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Chart not working on Chrome for PC



Chart window is opening, but there is no content within it. I have updated my Adobe Flash as per the instructions somewhere in the support pages. The charts still won't load though... any appropriate ways to fix this problem?

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I lost chart functionality around 12pm today - is there a current known issue?


2 seperate PC's both using Chrome (have also tried Internet Explorer, no better).

Connected via Telstra.

Telstra Mobile shows charts OK on iPhone.
Based in SE QLD

Thanks in advance


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Hello all, I have a chrome book and this also wont run PRT  , the reason for this is chrome will not run anything in java, I asked at PC world if there is a fix or app, sorry there is no fix yet, try installing Firefox on your PC this will work this is what I have done on mine

hope this helps

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So I've enabled chrome to run flash for allowed websites, and explcitly whitelisted ig.com, but Chrome is still blocking flash and not able to launch charts (BTW, I was able to launch charts yesterday). Microsoft Edge browser is also broken - can't launch charts. And google think they can design a self driving car!!!


Update: I launched IG in chrome incognito mode, and when launching the charts, I get a message saying flash is not installed. This is incorrect as I've reinstalled the flash plugin for chrome, and flash works at other websites such as speedtest.net.


I'm starting to thing the problem is actually on IG's webservers now. Is anyone able to view the flash charts today on chrome or edge?

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Hi koala, Have you tried following Earthalien's advice (a couple of entries above yours)? I had exactly the same problem as you, but found that worked. Here are the steps:


As of september 2017 I got my charts back  on chrome by doing:


menu  ( three black dots top right near the  star )


advanced settings ( right at bottom of page, scroll down as far as you can go)

content setttings

Flash settings 

Allow sites to run Flash

dont ask first ! 



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TME - cheers for that. My flash settings don't have the option to allow all sites - I have to select ask first - see screen snippet. And I have added ig.com to the whitelist sites also. I've also restarted chrome (version 62.0.3202.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)).


The sooner IG abandons the dead Adobe flash and moves to HTML5 the better for us all. This flash plugin is not working in my Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser - whereas it was working last week.


Have you seen any other tips or pointers to try apply to get flash working again?



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Yes, I agree, Adobe flash is quite a nuisance, and time for something new.


The 'ask first' (or rather 'don't ask first') might be quite important. I haven't experimented with this (don't dare!) as my charts are working OK for the time being.


Sorry, but I don't have any other suggestions at present. Hope you can find an alternative solution soon.



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I've got the exact same issue. Charts haven't been working for 2 days now. Tried on other computer at another location and same thing. IE, Foxfire and Chrome. None work and I've tried everything suggested in the recent threads for the same issue. This is an IG Markets issue. 


I'll post another thread to make IG Markets wake up and listen instead of saying it's a computer issue. Something is wrong with their web platform. 

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I'm having the same problem, I have tried the above solutions and it does not work.

There are some very odd features about this problem

1. Flash works on all other sites that need it apart from IG on my computer

2. It does not work on chrome or edge but does work on my phone through the app

3. If I newly install flash it works, but as soon as I reboot it stops working


I don't think it's an IG sever issue as it works on my phone

Can any tech gurus help?

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'At the top of the IG browser page in the url click on the padlock icon, click on Flash Allow, not Ask, (may need to go via 'site settings'), then exit and click on the banner prompt to Reload page.'

Works for me. Thank you. M


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Guest herald9999
On the chrome browser there will be a small icon that comes up on the right corner at the end of the webaddress, which says that "the site is prevented from setting cookies", click that and when you go to settings menu, take the tick off from the following::
Block third-party cookies
Prevent third-party websites from saving and reading cookie data
the next moment you will see the charts, it happened to me for charles schwab charts too.

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