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Hi   The company is Swizz but appears to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the price looks to be in US dollars. IG do list many US stocks but there are certain requirements eg, size and liquidity and the list is amended on a regular basis. 






us shares1.PNG


Apologies if I have got this completely wrong.

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Never seen this before, So Hi...Been "Retail Trading" for over a decade, In the last few years concentrated heavily on automation with the REST API that IG Provide. Very good stuff. I release a lot of

Just joined this community, was active on the IG Labs forum but that community is not very active now... Looking to continue building software interfacing with the IG API. I have built several Ex

I used to trade equity markets and had an interest in technology and the financial sector. After coming to IG a number of years ago I started to trade oil and some other ETF trackers which give exposu



ABB Ltd actually has a few listings: Stockholm, Switzerland, and New York. The NY listing is an ADR which I believe you are looking at. This stands for 'American Depository Receipt' and is a way to allow investment in overseas companies from within the States, and consequentially quoted in USD. 


The rejection could have been for a number of reason. Market opening hours is the most likely, and it's worth nothing that you can only trade 14.30 to 21.00 UK time. It could also require you to sign a W8BEN if you haven't already. You can find this on a desktop computer or laptop in My IG > Settings > Dealing US Stock. 


Let me know if I can help further, but it may be worth calling the helpdesk to look into your account directly. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to discuss that with you on the open Community forum. 

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This is my first post to the IG Community.

After 20 years in the pharmaceutical sector, I have decided to branch out and learn trading to at least get some pocket money.


I have invested in shares for many years and also enjoy betting on sport.


I have started my trading on the major indices and cryptocurrency. I may add individual shares and commodities in due course.


My decisions are based on technical analysis whilst being mindful of any fundamental backdrop.


Hopefully the IG Community will enhance my knowledge and give me trading ideas; I may even have ideas of my own once I become more established.


Best Wishes, Steve

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Hey Steve 


nice to have another person join the forum. When you say 'learn trading' how do you distinguish this from investing in shares, which you say you have been doing for many years? are you referring to indicies and currencies maybe?


In respect of shares then, do you focus on the Pharmaceutical sector? for example GSK looks quite appealing right now. Do you have any views on GSK?


I hope to come across some of your posts and wish you well on here, and in your trading!



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Thanks for your reply, Rimmy.


In response to your first question, up until very recently, I was investing in shares based on fundamentals and gut feel(!) and holding them for long periods of time; I also invest in funds. What I mean by 'trading' is short term buying and selling of indices based on technical analysis. This is what I am trying to learn.


As far as shares are concerned, I tend to leave the Pharma sector alone - it is such a struggle for traditional big Pharma - due to generic competition and huge financial and regulatory barriers for new drugs. 


The shares I invest in tend to be a bit more racy - oil, commodities and new disruptive tech; I balance this out by investing in funds too.


Thanks for your interest, Steve

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Hi all, My name is Stephanie,


I am new  to trading shares of any kind.


I want my Husband to be able to use my account, when I asked IG for help on this, they made it sound like I was up to no good and put a stop on my account, any help would be grateful. 

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Hi, I am relatively new to trading and have dabbled a bit in shares and ETF's while starting my educational journey in terms of trading. I have decided to take it more serious now and will be focusing on CFD's and FX. I have been studying Technical Analysis techniques and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. However, I am quite excited to be part of this community and to learn from other member's experiences going forward. I am specifically interested in trading systems that work for the different vehicles of trading, and also would like to learn more about the fundamentals impacting on trades.

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Hello! I would like to discuss metals and soft commodities as mid and long range... Intrested of @Platinum, @Cotton and @cocoa. If there is open thread so please let me know... Good luck to all of you

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Ok, I gonna make soon... Problem is a bit with smartphone. Its not so often I am sitting in front of desktop computer. Quite dificult att navigate in this forum and little bit not intuitiv interface :(

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Well Hello all from Australia


I am very very new to trading of any sort and whilst i am an accountant, this provides me with ZERO advantage at all.  Just to get my head around the Platforms and terminology is a struggle which only time will help I think.  If I may, I have a couple of opening questions about the platform


1.It says I can set up different TIME ZONEs on a chart.  How can I do this and I understand the time zones of the world but how could I do this to help me trade?

2. What is not a Guaranteed stop.  Why the difference - what I mean, if you put a Stop Loss on a trade, why would thge trade not stop at that point.  Why would someone pay for a guaranteed Stop

Any other functional tips, that is I am way too  inexperienced to even understand any trading tips.  More along with how to find the best info about the platform etc would be greatly recieved.  I have looked at a couple of you tube videos but nothing too in depth.  Is there a "manual" that explains all of the features and functions of the trading platform .  Thanks for reading and I hope to be a regular on this forum and help others when I can.  cheers

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Hi ,  welcome, Which platform are you using? IG's new/old, MT4, or ProRealTime? Currently only the PRT platform time zone can be changed. See the video below for changing PRT time zones.



See here for the different types of stops.



