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Trump tweets OPEC "Get prices down now!" - EMEA brief 21 Sep
Brent crude has its eyes on $80 a barrel and is currently trading at its highest level in 4 years, all despite efforts of Trump's Tweets for OPEC to "get prices down now". On the other hand, global equity markets are shining with the Japanese Nikkei hitting an 8-month high, Chinese shares on course to make their biggest weekly gains in 2 years, and a strong earnings outlook expected to continue.
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Signal Trades
Are you looking for trade ideas and signals? Have you ever wondered how our signals, provided by the third party PIA First and Autochartist algorithms, work? Get involved with the Community discussion and make the most of IG - maybe even set up a few trades in a demo account and see how they play out? Remember, as always practice due diligence and make your own trading decisions.
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Tilray Inc  (TLRY) on Nasdaq
Tilray is one of the largest and most sophisticated producers of premium medical cannabis in the world, and this weeks 'hot stock' for speculators as significant volatility grips the market. Get involved with the discussion on Community.
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RIO buyback and industrial metal rally - EMEA brief 20 Sep
Bellwether metals copper and zinc, along with other industrial metals, continue their rally as investors and traders focus on increasing demand rather than US-Sino relations. Rio Tinto announced a $3.2bn share buyback scheme, and whilst the Anglo-Australian miner saw 3.2% gain the ASX didn’t follow suit and ended down slightly. Potential swings on the UK Rio listing on the open.
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ASX yesterday - APAC brief 20 Sep
SPI futures are indicating a 5-point jump at the open for the ASX200, as traders continue to ride the wave of relief washing-over global markets.
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Markets defy expectations - EMEA brief 19 Sep
The rebound in Chinese stock markets has extended and US bond yields are steady after the market digested the trade tariff news. UK inflation data is in focus today, likely to be closely watched as investors economic optimism hits a near seven year low.
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Bellwether metals down on $200bn US Sino tariffs - EMEA brief 18 Sep
Chinese markets rose despite Trump implementing 10% tariffs on $200bn worth of Chinese goods which will will start on September 24. The decision comes in spite of China's warning that they would not engage in scheduled trade talks if the US implemented these tariffs.

Gold's typical 'safe haven' status isn't re enforced this time around, with flow seen into the USD over the precious metal, whilst nickel, aluminium and bellwether metal copper hit on the LME by the $200bn tariff. Oil drops on the same news.
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Update on trade war - APAC brief 18 Sep
US President Trump’s administration has announced the next round of tariffs on $US200bn worth of Chinese imports.
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Tree Shakes
What is a treeshake? What does this mean for the markets? Can you use this to help define a trading strategy? Get involved with like minded traders and user submitted content on Community, and get the most out of your trading with IG.
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Neverending trade wars - EMEA brief 17 Sep
Whilst the Tokyo markets are on holiday, most other Asian equity markets slip on reports that Washington are continuing their tariff roll outs with a focus once more on Chinese imports. Thin liquidity due to the closed Japanese market didn't help, however moves in currencies seem minor. Dollar steady against a basket of major currencies, whilst gold nudges up. Oil prices have generally eased as the trade war row potentially distorts the demand outlook.
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Another last minute trade war fear, fundamental trading, the dark side of central banking - DFX key themes
How many times does something unusual have to occur before it is considered a planned? I have noted a number of times over the past month that some unexpected policy development was announced hours before the markets closed for the weekend. There is an unspoken commitment by central bankers and global leaders to prevent volatility in their respective financial markets. Volatility is the general definition of risk, and there is a clear connection between financial market and economy. In other words, no one wants to trigger speculative rout that could turn into tangible economic pain. And yet, that typical preservation of self-interest doesn’t seem to worry some of those in power looking to stir norms.
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Market sentiment - APAC brief 17 Sep
The economic calendar is relatively light, and markets await guidance from US President Trump about his intentions regarding the next round of tariffs on China.
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Dividend Adjustments 17 Sep - 21 Sep
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 17 Sep 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Fundamental book on commodities trading
How do you set up a trading plan? What books would you recommend to learn about fundamental analysis? Join the IG Community trading discussion and get involved with the conversation.

"Are there any other good books on fundamentals of the commodity markets? I would really like to learn the different crop-seasons for softs, and other fundamental factors that influence the prices of commodities. Any suggestions?"
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TRY rate decision - 1200 BST
Crunch time in Ankara at 1200 BST today. Reuters polls are suggesting an increase of 425 basis points to 22%.  Turkish banks, among them Garanti & IS bank, seem to be calling this much higher with predictions of 500bp / 22.75%.
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ECB and BOE rate decision - EMEA brief 13 Sep
Asian markets received a welcome boost, as attempts from the US to restart trade talks with China raised optimism ahead of a whole raft of new tariffs being imposed. Predictably, the Chinese markets led the way, while Australian stocks suffered despite a strong rise in the basic materials sector. This comes after the Australian jobs report which boosted the AUD after a sharp rise in employment change, from -4.3k to 44k.
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Daily funded spread bet and quarterly (forwards)
"Does holding a quarterly position result in lower overall funding charges compared to cash and is there a cut off point where holding the position as a cash bet results in lower overnight funding charges."  Use Community to help answer any questions you may have on the IG dealing platform.
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Mark Carney to stay on at BoE - EMEA brief 12 Sep
Mark Carney will stay on as the BoE (Bank of England) governor until the end of January 2020 to help the UK through any Brexit turbulence. Unilever laid out plans for it's December listing as a new Dutch entity, initiated originally due to Brexit risks. China is set to request the World Trade Organization (WTO) to hit the US with good duties. Dollar slips. Oil prices have risen following a report that the US crude inventories are set to decline. Whilst top oil producer Russia warns of a fragile global oil market, sanctions on Iran are expected to tighten supply.
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Sterling rallies on Brexit talks - EMEA brief 11 Sep
The UK remains in focus following a day of data yesterday and a strong rally on the back of Brexit news. This morning sees the UK jobs report released, with markets keeping a particularly close eye on the average earnings figure given the impact on inflation expectations. While we see precious few notable releases from the US today, the eurozone also comes into focus alongside the UK, with German ZEW economic sentiment, and eurozone employment change worth watching out for.
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Post in Carbon Emissions
As carbon emission prices reach 12 month highs and see serious volatility (up over 8% in the session on Friday) our Community members look to discuss the reason behind such a move, and how to capitalise on it with IG.
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Post in Indices
How are the indices looking going into a new trading week? One of our Community members continues the discussion: "So looking at the weekly charts again, from a technical standpoint. Dow is looking to test the highs 26166 and 26703. Dax looks to test the low of 11690, FTSE the low of 7094, Nikkei the low of 21834 and 21451."
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ECB and BoE Rate Decisions, New Territory in Trade Wars, Global Political Risks - DFX key themes
Check out the key themes from DFX market strategist John Kicklighter in his overview of what to look out for as volumes and trade frequency are expected to pick up this month.
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Apple suppliers hit by Trump Tweets - EMEA brief 10 Sep
Fresh tariff concerns hit Asian markets overnight, with Apple suppliers particularly hard hit thanks to the US president’s tweets regarding the tech giant moving production to the US. Chinese stocks were lower, while Australia was broadly flat and Japan managed a small rise. Equities rebounded in the US after a better jobs report, with strength in wages particularly encouraging for US consumer spending.
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Risk-off - APAC brief 10 Sep
For whatever good news that could come out this week in global markets, it would take something of extreme magnitude to distract traders from the unfolding emerging market crisis and escalating US-China trade war.
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Expected Index Dividend Adjustments 10 Sep - 15 Sep
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 10 Sep 2018. 
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