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The Virus and the Economy

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On 06/07/2021 at 13:55, Provaton said:

Rather than posting a randomised chart you could just have posted it in chronological order, or would that not fit your narrative?


the chart is just stating facts, if you don't like it **** ***

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you are a guinea-pig.

google 'graphene oxide vaccine' - I dare you.

DR JANE RUBY - @RealDrJaneRuby  5d    It’s called graphene oxide and Spanish scientists at La Quinta Columna discovered that it comprised over 95% of P f I z er injection vial. Remember when I told you to Just Wait.



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Adam Brooks  @EssexPR  25m   'Meanwhile in India, their wave is effectively over. Their population is only 5% fully vaccinated. We have nothing to worry about on July 19th. Live your life, respect others choices and allow the economy to heal.'


Thank Ivermectin which is also being used to treat vaccine adverse reactions.



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more disinformation from govts and msm in the push for 100% jabbed.

US and NZ going door to door to intimidate people warning about the delta variant which is as per almost all variants actually less deadly than the original.

Viruses do what they do and evolve to be more transmissible and less deadly.

The jab pushes pretend that natural immunity is not more common and is not more effective than a vaccine. It's not as profitable for the massive covid industry either.

Reminder that over 86% of UK adults have covid antibodies (immunity) though nothing will stop 'end of lifers' 80+ year olds with comorbidities from dying from an acute respiratory diseases.


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oh dear, the communists on SAGE and at the Independent newspaper are having a fit over Johnson's 'Freedom Day'.

Never forget that the west had a proven pandemic strategy before China told everyone to destroy their economies' and lock everyone up, unbelievably we did - while they did the opposite. 

China never had a national lockdown just few local areas and was only for a month or 2 before back to full production mode.


March 2020



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Govt warned the only way out is higher taxation;

Sunak warned that £10bn deficit can be fixed only by taxation | Business | The Times

£10 billion every year for the next 3 years.


Dr Sarah Rutherford @sarahrutherfor2   “Britain suffered one of the worst economic hits of leading nations.” No, not passive, the govt inflicted the worst economic damage on our country because of its own reckless spending and ill-thought through lockdown restrictions.



Dr. Jay Battacharya: "Much of the broad support for lockdowns in the public comes out of a place of fear. And that fear was unfortunately an explicit government policy…That is a violation of a basic principle of public health."



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Increasing hysteria in the US and here that everyone must be jabbed while ignoring many will have natural immunity and ignoring the post WW II Nuremburg treaty banning forced or coerced medical interventions.

At the same time new research is suggesting the jabs are only working for 3 months, no wonder they're already pushing the boosters.


Anti mandate groups starting up to help educate those brainwashed by govt and msm propaganda.

Mandatory Vaccines - Turning Point USA (tpusa.com)





Meanwhile the CCP joins in the fun as their bots are flooding social media with pleas to Johnson to retain lockdowns, masks and SDing in the UK, many posts with 10s of thousands of fake likes.



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More evidence that the price to protect the elderly by locking down the entire nation is being paid mostly by children.






'Deaths occurring at home during the pandemic increased by 33% compared to the 5-year-average. Just 2% of these deaths were of or with Covid.'

Deaths in private homes, England and Wales (provisional) - Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk)



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Latest data Positive 'Cases' vs Deaths.

1/ All

2/ Over 60s and Under 60s.




datatosee.com  @dontbetyet.    Two charts showing positive tests numbers and PHE deaths. Two age groups 0-59 60+ Same scales are used on both charts, scales on left and right of charts.


Next up. What does this even mean?

Top 5 symptoms of covid if you've had 1 vaccine dose or 2 or are unvaccinated.

(ps they are all symptoms of the common cold).



What are the new top 5 COVID symptoms? (joinzoe.com)


Does this mean the vaccines don't work at all then?



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What is the end game?  They want to have control over the population, to implement a 'green agenda', the billionaires want to have the power of flight to themselves and make everyone else eat insects, own nothing and be happy?

Or do you follow Hugo Tawks, and believe it's Luciferian mark of the beast, 5G activated human cyborg stuff?

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Govts still pushing the myth of asymptomatic spread of covid as part of the never ending 'Project Fear' in spite of many studies showing covid is the same as all other acute respiratory diseases, and that asymptomatic spread is not a driver of pandemics just as Fauci said back in March 2020, just before the WHO told him to change his mind.

''Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no “viable virus” in positive cases detected in this study.''

Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China | Nature Communications

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haha 'follow the science' my ****.

