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Visualisation in Excel of current market situation: Built using https://www.excelpricefeed.com  

"...an inverting yield curve and weak June manufacturing data across the globe have divided analysts on whether or not a pullback is due. DWS forecasts a “moderate cooling of economic activity”, but J

Overnight remains risk off. Indices and Oil down. Gold and Bonds up with Bonds just pulling back. Today not much on the calendar so it's all about the virus. 

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Asian markets down Crypto down, Bonds up, USD flat, Oil and Gold up. Chart Bund.

UK average earnings 9:30, Ger econ senti 10:00, US retail sales 1:30pm. Lots of Fed speak throughout the day. Ger sentiment expected at a very depressed -20.9.




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Starting out fairly flat, Asian markets down as bets come off for an aggressive rate cut next week. USD up Crypto up and Bonds down overnight. Chart USDJPY.

Not much on the calendar today or tomorrow, ECB rate decision Thursday and US GDP Friday.



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Overnight Indices Crypto Bonds Oil USD up, Gold down. Chart Cat down over 4% on downsized expectations from US shale indy also weighed on the Dow yesterday.

Ger business climate data 9:00, ECB rate decision 12:45 and presser 1:30, US durable goods 1:30.



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Overnight Indices mixed, USD and Bonds flat, Crypto down and Oil and Gold up.

Earnings Amazon miss, Alphabet beat. Chart Alphabet up 7.5% 

On the calendar and today it's all about US GDP 1:30pm.



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Overnight Asian indices down, USD flat, Crypto up, Bonds and Oil up, Gold down. Chart Nasdaq.

Ger employment and retail sales, EU GDP and CPI, US ADP nfp, FOMC rate decision, mon pol statement and presser.





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Overnight and still lots of red, quite a feat to crash everything all at once except the USD of course which is flying high, hate to be Powell when he gets that phone call from Trump 😳

UK rate decision today, let's hope Carnage can kick up a s**tstorm of equal volatility. 



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Overnight Indices and USD up Cryptos down, Oil up Gold down and Bonds take a breather. Chart 30 year Treasury Bond.

US housing data, plus the only high impact release today is the US Mich consumer sentiment at 3pm.




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Looking Risk Neutral this morning, Indices mixed, USD down Bonds flat, Oil and Gold down.

Chart US 10 y Treasury.

High impact releases today Ger PMI, EU PMI. Start of the 3 day Jackson Hole symposium, news leaks throughout and can be market moving affecting positions over the weekend plus UK bank holiday Monday.



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The board remains risk neutral leaning to risk on with Bonds continuing to drift down, Indices, USD and Oil up, Gold down.

Lots of Fed speak today and the markets are keen for any kind of news so could get jumpy, JH symposium continues today and into Saturday and UK bank holiday Monday.



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    • I seem to remember reading somewhere that over a certain limit the buying and selling fees are no longer a flat fee and become a percentage of the sale/purchase. Is this true and if so what are the limits and how does one buy or sell above a certain value? I'm talking specifically about equities.  Couldn't find any information on this so any guidance would be welcome. Thanks!
    • I really trade! Here is a trade from this week - The Market is an ETF of the Nasdaq100 Index provided by ishares - CNX1 This was a 2 day Swing trade If you've read the above posts then this is a clear DOUBLE BOTTOM following all the rules mentioned in the posts above ENTRY - Entry was actually set for the high of the Inside bar but the market gapped up and opened at the GREEN horizontal line! which was fine As you can see the DB caused a classic W shape if fulfilled - 2RSI in the <25% Oversold zone = 1 high probability trade potential with target of the swing high of the long leg of the W - as you can see price hit that level this afternoon for a healthy return - This provided a 2R return, "IF" (and we have no control over this) I'd of been triggered in at the high of the Inside bar as planned rather than the gapped entry, the R:R was 4R if stop placed at the swing low or 11R if entry was high of the narrow range IB and stop was at the low of it! - Now in this trade - the intention was the 11R trade but the Gap caused a change of plan THIS IS WHY I TRADE BECAUSE OFTEN THESE TRADES COME OFF INTENDED AS PLANNED - this one didn't but it was still a half decent trade To prove the position - I won't be doing this ever again - very NEARLY got the high! You can SCAN the market EVERY DAY for NARROW RANGE bars - and then when they conform to trading method you employ they offer an ultra high probability trading opportunity with ultra high returns   
    • Hi JLZ You need to investigate the company issuing the said ETP's - There's lots of different ones out there, some buy real assets, so use "synthetic" tracking etc  - they are 100% legit but you have to be certain they won't go bust  Key considerations as you are investing real money into the ETP are: Is the ETP safe in terms of going bust Is you ISA/SIPP/DEALING account provider safe I've traded these products for decades - as long as the ETP provider does not go bust then normal investing/trading risks apply - I've just literally this afternoon taken profits on a Nasdaq100 ETF They came on the scene in the late 90's in the UK and you could track markets not offered by funds at that point - I was in a china ETF in 2000 provided by ishares within my sipp/isa account and was a cheap way of tracking the Chinese market as you didn't have the 5% bid/offer spread and 1% AMC You buy them exactly as you would say BP - If BP goes belly up overnight you're cash is trapped, same would apply here, but as I say if the company is liquid and sound then normal risks apply  
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