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All looking a bit risk on again with Indices, Oil up and Bonds, Gold and USD down. Chart China 50 up 2%.

Fed Chair Powell speaks today 7:30pm though other sources say 6:40pm. 



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Yesterday turned risk off as a series of news releases looked to kill off the upcoming trade talks before they start. Gold and Bonds up, Indices and Oil down. Crypto up.

Crude oil inventories at 3:30pm and the Fed minutes of the last meeting released at 7pm.



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After a strong rally yesterday Indices fell at 11pm on news no headway was made in the Trade war talks so Gold up Oil down but have all since reversed back up this morning. If any proof was needed the trade war rules these markets.

Japan machinery orders (a leading global indicator) still negative but improving. 

UK indy data at 9:30. ECB accounts at 12:30. US CPI at 1:30pm.




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Back to risk on as the trade talks circus rumbles on, yesterday saw Indices and Oil up, USD  Gold and Bonds down.

Talk that Boris is on the verge of some kind of partial free trade deal with the EU.

Draghi speaks at 10:30, Cad unemployment data at 1:30 and US consumer sentiment at 3pm.



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Remains neutral to risk on. Oil up Gold down Friday while Indices pushed up, Apple all time high (see chart).

Indices pulled back at the end of the US session going into the long weekend. Bank holiday today for the US (Columbus Day) JPY and CAD.




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Indices climbing, Oil up and USD looking for support, Bonds trying to bounce off support and Gold up yesterday within a triangle.

China trade numbers down. EU indy production figures at 10am.



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Indices had a strong up day yesterday while USD was down to test support, US treasuries were down as was Gold and Oil.

UK CPI at 9:30, EU CPI at 10am, US retail sales at 1:30pm.




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Overnight Asian Indices up, Bonds and Gold up, Oil and Crypto down.

UK retail sales at 9:30, US housing and employment data plus the Philly Fed manu survey at 1:30pm and indy prod data at 2:15.



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Overnight a China GDP miss, Indices and Oil down, Bonds and USD up. Chart natural gas HA daily.

Not much on the calendar, Fed speak this afternoon.



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Overnight Bonds and Oil down, Indices Gold and USD up. Chart US 10y.

No high impact news on the calendar but ECB rate decision later in the week and of coarse Brexit rumbles on.

COT positional change for FX, Gild and Oil.




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Overnight Indices up as China claim progress on trade dispute, Bonds, USD and Oil down, Gold up slightly. Chart S&P holds above 3000.

No high impact scheduled news today but earnings releases continue all week.



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Looking risk off overnight, Indices down Oil down. Gold, Bonds and USD up. Chart BTC down over 2% and approaching key support.

Nothing major on the calendar except earnings releases, Boeing before US market open today.




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Indices up yesterday, Oil pulling back overnight after a strong day help by low US inventory figures. Gold and Bonds up overnight, Crypto down after breaking key support yesterday.

Busy day with Ger and EU Flash PMIs, EU rate decision and Presser. US Durable Goods and Flash PMIs this afternoon.

Earnings today Amazon, 3M, Visa and Intel to name but a few.



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Overnight Indices and USD flat, Oil down, Bonds and Gold up. Mixed earnings after close, Amazon hardest hit down 5.7%, was down 9% at one stage.

9am Ger business climate data and US Mich consumer sentiment at 3pm.



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Overnight Indices up Bonds down, Crypto pulls back a touch, Oil pauses, Gold up.

Not much on the calendar today but this week sees US GDP, FOMC and NFP.

Also a big week for Earnings.





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No election, no brexit until next scheduled election. GBP negative as market does not like this impasse and until EU grants extensions they will never reach any deal.

debate and motion from 15.30 today. Eyes on the prize with vote at 17.00 latest, or any time between these two times...

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Indices just pulling back overnight after a strong day yesterday, Bunds retesting support, Oil pulling back and Gold down.

Not much on the calendar today, tomorrow sees US GDP and FOMC mtg.



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Overnight Asian, US Indices down and Oil down, USD and Bonds up. Chart BTC forms a flag.

12:15pm US ADP nfp. 12:30 US Advanced GDP. 6:00pm FOMC rate decision and mon pol statement.

After US market close Apple and Facebook earnings.




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Overnight Indices, Bonds and Oil up, USD down, BTC down, Gold up. Chart Apple up 2%.

Today EU CPI and GDP, US jobs data (good beat on the ADP nfp yesterday), CAD GDP.




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Overnight China PMI beat, Indices up, Bonds and Gold down, USD down Crypto down.

UK manu PMI at 9:30.

NFP today 1:30pm, consensus around 89k, down from the previous 136k but the ADP nfp on Wednesday came in at 125k. AHE and Rate also affect price and rate today is expected to go up to 3.6%, lots of room for the predictions to be upset.

Also lots of Fed speak this afternoon.



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2 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

NFP today 1:30pm

NFP at 12:30 not 1:30 today (old habits etc)

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Overnight Indices up. Bonds, Gold and Oil down, USD down, Crypto up. Chart CAT up 5% on Friday and now at 2019 highs.

Not much on the calendar, JPY bank holiday, EU PMI's at 10am and Lagarde speaks at 7:30pm for first time as ECB president.




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Looking increasingly risk on. Indices and Oil up, Gold and Bonds down. Chart Ftse looking to break up past near term resistance.

US non-manu PMIs at 3pm continued expansion expected.



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Overnight Indices mixed, oil down but still in touch with near term resistance, Gold up just above support, USD down slightly after gaping up to resistance. Chart US Oil.

Ger composite PMI at 8:55, EU composite PMI at 9am, EU retail sales today at 10am.



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Not too much movement overnight, Indices mixed, USD pause at resistance, Gold up slightly and Oil down. Chart Ftse at near term resistance.

All about the BoE rate decision at 12pm and the Carney presser at 12:30 today.

EU econ forecast at 10am.



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Overnight Indices and Oil down, USD and Bonds up, Gold at key support. Chart Apple continues it's rise.

Today Ger trade bal at 7am, Cad employment figures at 1:30pm, US consumer senti at 3pm.




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Overnight Indices, Oil and USD down. Gold and Bonds up.

US Veterans day, UK GDP.





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Trump speaks and the market duly responds, back to risk on. Indices, Oil and USD up, Bonds and Gold down.

UK average earnings, EU and Ger econ sentiment at 10am, Trump and Fed speak this afternoon.



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Overnight Indices, Bonds and Oil down. Gold up, Crypto mixed. Chart Gold.

UK CPI at 9:30am. US CPI at 1:30pm. Japan GDP at 11:50pm.




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