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  1. 5 hours ago, AxelP said:

    So where is the correlation to yesterdays 800 pt drop? The biggest drop this year and the only thing that is clear is that buyers are returning to buy gold. It moved from $1500 to $1523. There is not correlation between stocks and gold: stocks provide returns based on the economy and gold is a commodity that is no more than a store of wealth and speculative.

    The correlation is that Gold is risk off while Indices are risk on, money routinely flows backward and forward between the two on change of sentiment. This week has seen big sentiment swings, trade war dragging on, Trump announcing a de-escalation, a period of reflection, and the realisation not much had changed and then new news the 2s and 10s bond yield curve had inverted for the first time since 2007. 

    All played out in real time on the charts;


  2. 2 minutes ago, dmedin said:


    Retail investors are the bottom feeders who feed off the dregs... 😆

    no, instead think Remora, attached to the shark so follows closely and is lead to food.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    You called it - it was a shakedown by the big sharks to take out all the 'little fishes'.  Why invest when you can manipulate?

    The fly in the ointment of your hackneyed view is that the sharks actually feed off each other, retail traders are not even a snack and only get eaten when they get in the way.

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  4. 19 minutes ago, AxelP said:

    This "providing relief to the Stock Market". This is unconnected to Gold in any way, and are we to believe that these sellers were selling to invest in the Stock Market: I don't think so as many buyers in Gold are there specifically as a flight to safety

    Yesterday's move in gold is clearly correlated to the move in stocks.


  5. 19 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    How do you trade indices? 

    From what you say I gather that it's better to get long and stay long.  So why not just buy real stocks in an ETF or index fund that tracks the S&P 500?

    'get long stay long' not at all, I'm questioning the fixation people have on calling tops and jumping in short at the drop of a hat. It's a psychological trap that afflicts the majority and is without doubt the main reason most people fail.

  6. I love this game, anyone can play and IG clients are always at it. During multi-year bull runs you will find the majority of IG clients are trying to short the market, usually between 60 and 70% at any given time, brilliant.

    I often wonder what makes it psychologically so enticing to keep trying to pick tops? I personally think it's because people look at the chart and see price is at the top of the screen ergo it must be about to turn round and come down right?

    I also wonder if the reverse is true, that in a bear market do IG clients keep trying to pick the bottom and buy? Bear markets come round so infrequently I've not had a chance to check.

    The two charts side by side below, are either of these the 'top'? who knows, realistically the 'top' can only be determined with hindsight, 'keeping your power dry' through multi-year bull runs waiting for the big crash just doesn't make any sense, play the chart in front of you not the one you hope to see in the future. The charts below are weekly, the S+P can take months to roll over so why would you be trying to pick the day, what's the point in being wrong hundreds of times in order to be right one day, but as the bottom chart shows there are always plenty takers.



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  7. 27 minutes ago, TraderVic said:

    hi there, is there a way i can add multiple tickers to a watchlist without adding then one by one? for example, say i want a watchlist with every single share on the platform, how would i do that?

    Hi, there are 10s of thousands of shares to watch on the platform, how would you do that? realistically you are going to need a screener.

  8. Trump makes a slight alteration to the world markets and future outlook but still expecting some fireworks beginning of Sept. As is mentioned in Sunday's post above, to get real time unadulterated subscription free market moving news just sign up for Tweetdeck and follow Trump.  


  9. 8 hours ago, dmedin said:


    Why bother drawing lines at all? 

    Do they help in making better trades? 

    Is it possible to make technically 'good' trades and yet still lose money? 

    If so, is TA any better than tossing a coin or kissing the dice for good luck before throwing them?

    Why would anyone sane day trade with real money?

    Markets are always about finding fair value, trading is always about finding a market that is searching for fair value, time frames are just a matter of choice. TA may help to determine where that fair value might be found but can't predict fundamental changes that will change where fair value might be found.

  10. 7 hours ago, Treehouseman said:

    But if a spread bet doesn't actually require owning the underlying asset that you bet on why is it still not always possible to short sell certain AIM stocks via spread bets? Is the reason simply that unborrowable stocks are too risky to allow spread bets? Thanks to anyone who can shine some light on this! 

    Hi, because a cfd is still a contract and to trade it IG need to find you a counter party, to short it IG first need to find someone to lend it to you and then find you a counter party to trade with. If no one is willing to lend it to you in order for you to short it (sell it) it is said to be unborrowable.

  11. 6 hours ago, MrsCowling said:

    Hi All,

    I am a beginner at forex trading & have just setup a spread betting account. I would be most grateful for any useful tips to get me on my feet as the internet has countless video tips I am unsure just where to begin. To start my thinking is to simply practice & analyse data, learning the market, trading very low values before my knowledge is improved - would others suggest this wise? - thank you in advance

    Hi, to start you want to go through an educational program to understand the basics such as the IG Academy or Babypips.



  12. 7 hours ago, Mitchell99 said:

    I was just wondering how can I get my ig account to my mt4 account. It says a code and I just wanna know if I can use it or not 

    Hi, you need to open a separate mt4 account from your 'My IG' page and '+ add an account'. see pic, and then download and open mt4 and go to 'File' > 'open an account' and fill in the details to link them.


  13. 25 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Are big, unpredictable swings of price up and down an 'opportunity' as far as you're concerned?

    Or is such a situation more like to be a 'danger' and something to avoid taking part in?

    They need to be treated with caution (catching falling knives), chasing the market can be problematic, getting filled late but just in time for the whipsaw to take you out, even with the always needed larger stop is common. Like any new news event many prefer to wait for the dust to settle, often after a spike you get a nice channel, today looks more like a flag but at some point consensus will decide direction and that will usually lead to a measured move (either direction) at least as big as the spike and far easier to get aboard.

  14. 28 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    And, guess what?  One small comment from a Trump official sends gold packing.  Total mug's game, this.  :D

    A US president's comments are just as market moving as the Fed's, or red flag data releases, the market prices in new information, that's exactly what's supposed to happen. An awful lot of people are suckered into thinking the market must move in accordance with the lines they've drawn on their chart.


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  15. 9 minutes ago, JamesIG said:

    Hey casey - I've passed this on to @TimP who is reaching out directly to those who own the plugin. I don't think we've had other reports outside this thread so it does seem a strange one and not related to MT4 specifically. 

    I imagine I know the answer, but would you like a call RE: basic troubleshooting on MT4?  

    Thanks @JamesIG,  I'm not having any trouble with mt4 at all, it's working fine and so is the mini terminal so long as those two new features are not enabled. I've no idea when they were added to the apps package I only found them when I saw the file size was different to the one I had from ages ago. I don't actually need them at all but they looked good so gave them a trial run.

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  16. 11 minutes ago, stefanvgnz said:

    Hi - cannot see the demo server - can see the live account server.

    I've not got a demo account activated at the moment so can't check, try 'scan' from there and also from the bottom right connection box and choosing a different data center (bottom pic)