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  1. Just now, Caseynotes said:

    Given that 10,000 die every year in the UK from common flu we can all look forward to being locked down every winter from now on, great.

    Oh wait 👀 "Residents of one French département now face lockdown without even the comfort of a glass of wine after a local official banned the sale of alcohol in the area."


    now this is getting serious 👀

  2. 23 minutes ago, LimeHap said:

    I have gone through the complete video. Thankyou for replying however I am not able to see the margin required anywhere for individual positions before i open them. I am using IG trade terminal app addon as well but still same if you don't mind can you share a screen shot of how it shows. I don't know what I am missing. Also if you can share with me the formula through which margin is calculated. My Mt4 shows for gbp usd position on demo 0.01 lot size margin is 0.65 only which does not make sense since 0.01 is 1000 units which 2% margin should be $20.

    yes that's correct, the mt4 doesn't calc margin before the trade is opened as does the web based platform but once the trade has been opened will tell you how much margin is in use and how much free margin is left to use. This should be on the mt4 account data and is on the mini terminal in maxi mode, not sure about the trade terminal app.

    The UK margin calc page is here;


  3. 2 minutes ago, dmedin said:


    Just like in 2008, bailouts for the banks and austerity for the people.  Joy of joys!  Most jobs are 'bullsh!t jobs' anyway.

    not a banking crisis this time, it's businesses that have been forced to close that will need the bailouts, probably come too late for the workers though.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Sacky said:

    I am new to the platform but it is my fourth deposit. It has happened before but t usually goes through if cut the amount and try again, but not today.

    ok, that does sound odd, normally after the link is established there should be no further problems.

  5. 3 minutes ago, havidh said:

    IG say that 84% of their clients lose money. Some other statistics say as high as 92% lose !

    What do the few % of winners do differently ?? Maybe they don't want to say !

    IG now quotes 67% lose money. The old adage is that 90% lose 90% of their account within 90 days. Probably about right for those making a first attempt.

    Someone told me a long time ago they asked the head of a prop firm what did the successful traders do that was different from the ones that failed. The reply was that they didn't do anything different, they just did everything better 🙂


  6. 2 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    lol!  People should be more worried about money and jobs ... which were already precarious before the outbreak. 

    Life is full of suffering, the same sh!t happening over and over again.  🤣

    yes they should be more worried about money and jobs now that the govt has decided to completely crash the economy, would have been far cheaper to quarantine the vulnerable = no strain on the nhs and the rest of the herd gains full (60%) immunity quickly, virus dies off then release those in quarantine.


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  7. Stephan Shakespeare @StephanShaxper

    New data coming from @YouGov later today, survey of 3k re Coronavirus... About 1% saying they have severe dry cough, other symptoms... 32% ‘fear for their future’ v 54% ‘I think I’ll be ok’... 90% say they will follow gov advice no matter what it is... Lots more coming around 5.

    **** Fawkes  @GuidoFawkes


    1% of the population is ~700,000 people. Herd immunity won't kick in until 60% plus. NHS has to cope meantime unless a vaccine is developed.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Sacky said:

    Thanks Casey. I am having trouble depositing money in my account and I tried calling  and emailing IG but I have got no response.

    is it a first time transaction? sometimes the first deposit and withdrawal can be delayed due to the checks needed by multiple handlers (your Bank > Visa/Mastercard/Paypal > Payment Service Provider > IG) all have an anti-money laundering responsibilities that delays the first time deposit or withdrawal and more so if needs to cross country boarders.

  9. 1 minute ago, Sacky said:

    thanks Casey, but could you put a percentage on the margin required to buy a CFD based on the FTSE100.

    Hi, the margin requirement for indices is 5% which equates to a max leverage or 20:1.

  10. 3 minutes ago, psycho said:

    Enjoy.  Get me a toilet roll please!

    Actually I came back, the queue to get in was over 100 meters long, and this is an asda mega store, so people are having to queue to get food during an isolation lockdown.

    does not anyone else see the complete stupidity of this govt created crisis? 

