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ProRealTime version 11

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Guest backwardation

@CharlotteIG You absolutely should test internally and make sure things are fine, but this is taking way too long.  It's been released for months, and your competitor has it working on their system from day 1.  Also adding to the confusion, is that you can get PRT11 with IG if you sign up from the PRT site, so obviously it does 'work'.

I like IG a lot, having come here after 10 years of Aussie FX bucket shops, but please start taking platforms more seriously.  PRT is nice, but only having the outdated version, and not having access to other advanced platforms like Sierra Chart or ThinkorSwim or Ninjatrader or Jigsaw is becoming annoying.


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1 year time after the release of version 11 is too long - its up and running in PRT website but IG accounts are stuck with version 10. Need to speed this up I guess. There are heaps of IG clients waiting.

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23 hours ago, Guest Analyst said:



Is there any update on when PRT v11.0 will be available to IG account holders?



Hey. I've spoken to our technical team and v11 will not be rolling out until late 2019/ early 2020. Simply because we have to make sure everything works for clients so we test internally. 

We are sorry for the delay. I know this came out for PRT clients a few months ago. 

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