Sometimes price may move in jumps rather than glide though all levels at times of high volatility and may actually jump over your normal stop level (called slippage), a normal stop will close the trade at the next quoted price away from your stop. You might want to pay extra to guarantee your chosen level, especially in highly volatile markets or at specific high volatility times such as planned data releases.


And don't forget to check the IG Academy for educational material on trading and platforms,



Hope this helps.

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Wow..Thank you ever so much Caseynotes.  I an using just the "normal" platform and did not know of any other but that is not important now with my elementary level of experience.  What an awesome response about the Stop Loss...thankyou.  Yes, I just downloaded the IG Academy app today so again..thanks.  I hope to hear from you again down the track.  Have a good day.


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Hi all, I joined IG Markets over 7 years ago to trade in FX. It took a few years to find my way and understand how FX works as my background was in sharing trading/investing. I have basically been trading full time now for over 5 years. 

From my experiences both technical and fundamental analysis work well together for FX trading.

I am looking forward to seeing what other FX traders are thinking and sharing ideas with the community.





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Hi to the IG Community,


Have been with IG for over 10 years, but not trading seriously.  With local real inflation running at 6+% and more out of pocket expenses due to weak service delivery by municipalities (town councils the equivalent in the UK?) and provincial governments, my trading  has risen sharply on my priority list.


Trading mainly the DAX and FT100 indices and on occasion one of the major currencies.  Working on extending my swing trading time frame to between one and two weeks.  Despite ESMA I am also preparing for share CFD trading with tight risk management.  Most of my trading is based on technical analysis.  I am also using MT4 for multi-timeframe analysis.


Trust to learn from the IG community now that the new platform set-up is available and then some more on share CFD trading.


All the best with your trading efforts.

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Hi all,


I've been buying and selling shares on IG for a few years to slowly ease myself into trading.


Being risk adverse I've avoided the spread betting account and buy the shares directly, experimenting in event driven trading and trend following.


Having had some success and learnt an expensive lesson or two (having a plan is only helpful if you stick to it!), I've caught the bug and want develop my trading further.


This forum seems like a great tool to help me do that so I will hopefully get to talk to you all in the weeks and months ahead.


Happy trading,



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Welcome  and others who have recently joined. As with all thing new there is generally a learning curve, but if you have any questions or want to discuss the markets at all, please just chat away. There's no such thing as a silly question! 

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Recently opened a demo trading account to try and get a feel for the platform and try out some trading ideas before risking real money.

I have a question about orders being rejected but I'll put that in another thread unless this is the place to do it?




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Hello, new community user here.

Signed up after receiving a rather good, new (to me anyway) insIGht email that had a section about the community.  I've been with IG about 3 years & mostly hold FTSE 350 shares in an ISA.  A core of steady value / dividend shares & investment trusts.

I've also got a small spread betting account I'd like to make more use of if I can find a reliably profitable way of trading it.  I've mostly been scalping EUR/USD or GBP/USD up to now, with increasingly steady results but still working on getting it more reliably profitable over time.

I'm also interested in looking into trading UK shares shorter term than my portfolio holdings using the spread betting account.  Weeks - month(s) probably, although as I'll probably be looking at trend-following I'd be perfectly happy for it to turn out to be longer than that!


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New to this community and excited to learn from others new ideas about share trading and risk management strategies.

CFD trading involves a lot more risk than regular share trading.

Be cautious about free newsletters, free online reports revealing hot tips, future trends and specific industries / counters which are expected to boom in the near future.

Algorithmic trading (when dominant) and coupled with price volatility create unhealthy market conditions for the individual investors who make up the majority. 

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Just joined this community, was active on the IG Labs forum but that community is not very active now...

Looking to continue building software interfacing with the IG API. I have built several Excel Add-ins and applications for semi-automated trading. Currently working on a new Excel Add-in to stream live IG prices into a spreadsheet.

Looking forward to seeing how others are using the IG platform and get some new software ideas.

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    • It really IS that stupidly simple - the hard part as with lots of methods is how you play it and manage the risk Sometimes though its not the actual, actual low it could be a swing low  A chap from the USA called Walter Bressert (Deceased) back in the 1980's published work on a 20 day cycle in the SP500 along with other things Larry Williams back in the 1980's also published in one of his books on trading a 4 year cycle on the dow/SP500 that goes back 200 years with a highish win rate - Aug-Oct time every 4 years expect a low turn point in the market - 2018 was out by a 2 months - but you can see the cycle right there on the chart below Note - The Dec low was a major Time Cycle expected that overrode the 4 yr cycle, so although it looks to have been a high/failure, the TC due Dec 2018 took precedence Next line to keep an eye out for is Aug-Oct time 2022 Sometimes depending on the market you might have to work to part days which would mean running on intraday timeframes which adds complexity to seeing the cycles - so don't expect to run a 20 day low to low cycle on x market and expect to see it, some markets work off high to high cycles - but for the FTSE100 its a 20 day visible low to low cycle on a daily time frame chart as published Again there's easier things to trade than this - I'm just publishing stuff most people aren't aware of, to show that the markets aren't random beasts that most people think they are - there's an order to them    
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