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  11. On 23/03/2020 at 03:01, AndrewK said:

    Sorry but I have to ask the question if you are being paid off by IG? For some odd reason you are allegedly the only one who has almost no problems with opening/closing positions or chart delays/freezes. I can tell you I have a live account and it's been an absolute mess these last days which is absolutely unacceptable even more so because the other broker I am using does not have any issues. No need to mention that it caused me losses and other inconveniences. All of this is unacceptable. 

    I have the mt4 platform running from 6am till 10pm often 7 days a week and am generally sat in front of it from 6am to 3pm Mon-Fri and have done for many years. During the last couple of weeks I noticed 1 time the data feed stopped for a duration of less than 3 minutes. Placing trades I occasionally get the spinning timer then notice of requote but only during a short fast moving period, otherwise all trades have been executed without problem. 90% of the problems I've seen reported on the forum have been reported by those using the demo platform. Not I don't work for IG and good luck with your other broker 🙂

  12. 1 minute ago, psycho said:

    I am not a medic nor an expert in immunology (and never professed to be one).  Numbers such as 1% or even 2% appear be beguilingly low but there are people's lives behind those number. 

    @Caseynotes I have a lot of respect for your reading of markets but as far as this is concerned, I defer to the experts in the NHS and science who are trying to save us all.  We first need to control the fatality rate and then investigate solutions.  Herd immunity (which itself is an opinion not a fact as far as covid-19 is concerned) does not mean that some in the herd would not succumb to it - scientists are working with great uncertainty right now so there are no definitives only guesses.  With all due respect, I'd rather not risk my life until we have more certainty.

    https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ shows that the death rate of closed cases so far is 14% so far and of active cases 4% are critical.

    I have a professional medical background and have worked in intensive care units, I have been following the data daily and am confident in the sources and numbers I have stated. Herd immunity is a fact not an opinion in the case of flu epidemics and the advice given to the govt by experts was correct. Quarantine those at risk while population immunity is achieved. Without general immunity the virus will continue to infect, it may disappear over summer but will likely return next winter until the 60% figure is reached.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, andysinclair said:

    Well said. I also object to the title of this thread, it is not the WuFlu, it is COVID-19.

    The lockdown is to prevent the NHS from being swamped with patients leading to a potential situation where we have medical staff having to decide who lives and who dies. This is serious and we need to take it seriously, saying it is "just the flu" is extremely irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

    Call it wuflu or the Chinese flu if you like, because as Trump said "it came from China" . The nhs would not be swamped if those most likely to be severely affected were quarantined in the first place. That stats remain constant, 99% of positive cases are either asymptomatic or classified as mild and do not need hospital admission.

  14. 4 minutes ago, psycho said:

    I concur - this is the only sound advice.

    This is NOT the flu.  If you think only 2% death rate is an acceptable figure, imagine the condition of the 18 year old's parents on a ventilator right now.  Or the wife and child of the 32 year old doctor who was punished for bringing this to the world's attention.  Is it acceptable?  Just because you may survive it does not mean you won't KILL someone else by giving it to them.  The facts are clear if we don't stop infection rates, there is NO way the NHS will cope.  The experts have told us that - WE NEED TO COMPLY.  The NHS staff are at maximum risk because they are being bombarded daily with the droplets from infected people.  There is no cure and even the best minds in Science are working in a high degree of uncertainty.

    I apologise if my language appears a bit strong but there is way too much complacency in the populous.

    you need to study your immunology a bit more, this is a flu virus but a particularly lethal one to the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions with a death rate of 1% instead of the 0.1% for common flu which is why those groups need to be isolated and protected from the general population who will only suffer normal flu like symptoms, we need herd immunity of about 60% before the virus will cease to be a threat. This is why the Govt (as recommended by specialists) started down the immunity route in the first place before flipping just a few days ago.

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