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[LOCKED] New around here?

Guest DanC

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Hi, have been trading for about 5 years, on and off, mainly currencies. It's hard but satisfying when I get it right. Still learning in that I haven't made any money, in fact I have net lost. 


This will change.


I am looking at CCI, support and resistance and differing timeframes as my guide. D1, H4, M30 and M5


Am interested in systems and programming pro realtime to screen for precise conditions. Maybe eventually automated trading, but that seems a long way off.




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Guest Up4stocks

Hi am Ste I been searching new tech, bio, renewables, cyber fraud companies , Arms, etc and all US stocks , I think I have found some good long term plays that are poised to go up I found NVDA while only $22 last year but I missed out for I went away and left the platform then when came back few weeks ago I was shocked how much it has jumped up but I feel I have few new plays that have same chance of breaking out , anyway I would like to share ideas with like minded people and is there any successful day traders on here ? Ste Liverpool

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Hi and welcome every one. I am also a new user to the IG platform and, from what I can see, it is one of the better platforms out there.


I have been using a few different platforms, and have not found one as good as this one. I would be interested to know how many South Africans are on this platform.


For all the new guys that have joined, take time line and read as much as you can so that, you can have a good understanding of how markets work.


You need to follow the major world markets, this includes major news events et cetera. Once you get comfortable you can develop your own trading strategy.


IG from what I have seen has some great videos on YouTube and their website as well as some pole full re-sources for you to get started.


If I can be of assistance to anyone please feel free to shout.

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Hi everybody


My name is Hadi. A beginner in every sense here. Unfortunately I am extremely busy so I cant use this tool too much and already envy you.


I am an oil and gas consultant and the reason I am here is because I know huge potential of oil and gas company these days.


I am trying to use CFD but it is a nightmare to me as I cant replicate the costs properly in my excel sheet. and I dont understand few terms like margin?


I am living in Edgware, London, and I can offer a nice chat about oil and gas business, a drink or lunch for anybody who has some spare time to show me how he/she is using CFD properly.


My email is hadi.parvizi@gmail.com


Thanks in advance.





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A few of thoughts that just randomly popped into my head on reading your post  :


  1. Margin is basically the coverage you need in your account for any position (spreadbet or CFD) that you open.  You also pay leverage cost each day your position is open, you are basically taking out a loan to make the trade, hence the term leveraged trading.  The IG site offers a number of learning areas where such things are explained much better and more accurately than I can
  2. Some people on the forum are interested in Oil and there are some threads on this where your insights would be most welcome but it is a hard market to trade as I'm sure you will be aware of so random thought #1 is consider other easier markets in addition to Oil.  While it is normal for people to gravity to what they know (or think they know...) this may not turn out to be the best strategy.
  3. Why CFDs?  I have used CFDs for individual share trading because they mimic actual share trading in that you buy a certain £ value of shares.  CFDs are taxable (also means losses are allowable for tax return) whereas spread betting, being classes as betting (correctly in my view) are tax free.  I have found that spread betting is easier to comprehend as a vehicle for indices, commodities contracts and FX.

Good luck and please do contribute as much as possible to the debates on the forum.

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Guest ClaireD333

Hi Dan,

I am very new to IG and investing.

I decided to take a punt on Fastbrick Robotics (FBR ASX) as my 1st dip in the water. Please so far as I have made 347% on my investment with I hope still more to come.

If I am wanting some advice on certain shares from the community where is best to post?



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Hi guys

Glad so many of you have joined. Firstly, you can get a lot of information on CFD's on the Internet, YouTube and the iG markets website.


Secondly, feel free to start a thread in one of the sections regarding the stock or share you want an opinion on.

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Hi ,


Thanks for getting involved in the Community!


As  has mentioned, feel free to post in the 'Fundamental analysis' or 'Latest News and Analysis' sections and if any other members have any opinions, I'm sure they'll post a reply.




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Guest Craigleroux7

Hi My Name is Craig


Just thought I'd introduce myself. I studied in South Africa. A farmer originally. Studied accounts and honors managements and investment accounting in South Africa. Currently living in London. Working as a model so I have allot of time on the shares. Trying to build so good strategies.


They say the best way to learn is trial and error but I think that's tough in trading so I hope I can learn from others and there experiences here.


Hope to hear and find out what strategies are going around.


Have a great week trading

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Hey Craig there is a lot of strategies on trading that non work all of the times. The best strategy is to try a few with very small positions and see for yourself what suites you and the time and money on your hand. You have to try it at least over a dozen times to get a realistic results.

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Guest Jayrannejad

I am yadi

I have been dabbing in stock market for over 20 years.

It has been entertaining but have not made much money.

I am better at investing than trading thigh I know it is the latter which makes you money nowadays.

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Guest Colin_S

Hi All,


 I've just started learning to trade, I am looking to day trade Forex to start with. Still working 9 to 5 so not looking to rush in head first for the time being.


Originally from Durban, South Africa. Now living in WA, Australia.

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Guest Paul1120

Hello, I'm new around here and want to get going with some Tunnel Trading. First time at this and finding it difficult to grasp. Anyone out there prepared to help. Want to do a first Trade as soon as I can.



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Hi I'm fairly new to trading. So much fun! Wish I'd discovered it years ago. I only trade the SA40 at the moment and so far have managed to hang on to my initial investment! I really hope to one day make this a full time occupation!

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    • That’s a pity.  It would be a good facility to offer like Lombard Loans and far less risky than margin trading.  
    • @tonybyrne, Unfortunately, we do not have that type of facility. Thanks, KoketsoIG
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