'EXCLUSIVE: Tens of thousands to be spared quarantine as 'ministers rush to water-down controversial Test and Trace app so it pings fewer people in bid to avoid it crippling economy after Freedom Day on July 19'

Covid UK: Tens of thousands to be spared quarantine as 'ministers rush to water-down NHS app' | Daily Mail Online


'follow the science' my **** 2;

Childrens risk of death from the vaccine: one in 50,000.

Childrens risk of death from Covid:  one in 500,000.


But er the benefits outweigh the er risks!!!!!


''Health data scientist Prof Anthony Brookes tells @JuliaHB1 the five tests must be met to make it “morally and medically appropriate" to rollout Covid jabs to children. “They are more harmful than traditional vaccines. One in 50,000 die as result of the vaccination."''


Children face a one in 500,000 risk of dying from Covid, amid row over if kids should be vaccinated | Daily Mail Online



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Grant Shapps explains that the new govt endorsed medical apartheid between the jabbed and non-jabbed is on the basis that “double-jabbed people” are MORE likely to catch and transmit the virus.


These 'vaccines' really don't work (except to cause harm) so it's full steam ahead to force everyone to get them.


This total nonsense farce has to be brought to an end.





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Hospital admissions for covid look to be rising but as usual is just a play on numbers. 40% of so-called covid hospital admissions are actually in hospital for something else. 

Routine testing of asymptomatics continues to do a grand job providing fake 'case' numbers.

40% of patients with Indian Delta variant are admitted to UK hospitals for reasons OTHER than Covid | Daily Mail Online



Joanna Blythman  @JoannaBlythman    Many are now gripped by the Covid version of Stockholm Syndrome. They have absorbed their jailer’s script so totally that when the keys to their cell are dangled before them, they opt to stay put. We’re talking about a national epidemic of agoraphobia.

Bin the masks: We must end lockdown and stop pandering to public health junta and eternally fearful | HeraldScotland


Pleased to see around 20% of staff at the mega Asda I use not wearing masks anymore.



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''Let's be clear: the proper way to describe what is happening in the UK is "vaccine failure." The vaccines were not supposed to stop preventing infections after three months (especially since they ACCELERATE infections after dose 1), or because of minor, predictable mutations.''

Alex Berenson  @AlexBerenson

FDA, CDC Condradict Pfizer, Claim There's No Need For "Booster" Vaccines... Yet | ZeroHedge  


''Important - MRC Biostats now calculating IFR at less than 1/1000. (0.085%). This is credible and conservative. It sets an absolute upper limit on genuine future Covid deaths of around 15,000 - less than a flu year.''

Hugh Osmond  @hughosmond




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Project Fear a resounding success as new survey finds 77% of Brits 'anxious' about the relaxing of Covid restrictions.


"Britons among most anxious in world about loosening Covid rules"


''When your own govt wages a 16 month Campaign of Fear on you, backed by £1bn of taxpayer money on advertising, what do you expect?''

Recovery: End The Campaign Of Fear #EndTheFear @T4Recovery

Britons among most anxious in world about loosening Covid rules | Express.co.uk


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23 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

''When your own govt wages a 16 month Campaign of Fear on you, backed by £1bn of taxpayer money on advertising, what do you expect?''

Probably also affected by seeing friends and family dying or suffering from long Covid. Seeing a pandemic sweeping across the world and killing millions doesn't help with my anxiety, regardless of any advertising campaign.

26 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

"Britons among most anxious in world about loosening Covid rules"

Maybe because Britain is looking like a laughing stock to the rest of the world as it gears up to open up while cases and variants run rampant?

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3 minutes ago, Provaton said:

Probably also affected by seeing friends and family dying or suffering from long Covid. Seeing a pandemic sweeping across the world and killing millions doesn't help with my anxiety, regardless of any advertising campaign.

Maybe because Britain is looking like a laughing stock to the rest of the world as it gears up to open up while cases and variants run rampant?

Actually Sweden has been open since the start and turns out to have less deaths than lockdown countries, Texas and Florida have been open for months now with no increase in deaths.

All 350,000 variants are within 0.3% same as original and that is no way enough not to be recognised by the immune system once immunity is gained.

All variants have been shown to be more transmissible but less deadly than the original which is normal evolution for a virus. 

We already know now that the PCR tests were manipulated so the cases numbers and deaths numbers were not correct and many normal deaths were rebranded as covid.

You really got to stop using the BBC as your sole source if information, it's all BS.


''Sweden is not even in the top 30 countries in covid deaths per capita (population greater than 1 million). It is currently ranked 31, well below the EU average. The top 30 are filled with hard lockdowns. If lockdowns worked, this should be impossible. Lockdowns. Don’t. Work.''

