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  1. 4 minutes ago, EdFuk said:

    @Caseynotes thanks for you reply. I would understand that if that were the case however this is for the AUD/NZD which doesn’t appear to be moving around that quickly  - nothing too out of the ordinary anyway.

    I’d like to close 50% of the position can you do that with a pending order in MT4?






    yes, see this thread;


  2. 1 hour ago, Och said:

    17/03/2020 - 18/03/2020 I am long on Usd/jpy. My chart Is reading 60 pips below live charts and has a wide spread of 8-10pips I tried all day yesterday to get technical support for over 2 hours with no response. I have no robots on my system. I have checked on different systems Mac/windows computers and the results are the same. This problem continues today. I have compared with charts on OANDA  and investing.com and their charts are normal. What can I do?

    Looking at the chart price comparisons below between IG and 6 other brokers and they are currently much of a muchness but occasionally wider dependencies do occur for short periods between brokers.

    The point is you are trading on IG charts and the prices they are able to offer you will depend on what is currently available to them from their liquidity providers, all other brokers are in the same boat.

    The increased spread is telling you there are liquidity problems at that particular time and that information should also be taken into consideration before taking a trade.


  3. 25 minutes ago, EdFuk said:

    I'm getting the same problem, which also occurred yesterday. Not great in my eyes, especially as I'm still at the evaluation phase.

    Is there any way around this, I'll accept what they give me?


    the problem being as we have seen in these exceptional markets price is flying about 100 points and more in a split second, when price is that far away from the original quote people would complain bitterly if they did get auto filled at any price.

    as said on other threads this is similar to a news release where a surprise causes large spikes, you can generally only get on by using pending orders and it's the same for getting out. if you are looking to get in or out on a spiking market using market orders you are going to get into trouble.

    watch the levels and set orders for opening and closing trades is the safest way to play it.

  4. 9 minutes ago, forex_sniper said:

    Just curious..if someone placed a sell order in advance which is 50 pips away from what is the current mkt price. Assuming currently there is no sell order is placed for the current price.... When i click the sell button right now...will my order be filled at the curent price?

    If you look at the exchange's price ladder you will see probably hundreds or thousands of lots in orders at every price level waiting for price to hit the level and fill the orders.

    Normally price glides through levels and all orders get filled but these are exceptional times and the big guys are buying or selling blocks of prices so price jumps multiple levels, this is slippage and gives rise for the need to requote.

    All of those orders on the price ladder will get filled before your at market order, it would have to be an extremely quite market for there to be no orders resting at a level, times like this are the exact opposite.

    If you are not really sure how the system works you need to be very careful.


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  5. 4 minutes ago, forex_sniper said:

    Do note that these ppl are clicking on the close button and not putting order at market..that could be way above or below the current mkt price...so the reaaction shld be instantaneous compared with one that  place orders in the mkt inadvance. ..where the price has not been hit. and It would be grossly unjustified...if someone place an order for a price which  is way off the mkt..and given priory in the order queue compared to one who click instantly. That would be like  letting the mkt slip either way  to let price hit those who put in order in the queue but way before the current price first   while those who click the close button instantaneously take last priority. It does not make sense.
    Also those who mentioned that they have no problems with other brokers are actually experiencing the situation now and not last time..In other words..if the market is volatile..it wld affect all brokers...but why on ig..users encounter this problem...and for other brokers...its plain sailing...this is weird.

    to close a buy trade you need to sell the buy contract, if you are hitting the close button you are putting a sell order in 'at market'. 

    All orders are processed on a first come first served basis, your 'at market' order will be the last in the queue. Pending orders will always be executed before market orders, that is how the system has always worked and is set by the exchange and applies to every broker.

    Look at other forums and see all brokers are currently having the same liquidity, slippage and requote problems because these last 6 - 7 days have been exceptional.


  6. 6 hours ago, hn19 said:

    Has anyone had problem with closing trades on MT4?

    No, but then that might be because I have orders in the market ready and waiting instead of relying on a 'at market' order that is always the last in the queue to get executed and so suffers most from slippage and requotes.

