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Hi all - interesting that you bring this up actually and I'd love the Community input. 

We are looking at bringing the Economic Calendar into the dealing platform and improving things such as alerts and automatic notifications. Now is your chance to have your say and help build out functions within the dealing platform. 

  • I have my personal opinions, but what exactly would YOU like to see in the calendar?¬†
  • What functions do you use on other websites?
  • What are your 'blue sky thinking' wish list items to have on the calendar?¬†
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Thanks @JamesIG,  I especially like using the added graphs such as on the calendar linked above and on the Forex Factory site and also a + tab as on FF and the Dailyfx calendar that explains what the data is based on, how it's collected and how often it's published etc.

Also, traditionally the IG calendar has been very stocks biased (at least that was my impression from years ago, may have improved since).

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Thanks casey - when it comes to this part...

2 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

I especially like using the added graphs such as on the calendar linked above and on the Forex Factory site

are you referring to this? 

2019-01-25 09_22_10-Economic Calendar.png


I'm a bit fan of visual imagery and quite like the historical data like this. 

2019-01-25 09_23_26-Economic Calendar.png

Or maybe things like suggested markets it's likely to effect? Increased Alert functionality and granularity? New delivery methods? There are likely a number of options. 

  • I like the added description and educational stuff.
  • I want to get non-data driven points into the calendar as well... things like minutes, rather than just data points like NFP.¬†


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18 minutes ago, JamesIG said:

I'm a bit fan of visual imagery and quite like the historical data like this. 

Yes, in the calendar linked in the OP  the hover over to pop up graph is great and clicking on the graph icon opens a new page packed with added info.

I agree the non-data stuff is often just as important, some sites simply link to the official minutes once released which is better than nothing.

A print or download option would be handy as well.


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ooo I like those charts on the econ calendar link you posted @Caseynotes and its very useful. For me I think the description as well and I think it helps as there are so many different data points and its hard to remember what they all are. I like the way that dailyfx do it with the drop down rather than it taking you to a different webpage, however it doesn't have that for all events.

I also think a count down timer would also be good rather than just having the time of the event, and when you click on the event it comes up with the core market related to that, or at least a few options.

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Filters are very important. Also presumably individual profile settings ie current day only, only FX related versus indices etc. Detail display with a pop-out frame but better than Forexfactory (where it obscures the rest of the calendar items and stops you from just putting to one side for later reading).

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Guest Up-FX

@JamesIGLate to the party but on FX Street eco calendar, not only can you see historical releases but also standard deviations from expectations which is very helpful when filtering out the noise of a release.

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On 25/01/2019 at 09:02, JamesIG said:
  • What are your 'blue sky thinking' wish list items to have on the calendar?¬†


If by 'blue sky' you mean functionality that is already implemented and included on other platforms ...

Even Forex Factory is better than what IG has at the moment, which takes forever to get updated with the actual results.

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