Team Sweden Unlocked @SwedenTeam




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17 minutes ago, Provaton said:

Thanks, but I think I'll stick with listening to 120 of the worlds leading scientists who published a grave warning about the UK easing restrictions too soon, rather than "Team Sweden Unlocked":


no, not teamswedenunlocked. All the people of Sweden, Florida and Texas have proved the farce you still subscribe to.

Why don't you start a new thread and title it 'all the BS I heard on the BBC last night', I'm sure loads of people would love to read it.

As for this never ending covid joke I couldn't give a rats **** about trying to extend the life by a few months of an 85 year old grandmother with multiple comorbidities.

I'm more concerned by the 36 year old mother with 2 kids who's just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and still won't be seen until September because the NHS has been shutdown to everything other than bad flu season numbers of covid patients.

Which is why the NHS has spent the last 16 months making tiktok dance videos FFS.

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Isn't it strange how all the western leaders keep coming up with the same ideas at the same time, it's almost as if they're all working to the same plan 🤔

Yesterday French President Macron announces mandatory COVID19 vaccinations for all healthcare workers beginning July 21, and adds "we will probably have to think about the mandatory vaccination of all French citizens at some point."

While Fauci Calls For 'More Vaccine Mandates At The Local Level'.

While today in the UK the Commons will be asked to vote on ‘draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021’. Regulations to bring in compulsory vaccination - not just for care staff.


The end to this 16 month long running farce is in sight.

Of course you'll need some way to prove you're being continually jabbed with experimental drugs so some kind of swipe to read digital ID with vax Hx will be needed and to force compliance you'll also need a Chinese Communist style social credit system bolted on. No compliance no access, forced to sit on the naughty step until you do.

And with these tools in place we can finally move on ... to climate change lockdowns.





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The number of reported adverse reactions to the Covid jabs in 6 months stands at 1,037,376. 

The number of reported adverse reactions to all other vaccines in the past 11 years stands at 60,137.



FACT – Deaths due to the Covid Vaccines in the UK after 6 months are 407% higher than deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in the past 11 years – Daily Expose



Meanwhile in the US the CDC want 2 year olds to wear masks because they haven't been vaccinated ... yet.

The health fascists are using kids now to force compliance. Fauci has always known masks don't work to control spread (video of him saying so posted previously).



And ''Freedom Day'' in the UK will usher in mandatory jabs for healthcare workers and care home visitors (as a starter), as well as vax passports for all.

You have been continually played since March 2020, they couldn't have done it without your help. 👏



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On 06/07/2021 at 07:16, Caseynotes said:

Researchers have shown the SAR-CoV-2 virus spike protein is actually acting as a disruptive agent (a toxin) which is causing damage to endothelial cells.

This is why the virus is causing clotting and haemorrhage as well as flu symptoms.

And as the spike protein was copied for use in the vaccines is why the vaccines are also causing clots and bleeds.

More on how the vaccines damage endothelial cells - is really very disturbing, so much so in fact the the Canadian Dr disclosing it has been suspended and had a gagging order placed on him.

The virus spike protein is copied and included in the vaccine, the immune system discovers it, learns to recognise it, and so you have gained immunity (same as natural immunity).

But the virus spike protein is a fixed part of the virus' capsule whereas the vaccine copy can come adrift, and can be replicated by the body, and able to circulate throughout. I've already posted this in a chart of all the places around the body it's been found so far (in this or the renamed 'covid and the economy' thread).

It now looks like the loose spike proteins are attaching themselves to the endothelial cells lining the inside of capillary blood vessels that are supposed to be smooth and so causing clotting and ruptures of the blood vessels of major organs especially the brain, heart and lungs.


''German scientists have discovered the Covid-19 vaccines cause blood clots, and so have thousands of “patients” who’s cells now produce unlimited sticky “protein” prions that travel throughout the blood vessels, causing “road blocks,” and this is why we’re seeing the huge up-tick (pardon the pun) of heart inflammation cases right after vaccination.''

Dr. Charles Hoffe: 'Vaccine Is Quite Clearly More Dangerous Than COVID-19' (basedunderground.com)


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You'll be relieved to hear that corporate jets will escape the EU’s ‘green’ aviation fuel tax and so the fares increase it will cause will be paid by the plebs only which is as it should be.

Corporate jets to escape EU’s ‘green’ aviation fuel tax (irishtimes.com)


Meanwhile a podcast with clinical psychologist Gary Sidley on masks; why they don't work, why they're BAD for you and why certain scientists and politicians are hell bent on imposing them - mostly so we'll do what they say.

The Tyranny of Masks - Dr Gary Sidley (buzzsprout.com)


Meanwhile (2) demos spring up in France over the new mandatory vax law.

