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Aston Martin IPO at £19 - EMEA Brief 03 Oct
Aston Martin looks set to miss out on a spot in the FTSE 100 after the luxury carmaker cut the maximum valuation it is seeking in its initial public offering today, bloomberg reporting IPO price at £19.
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Macro-drivers  - APAC brief 01 Oct
Global markets endured a night of mixed trading, sandwiched between several risk factors, and the waning optimism of the USMCA.
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Post in Quick trade ideas
Quick Trade Ideas makes the 'Our Picks' section once again: "Taken from the blog this morning which I thought was quite interesting (and links a little to the carbon emissions stuff @TrendFollower)  - Think about going long natural gas." What are your thoughts? Get involved with trade discussion on Community.

Conservative Conference, Cable in Spotlight - EMEA Brief 02 Oct
Continued speculation for the conservative conference today with Theresa May expected to announce some concessions in her Brexit deal. Boris Johnson to speak later today. Yesterday saw a volatility spike in GBP/USD which we could see again today on the right type of news.
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Relief-rallies - APAC brief 02 Oct
Hopes were whetted during overnight trade from the news that the US, Mexico and Canada had agreed to a revised “NAFTA” agreement.
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Nasdaq leads the way for stock indices
Are the markets overvalued? Get involved with the Community discussion: "If this truly is going to go down in history as the tech led bubble then watching the Nasdaq for clues of the end of the rally to end all rallies must be the way to go.  Looking at the monthly chart I see a couple of nice tramlines developing (albeit that the top one is heavily reliant on prior pivots (but that is to be expected in such a sharp, exponential, rally). 

The Weekly chart shows a nice classic progression of Elliot wave counts, parallel tramlines and flag/pennant formations.  Crucially the Pennant, which very often forms at the halfway point in a rally, is signaling a rally end point of 7800-7900.  However in such a strong Bull run we might expect an overshoot of this and the magic 8000 beckons to the markets psychology."
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USMCA replaces NAFTA, CAD rises - EMEA Brief 1 Oct
The U.S. and Canada agreed to a trade deal that would preserve a three-way bloc with Mexico, setting the stage for their leaders to sign the accord by the end of November. The new deal will be called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.
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ASX technicals - APAC brief 01 Oct
ASX: SPI futures are indicating a 23-point drop at the open for the ASX200 this morning, effectively wiping Friday's solid gains.
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Post in TA - Technical Analysis
The weekend pick for Community: "Very good video explaining and demonstrating institutional buy side programs, what they look like on candle, profile and footprint charts and how to exploit them."
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Dividend Adjustments 1 Oct - 5 Oct
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 1 Oct 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Join our #IGForexChat and put your currency questions to our expert panel
Submit your questions now! Next week we will be hosting a number of live chats and discussion dedicated to the world of currency trading and the foreign exchange market. Each #IGFXChat will focus on a unique topic, relevant to the macroeconomic landscape today. Get involved and make the most out of IG.
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Italian Banks
Italian banks trading halted in Milan, limit down, whilst dax continues plunge. Discuss market movements with like minded traders.
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Fed raise rates, USD steady - EMEA brief 27 Sep
Yesterday the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the 3rd time this year. Major currency pairs hold steady whilst the USD basket, despite initial volatility, traded largely flat. Minor gains have been made this morning putting the dollar about a quarter of a percent up.
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Post in Quick trade ideas
Possibly nice retracement set-up in the offing, short on ITV?  Overnight order short just below today's low (currently 156.3), initially looking for 142.  Tempted to put the stop tighter than the obvious 164ish for this sort of entry?  Thoughts? 

Note interim XD 25th Oct.

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Trump and Rouhani exchange words - EMEA brief 26 Sep
Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani came to a head at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday with the US President vowing more sanctions against Tehran, whilst President Rouhani suggested that Trump suffers from a "weakness of intellect." Trump is really trying to bring the price of oil into play before the midterms as high oil prices could hit the Republican vote.
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Expected Index Dividend Adjustments 25 Sep - 01 Oct
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 24 Sep 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video.
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Trade War - APAC brief 25 Sep
Markets were made to curb their enthusiasm overnight. Trade war realities bit again and the relief rally that had defined last week’s trade dissipated. It’s not a terrible cause for alarm yet, but it highlights how difficult to predict the impact on global trade disruption happens to be.
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Instagram founders quit Facebook - EMEA brief 25 Sep
Instagram founders quit the Facebook acquired business less than 6 months after WhatsApp founders do the same. Overnight Asian equities diverge, as Chinese shares fall and Japanese shares climb. The Euro jumped on Monday after Mario Draghi of the ECB signalled that policymakers are on track to reduce stimulus measures. He stated that the bank was confident it could maintain inflation targets over the next few years.
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Oil prices at 4-year high after OPEC declines to raise supply. Trade Talks: Abe's trade discussion with Trump is "constructive" in second round, China will only hold trade talks once Trump stops threats.
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Risk appetite despite trade wars; Dollar motivation; political risks rises - DFX key themes
Seemingly a routine occurrence for the global financial markets, we saw the state of global trade deteriorate yet again through the past week. As expected, the United States went forward with tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods. The terms are for a 10 percent rate on a range of imports that will increase to 25 percent by the end of the year.

The standard, immediate response from China was quickly implemented, but only on $60 billion in US goods. It is not clear the strategy from China as they vowed a ****-for-tat response to what they have deemed unprovoked trade wars, but the country does not have much more room to tax imports from its major counterpart – and certainly not $200 billion worth of goods. This alone moves us into a new phase of a standoff of escalating cost for the US, China and the world.
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Tensions rising - APAC brief 24 Sep
Geopolitics is already shaping-up as the major driver of financial markets this week.
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Trump tweets OPEC "Get prices down now!" - EMEA brief 21 Sep
Brent crude has its eyes on $80 a barrel and is currently trading at its highest level in 4 years, all despite efforts of Trump's Tweets for OPEC to "get prices down now". On the other hand, global equity markets are shining with the Japanese Nikkei hitting an 8-month high, Chinese shares on course to make their biggest weekly gains in 2 years, and a strong earnings outlook expected to continue.
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Signal Trades
Are you looking for trade ideas and signals? Have you ever wondered how our signals, provided by the third party PIA First and Autochartist algorithms, work? Get involved with the Community discussion and make the most of IG - maybe even set up a few trades in a demo account and see how they play out? Remember, as always practice due diligence and make your own trading decisions.
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Tilray Inc  (TLRY) on Nasdaq
Tilray is one of the largest and most sophisticated producers of premium medical cannabis in the world, and this weeks 'hot stock' for speculators as significant volatility grips the market. Get involved with the discussion on Community.
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RIO buyback and industrial metal rally - EMEA brief 20 Sep
Bellwether metals copper and zinc, along with other industrial metals, continue their rally as investors and traders focus on increasing demand rather than US-Sino relations. Rio Tinto announced a $3.2bn share buyback scheme, and whilst the Anglo-Australian miner saw 3.2% gain the ASX didn’t follow suit and ended down slightly. Potential swings on the UK Rio listing on the open.
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