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Dividend Adjustments 12 Aug - 19 Aug
We're expecting a large dividend adjustment on the FTSE this week. Please see other expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 12 Aug 2019.
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Stocks recover losses on rate-cut hopes: APAC brief - 8 Aug
Stocks recover losses on rate-cut hopes: Wall Street equities climbed into the close, after an ugly open for the US market overnight, while global bond yields continued to fall, on increased bets of interest rate cuts from the world’s largest central banks. When market action is still foggy, it can be hard to draw firm conclusions about cause-and-effect in price action. But it would strongly seem that the latter was responsible for the former during last night’s trade. Hence, US stocks were up on the basis that traders are pricing in a remarkably high chance that the Fed will be cutting interest rates by 50-basis-points at their next meeting, and that the ECB will be cutting rates next month, too.

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Heikin-Ashi candles on IG charts: how to turn on HA candles
Heikin-Ashi candles are now available on the IG trading platform for both desktop and mobile. This feature has been one of the more highly requested additions to charts as these types of candles are commonly used by traders looking at identifying trends visually without the need of complex analysis.
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Is trading indices better than trading stocks?
Stocks vs indices? Longer term candles vs shorter term? How do you trade? Join the discussion.
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Index Dividend Adjustments 5 Aug - 12 Aug
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 5th Aug 2019.
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'Satoshi' selling $8bn of BTC
"The end is nigh - 'Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto... promised to donate $8bn worth of bitcoin to charity in 2020'" Join the debate and have your say.
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Fed rate cut; another year of trade war; a currency war - DailyFX Key Themes
There is a span of high-level rate decisions this coming week, but only one of these updates carries serious potential to not only move its domestic assets but further potential to generate reaction from the entire financial system: the FOMC.
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Post in What drives financial markets? - Myth busting!
Get on board with the discussion on Community - "I think this one is even clearer than the USD to Gold relationship.  There seems to be no material benefit in holding Gold during recessions or market crashes, except perhaps that as was the case in 1929, Gold at least held its value while stocks were crashing."

Post in Earnings Calendar
"Names to look out for this week, Apple the big one on Tuesday after close, look out for Shopify on Thursday before US open mentioned in the Something Interesting thread."

Place working orders from IG charts
We have a great new feature which is available on desktop charts: you can now trade faster by choosing to place a working order directly from the charts, rather than needing to fill out the deal ticket, and take full advantage of our drag and drop stop/limit functions.
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Stocks higher, yields lower, growth concerns persist: APAC brief - 25 Jul
Stocks higher, yields lower, growth concerns persist: The S&P500 rallied to another record high, as Wall Street shrugged off poor earnings from industrial mega-companies Boeing and Caterpillar, and instead focused on solid-enough results from US-tech giants. The rally was supported by a new-leg lower in global bond yields, after European manufacturing PMI data greatly disappointed expectations, and reaffirmed the continued slowdown in the Eurozone economy. That gave the DAX a lift. The Euro slipped, the Dollar edged higher, and gold climbed by half-a-per-cent, too. Oil prices dropped, even in light of a larger than expected drawdown in US crude oil inventories, as commodity markets remain fixed on concerns regarding the global economic outlook.
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Trade our US FANG index 24 hours a day
Take advantage of pre and post market earning season with IG's US FANG index, now available 24 hours a day throughout the trading week.
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Working order preview now on charts
In a similar manner to our position preview feature you can now see your working order shaping up on the charts as you start creating orders from the ticket.
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Dividend Adjustments 22 July - 29 July
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 22nd July 2019. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section.
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Keyboard shortcuts for chart intervals (and future crosshair data)
If you like to change between different intervals on the IG desktop charts (from 1 minute candlesticks to 5 or 10 minute candles, or to hours, days or months) then we've just made it easier with keyboard shortcuts.
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A night of mixed trade: APAC brief - 17 Jul
A night of mixed trade: Overnight trade might be considered an elegant microcosm for the affairs of financial markets right now. The news flow shifted from mixed, to bearish, to bullish, then back to mixed again. The story began with a US Retail Sales data-beat, that cast doubts on the Fed’s need to cut interest rates. That doubt was compounded by more soft-ish bank earnings in the US. The mood then turned decidedly nervous on headlines US President Trump stated his willingness to increasing tariffs on China if he wanted. Before sentiment was salvaged by a speech from Fed Chair Jerome Powell during which he re-affirmed his openness to lowering rates.