Just why are they all so concerned to make sure everyone gets vaxxed before the results of the trials are reported? The vulnerable have already all been vaccinated!




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1984 is here.

In the news this morning Melbourne starts it's 5th 'last resort' lockdown (for a disease with a 99.6% recovery rate).

The NZ prime minister says people must only believe govt sources. “Dismiss anything else, we will continue to be your single source of truth”.

Meanwhile in the UK thousands of ministers and government officials are escaping self-isolation thanks to a “pilot scheme”. Via DailyMailUK.  The rules were never meant for IMPORTANT people.

And Spain's highest court has ruled that the country's strict lockdown in Spring 2020 was an unconstitutional violation of citizens' basic rights to free movement without parliamentary approval. Full ruling to be released in a few days.

Yes well it is isn't.

Spain's top court rules pandemic lockdown unconstitutional (apnews.com)




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Along with corporate jets avoiding 'green' fuel tax ...

''Does anyone else not find it odd that during a “global pandemic” and “climate emergency” a billionaire can fly into space “for fun?” Yet I can’t fly my family on holiday??? Or people can’t fly to see family!? Remember we’re all in this together!!! Played like chumps''

G-tothe-P @Gilllybofbof


Time to wake up yet?

''Britain is sleepwalking into a state of perpetual Covid tyranny.''

Britain is sleepwalking into a state of perpetual Covid tyranny (telegraph.co.uk)


Heathrow Passenger Numbers Remain Almost 90% Down From Pre-Pandemic Levels.

Heathrow Passenger Numbers Remain Almost 90% Down From Pre-Pandemic Levels | ZeroHedge


Meanwhile younger people are definitely taking the bigger hit from the vaccines, US VAERS deaths jump 2000 in a week in latest report.

30% of Deaths Reported to VAERS After Covid-19 Vaccines Occurred in ONE WEEK – 2,000 MORE Deaths – Daily Expose



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Our Globalist overlords are racing full-on towards a '1984' dystopia now with Fauci following NZ PM saying you must only listen to govt info - all else is disinformation, while WEF Schwab says the internet needs to be 'immunised'.

Protests growing in France over the mandatory Clot Shots for health care workers (just the start) and vax passports for all. UK govt has announced the same.

In France non-vaxxed will need to produce a full neg test result that only lasts 2 days (at €50 a pop).



Kulvinder Kaur MD @dockaurG

''Natural immunity isn't a driver of scariants. According to UK govt's newly released report by its SAGE advisors: "Combination of high prevalence and high levels of vaccination creates conditions in which an immune escape variant is most likely to emerge."

SAGE 93 minutes: Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, 7 July 2021 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


 Prisoner of Ontario  @asliceofanxiety

''I think the ****’s gonna hit the fan when vax people realize that in order to keep their vax passport valid, they’re going to have to take every single additional shot offered to them. This doesn’t end at two shots. Understand that?''


Reminder 2.

This was never about a virus (has same IFR as the common flu), it's about control.



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hahaha, a report commissioned by Patrick Vallance says '''up to 60,000 people in England could die from FLU this winter because few will have immunity due to lockdowns.''

Guess that means more err ... lockdowns.

Reminder that 120,000 covid deaths was over 2 seasons so 60,000 a season, not that the test numbers can be believed.

Portugal has reported 17,148 COVID19 deaths so far but this was scrutinised by their high court and experts ruled that ONLY 152 of these deaths were in fact solely COVID deaths.

Similar stats as were recently posted for Scotland.

Judicial ruling: Just 152 official deaths from Covid in Portugal -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net


Meanwhile 20% recently deleted their track and trace app joining the 30% who never downloaded it in the first place as 1 million got pinged last week.

Is this the True Level of Opposition to Restrictions? Over Half of 18-34 Year Olds Have Deleted the NHS Covid App or Never Had It – Lockdown Sceptics

Which is why contract tracing of those without symptoms was expressly advised against in the WHO pandemic plan of October 2019 and in UK pandemic planning.  Francis Hoar @Francis_Hoar

9789241516839-eng.pdf (who.int)


And you're right, none of this makes any sense what-so-ever.



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Indonesia overtakes India as Asia's new Covid-19 epicenter. Becoming one of the highest in the world with daily Covid cases.

Coronavirus Update: South Africa's Covid-19 cases surge to 7220, with 7  more deaths | SAFA.net

Indonesia reported 54,517 new cases of Covid-19, authorities said Wednesday, a single-day national record and dire warning sign for the world's fourth-most populous country.

For more on this news article click this link here, CNN


By Masrur Jamaluddin and Joshua Berlinger, CNN. 16th July 2021.

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