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Longer than "day" order expiry



Is there a way to set an order to not expire at the end of the day? Most other trading platforms (all I've used: Commsec, NAB Trade, even my SMSF with ING) has the ability to set an order with a set price per share and make it last up to a month.

Currently to do something similar would mean login into IG every day and recreating the order from scratch - if you forget, and the price shifts - you miss the sale/buy you wanted. The annoyance of this is compounded as the [very basic] iOS app for IG doesn't let you see what price you had on an expired order.

I'm not a day-trader.

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I have the same problem.

I'm on the UK version and trying to set up Limit orders on the LSE.

I only see 'Deal' and 'Alert' options on my platform too (both on app and desktop), same as R-Walker. I have a dealing account and an ISA but no spread betting account.. Would also like to set up expiries of longer than a day, it's painful having to set them up daily when the market opens.. Thx

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I've spoken to our Aus shares desk and they confirmed we only allow limit day to be sent when market is closed.

For Aus shares, (9pm UK time) we allow Limit Day and GTC, when market trading (11pm UK time) we allow Limit Day, Execute and Eliminate, GTC, Market Day, Market E&E, FOK, Stop Day, Stop GTC etc

Sorry for any inconveneince caused. I will pass your thoughts on the matter to our shares desk and risk team to assess. 

All the best 

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On 01/06/2021 at 10:05, fedex said:

Hi, same experience here.

AU platform, trying to do this for a US stock.

This would be very useful and, as mentioned, seems a rather basic functionality.

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.02.13 am.jpg


8 hours ago, Guest Jack said:

Please add a genuine good til cancelled order functionality. It's infuriating that this doesn't exist already.

Hi All, 

Could you please clarify which stocks are you after?
I checked on a All sessions US stock both share dealing and CFD account the GTC option is there.
Share dealing:



Thank you - Arvin

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I can't believe we can no longer set buy stops on the AU share trading platform out of market hours. (it was available when I first joined) Or for US stocks, would make things so much easier.  Currently looking at other brokers as it is seriously limiting what I trade.  You should be able to set a trigger buy and stop loss order in the same ticket. 

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