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Top performing stocks in the S&P 500 2019; and the winner is ...  1. $AMD: +146% 2. $LRCX: +114% 3. $KLAC: +99% 4. $TGT: +95% 5. $CMG: +93% 6. $QRVO: +91% 7. $CPRT: +90% 8. $XRX: +86% 9.

Time to stop eating Bats?

A year in the life of a crypto trader;

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They said they would act so they will have to do something but what and when. Most of China's debt is in USD so it's getting more expensive and also a history of capital flight when the Yuan weakens to these levels.

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Chinese officials issue a warning over the weekend to anyone tempted to short the Yuan;


Guo Shuqing, chairman of the banking and insurance regulator: Short-term fluctuation of the #yuan is normal; those betting agst the yuan will suffer heavy losses.

(We posted this during the weekend. CCTV is broadcasting it again so we give you a heads-up)

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Very good 25 min video from SMB Capital on how stock selection is just as important as the trade set up. Workshop on how to improve trading by upping stock selection.

SMB Capital

Published on Jul 25, 2019



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50 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Everyone seems to be going vertical screens lately, the problem of course is have you got enough?




I doubt anyone has enough eyeballs to be able to use all of that at once.

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Fascinating lecture on Poker Economics, one of the  MIT's OpenCourseWare series .

Delves into early Credit Creation and money and debt by linking poker in the early 1800's in the US mid west to soft banks and onto the formation of the CME futures market in the same region. Then comes back to poker and it's links to quant analysis in the 1980's, beating casinos and the emergence of hedge funds.

Just over a hour long.


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Video on how the scammers on instagram, myfacebook etc turn up with fantastic looking 'live' account records with reputable brokers by using white labeled fake mt4 servers. Scamming is clearing becoming a massive industry in the world of retail trading (as if it wasn't big already).

Very strong language


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2 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

Oh a something interesting thread. 

I love playing Texas Hold Em Up Poker. Do you play Poker @Caseynotes?

I prefer the Texas Hold Em up version to say three card or other varieties. What do you think?

It is great to use Poker when looking at odds and probabilities. What do you think?

I used to watch the professionals play Poker on TV. Someone whom I have known since I was a child actually won Poker Million and I watched him play live on Sky Sports. 

There are quite a few traders who use poker analogies or refer to poker. You may have come across them. 

I think the Scandinavian professional poker players (if you ever watch them) play quite an aggressive style especially on flush draws. Have you noticed? If you try and relate this to trading then you may get some traders who trade aggressively for a short period when the price crosses the 20 DMA but then revert to a less aggressive stance as the price moves towards say a 200 DMA on any breakout after a long correction or fall. 

can't imagine why you would tag me for this and it's not really interesting.

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2 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:


You don't find Poker a fascinating game? I find it interesting and fascinating. I love the game. Well I find it interesting. I may even set up a thread in relation to Poker and Trading. 

I think you posted the above this month. 

yes and it's an excellent video that you didn't watch before making comment, shame.

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1 hour ago, TrendFollower said:

I wonder how many people on the IG Community watch over an hour of this? Just out of interest did you actually watch it? What do you think of his humour in regards to Ace beating King in the video?

Yes of course I watched it, chiefly because it wasn't really about poker. It was about debt. How trade and commerce functioned in the absence of money in the very early US mid west and lead to the founding of the CME and the whole futures market.

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