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Dividend Adjustments 15 July - 22 July
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 15th July 2019. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video.  
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US stocks register new milestone - APAC brief - 11 Jul
US stocks register new milestone: The S&P500 registered fresh all-time highs, and touched the 3000-mark for the first time in its history, after Fed Chair Jerome Powell, during his testimony before US Congress overnight, provided implicit assurances that the Fed is open to cutting interest rates at the end of this month. Chair Powell cited weakness in the global economy and trade-conflicts as being the primary reasons for this shift in his view – though he did stress that the fundamental outlook for the US economy is strong. Chair Powell’s testimony plays firmly into the “insurance-cut narrative” prevailing in markets currently, with a Fed-cut at the end of this month all-but-certain.

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Currency war risks; Fed policy cues; Pound slide - DailyFX Key Themes
It has been a common theme in the negotiations between the United States and the countries they have targeted for trade inequities that aggressive language has preceded tangible action. While both sides (the US versus the ‘World’) have been clearly willing to dole out the warnings, it has been the White House that has advanced both action and intimidation far more willingly.
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US Non-Farm payrolls released: APAC brief - 8 Jul
Market sentiment: The prevailing wisdom in the market was challenged on Friday night, and it resulted in a small shift in fundamentals. US Non-Farm payrolls were released, and despite the overarching bearishness towards the US economic outlook currently, managed to exceed expectations. Granted, the unemployment rate ticked higher and wages growth fell. But the jobs change figure revealed a much better than expected 224,000 jobs were added to the US economy last month. The results naturally weren’t enough to bring-about a wholesale revision of US economic fundamentals. However, it’s forced markets to question whether the need for rate cuts this month from the Fed is truly justified.

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A lackluster night of market action: APAC brief - 5 Jul
A lacklustre night of market action: The Independence Day holiday in the US kept trading activity relatively thin. The ASX200 clocked another new-high, breaking the 6700-level for the first time since November 2007, led by a big, broad-based bounce in the shares bank’s stocks. Equity markets across the global generally eked-out gains for the day, while bond yield were reasonably steady. The Yen and Swiss Franc were the slight outperformers in the G10 currency space, while commodity currencies slipped, presumably as risky positions were closed-off for the day-off. With this as the market’s overnight lead, SPI futures are indicating that the ASX200 ought to open around 5 points higher this morning.

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Another record-reaching session: APAC brief - 4 Jul
US stocks have notched-up another record high, as the S&P500 closes in on the 3000-mark. The ASX200 yesterday came close to its own psychological milestone, nearing the 6700-level. The highs came on a light-day’s trade on Wall Street, however, with US markets trading-in a shorted session in ahead of the Independence Day holiday. Currency markets were more volatile, with commodity currencies climbing courtesy of several positive trade balance data out of New Zealand, Canada and Australia. And the US Dollar dipped, following the release of soft ADP employment data, and a Tweet from US President Trump accusing Europe and China of currency manipulation.
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Stocks wander, bonds rally, oil tumbles: APAC brief - 3 Jul
Equity markets edged higher overnight, however activity was generally thin, as fresh news and data proved lacking. Market behavior suggests global growth concerns have returned to prominence: bond yields fell across the globe, with the yield on the benchmark US 10 Year Treasury note falling below 2 per cent again. Defensive sectors generally outperformed on Wall Street. Oil tumbled, while gold staged a bounce. And the USD was a little weaker, though it was somewhat supported by mixed trading in the Euro, which sold-down on news that Christine Lagarde would be the next head of the European Central Bank.
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Trade wars aftermath; seasonality; setting up official 2Q GDP - DailyFX Key Themes
Trade wars aftermath; seasonality; setting up official 2Q GDP - DailyFX weekly key themes on Community
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