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22 hours ago, dmedin said:

Yet another day where the indices shi!t the bed.

AND oil

AND silver

AND gold

AND FX pairs against the dollar

Just f*king great

One may have expected the Dow to surge forward in anticipation of another stimulus. Seems to be already priced in. In fact, looks like there is more anxiety and caution than the usual blind optimism. Looks like one piece of really bad news could set off an avalanche. If an extra trillion or two is not inspiring the markets higher then a suitable hedge down may be in order, n'est pas?  Plus Brent can't seem to break $45 no matter how hard it tries. Even China is selling it's distillate stocks as they see the plateau and surmise things are going to get worse before they get better and are taking the money now. Have you been counting on a "V"? Hedge your position, volatility may well return with a vengeance.

Just a different point of view.

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Apple warns may miss quarterly guidance estimates due to virus impact starts a new pullback in the indices.

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9 hours ago, dmedin said:

Well now Cassandra, my canny wee loon, the deep stop and the higher time frame came to me rescue.  😘



Sh!tcanned the trade at 15p in profit

Can't be 4rsed with that sh!t, the indices are far too wobbly to go long on just now :)

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with indices dropping around the world, thoughts of US ones after the opening bell? Anyone do a recent correlation study?

Naturally I am late to the party today and shorted the FTSE at 6001. 

I should sell a training course. I'll give you all my trades and you take the opposite position, guaranteed win for you 😄 

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12 hours ago, AndrewS said:

It looks like the earnings release from Facebook, Amazon and Apple have been well received, but the Nasdaq has been skittish around these levels recently.NAS100H1.thumb.jpg.c23d8f052aff7a78d3e01c1f785e0a4e.jpg


I bought the dip on Nasdaq and made a tidy wee profit, Samwise Gamgee 😘


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3 hours ago, dmedin said:

Long S&P 500 too, as it made a similar move as Nasdaq last night.  Wall Street lagging behind 😘 

I just realized that the correlation tables I use are not responsive enough. The coder had 90 minutes, 90 5 minutes and so forth, but I have changed it to 20 periods.

This is what it looks like now with the S&P500 and Dow in sync and the Dow and Nasdaq being birds of no feather for the last 20 four hours and 20 days.


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