    Also if you are comparing mt4 between brokers realise none have ever experienced volatility like this since 1987 and you weren't trading on it then.

  7. 1 minute ago, forex_sniper said:

    Thanks for the reply. 
    Reckon we will never know the true picture unless we can get a respond from the horse's mouth... But hearing from them is a rarity. You will either get no reply, or they will direct you to get community help over here which is usually the case ...or sometimes you need to tell  them what to do. 

    yes the helpdesk support (lack of) has been just as big an issue as the platform problems that have continued all last week and into today as well in spite of the extended shutdown over the weekend to address the problems.

  8. 13 minutes ago, forex_sniper said:

    While i understand that demo cannot be fully replicated as the live..but to have it frozen and not being able to open or close a posn for hours is totally unacceptable. You mentioned abt spikes...n i am not talking abt spiking prices...that i can understand it happens...but a normal routine??? that i dont think many users can accept. 
    And for your info...i dont find this happening in other brokers demo platform...once in a blue moon..maybe... but not so often and and for so long. Perhaps...they dont give priority to demo account over here...i dont know...
    I am sure i am not the only one who experience this..... 

    yes I understand but this last week has been exceptional and even the live web based platform has suffered under the intense pressure. I've been on the live mt4 platform all day every day and as I said earlier it's been fine except for occasional requotes which were half expected.

  9. 6 minutes ago, psycho said:

    I'm sitting on a massive loss in my long gold position.  Can this cliff edge really be attributable to just margin calls?

    If it's going to find support it has to be around about here;



  10. Just now, dmedin said:

    Something very sinister is going on, and the virus is not the real reason behind it 😱

    after the shutdowns come the business failures which are being priced in now. The bearded all round great guy R. Branson is ordering his staff to take an 8 week unpaid holiday. very generous.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, forex_sniper said:

    I feel the least a demo platform could do is to at least replicate the price as shown in the live platform..If it can't even do this then whats the point of having a demo. While i dont know abt demo platform being used as a test bed for the technicians..but what i understand is that most brokers would use this to let newbies try their hands to get a comfortable grip to what is the feeling like when trading on the broker's platform. It would be a foolish move to negliect it or simply run it differently from that of the live platform...especially one that show its inefficiency...warts and alll..as potential clients would be discouraged and go for other brokers. What they want is reliability.

    For myself...i am using it to test its reliability...i  can only conclude that its totally unreliable. Demo users are not expecting anything extraordinary from the demo platform. What they expect is the reliability...ie. data feeds to be updated and in sync with the live platform....the is the least a platform any broker is expected to provide.

    As for using demo as a test bed...i am sure the broker has many other resouces..they could have setup a sandbox version behind the scene where they could do all the testing they want...and not share it with users..who may want to test their trading strategies..which is what a demo platform is supposed to do. How else could one test one's trading strategies if the price is not right.

    the demo and live are different platforms with different feeds. The demo is primarily to allow technicians to test developments before sending them to the live platform, it's the same for any platform developer. The broker allows clients to use the demo but it should really only be used to get an understanding of the layout and controls and also to test strategies but you can't get exactly the same results on demo as live, the demo platform can't actually be linked to the market for obvious reasons.

    So for the reasons above no demo platform is as reliable as the live, it's there to enable the live to be as reliable as possible because that's the one that causes broker payouts if it breaks down.

  12. 2 minutes ago, forex_sniper said:

    Thats the difference...maybe the mt4 live platform is good and alive...but somehow i feel they might have somehow neglected the demo platform...Perhaps..you may try to open a mt4 demo account and run it...to see if you encounter any problem.


    I've not used the demo platform for years but no demo platform is supposed to be parallel to the live, demo is a test bed for the platform builder's technicians and is more akin to a simulator as well as having a completely different data feed. 

    The other problem in markets like this is you can't catch spikes (on any platform) unless you are lucky enough to get in on a brief pause, it's like trading news events, the only reliable way to get in is by using resting orders.