ready before Sept at the earliest so we must all remain in purgatory. Of course we will need the chip to go with the vaccine or else how can you be sure who's been vaccinated, ah, got you there. To refuse would just prove you don't care about others you **********.


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  2. ah no, probably not that high for 20 days 24 hour a day.

    if you were still placing other trades then the server should be ok, you weren't trying to place stops too close to current or such like? note the min distance is variable depending on current market volatility

    when you say 'desktop dashboard' is that for the Trade terminal rather than the Mini terminal?

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  3. 3 minutes ago, aggreg8te said:

    Ok, thanks but dont these sell orders only last a day or few days so i would need to reset them regularly? 

    yes, depends on which exchange the stocks are listed on as to what type of orders they accept, some are GTC good til cancelled and some are just daily. 

  4. 18 minutes ago, MW86 said:

    Can anyone give me any assistance with this please? :)

    Hi, the numbers in your connection box  (45769/67kb) are showing an awful large number of dropouts (67), my mt4 platform has been running constant for near 12 hours today and I have 12. You should hear a ding dong sound alarm on dropout and reconnection and there is usually only a second or 2 between them.

    The 'off quotes' notice would also point to a problem with connection to the server, if happens again try a click on the connection box and click rescan and select a new data centre. If persists may need to email tech at the IG helpdesk.

  5. 10 minutes ago, aggreg8te said:

    Thanks for the reply. So I'm buying shares not spread betting. All the advice and books are telling me to put a stop limit on my share buying to make sure if my share tanks and I'm not around to see it or make the unwise decision to let it tank then a stop loss will activate and make sure I only lose the amount I set it to beforehand. 

    yes, a stop loss is just an order to sell the full amount of shares at a price specified below the current price so once you have bought shares you can then place a sell order in the market which you could reset periodically to trail the stop behind current price..

  6. 48 minutes ago, NyteLyte said:

    Sorry, it's not possible to access our new IG Trading platform without having a default account set. Please set a default account in My IG.

    Sorry but how exactly do I do this? 

    Hi, go to your My IG and then to Settings and set default account is there.

  7. 5 minutes ago, jeantan said:

    I'm on share trading account. It says so on under my name. Am I meant to put a "stop" buy order instead of a "limit" buy order?

    no that looks right, that's the share dealing (non-leveraged) account and a buy limit order to buy when price goes DOWN to your order level.

    you would use the buy stop order if waiting for price to go UP to your order level.

    not sure why you haven't been filled last 2 times, just lucky I guess, if you had bought at 524.95 you would be down about £700 by now.

  8. 1 minute ago, jlz said:

    So the problem really is that no one is willing to take the other side of the trade for it to be filled. 
    Looking at the size it is a bit odd , 1 coin shouldn't be a problem. Like you said , it is better to speak to them. 

    i'm thinking this is on a cfd account rather than the share dealing account.

  9. 4 minutes ago, jlz said:


    I am not sure if I am pointing to the right hole, but the settlement period is T + 2 days, does that mean that you will get settled in 2 days at that price?  

    yeah that's right (on the Share Dealing account, also needs to go through Citibank first) but the problem here  is getting the entry order accepted in the first place.

  10. 1 minute ago, jeantan said:

    I'm trying to call them but I've been on hold for 30 mins. Yes so doesn't that mean if the price goes under $525.95 then it should fill? Now it's $521, so it should definitely fill, right?

    the blue +1 quantity says you are looking to buy (go long expecting price to rise) and being a limit means the order will trigger as price drops down to the level of your order, so you are expecting price to go down to your order level then reverse back up.

  11. 6 minutes ago, jeantan said:

    Yes I made the order 9pm Melbourne time. I just resubmitted the order above the latest price and it's still not filling :( 

    ok, I think I would ask by email if they could look and see what was wrong with the order.

    isn't netflix going down like a brick in the US pre-market, you last order was a buy limit.

  12. 2 minutes ago, u0362565 said:

    I had considered that approach but the problem for me is that trading small sizes psychology wise is like trading demo so my mind doesn't take it as seriously as when the sizes are bigger, so for example i'm much more likely to put a wider perhaps more realistic stop on a low bet size vs something that could lose me a lot if it goes belly up and hence that's part of the problem.  But generally i think you're right small sizes, build up and hope your psychology evolves with the size.

    the thing is it's not necessarily the damage from each trade but to the account over time, those £1 -£5 losses each trade add up, your account moving steadily towards zero really sharpens the mind and you really start to concentrate on what should have been priority number 1 from the start, conserve capital. Demo teaches you to just auto refund the account and carry on as was. 

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  13. 12 minutes ago, jeantan said:

    Ig's own web based

    Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.08.50 pm.png

    not sure, so it was a buy limit which was below the current price which then went down below your order level but didn't trigger the entry, presuming this was after the US stocks all sessions market opened at 9am (uk).

  14. 4 minutes ago, u0362565 said:

    Interesting, i'm not sure what the answer is but its perhaps telling that SB's aren't taxed because the tax man clearly knows most won't actually make any money anyway.  I just went back to demo, and took the rest of my live account with me and of course i'm making some money again Ahhhhhhhh! Stick with demo stick with demo.. if this is consistently profitable i guess i know my issue is the pychology of real money.

    Psychology is always the problem but can be overcome but not on demo, demo entrenches bad habits because there are just no real consequences.

    best is to start on the mt4 platform at 10 pence a point so can't do too much damage and look to steadily increase size as your trading improves so it's a natural progressive process instead of leaps into uncertainty.

  15. 5 minutes ago, jeantan said:

    I put in an order and the price went below my order but it didn't get filled. This happened a few times over the span of an hour. Do you know why?

    ok, which platform are you using? mt4, IG's own web based, prorealtime.