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  1. Hi, Market Price Fluctuates from Broker to Broker, however You can Pay Extra for DMA or Direct Market Access. Either way, you're not really going to pay too much over the odds, if you want to Buy and Hold shares. Sure, a 20p difference is a lot if you're buying 10 million, but if you have 10 million then you really don't need to be too concerned abot a fluctuating 20p on a £10 stock. I suggest you look at some Youtube vids or try calling IG directly for a chat.
  2. Hi, anyone else having trouble using Price Alerts? Never had a problem in the past. I use it all the time, if not every day. Sorry, and unexpected error has occured. Please call for help.
  3. Hi, sorry, I'm not receiving notification to messages. You can onyl use PRT with Spread Betting, not Buying and selling shares. I've not used L2 but there is a fee per month. There are certain stocks to trade but the number is limited after hours. 3 trades in the previous months allow FREE* trading the following month. I scalp almost every day so only small commisions $0.01 per trade. They make money on the Spread. Happy Trading.
  4. Hi, No you can only Buy and Sell shares using the Share Dealing platform. you cannot Demo Share Dealing, However, I assure you, it's the same as CFD or Spread Betting, except it costs you to Buy and Sell but the Spreads are Tighter. I Trade Shares now instead of Spread Betting. The Spreads on Small Cap stock made it impossible to Day Trade. Of course there are downsides such as Tax, but you gotta make a profit first!
  5. Dear god........ You are a waste of time! I'm outta here.
  6. Data Analysis that is Provided to them by whom? Impartial paper that is given info by whom? If you Trust your gov, then sure, you'll trust the info they give you, but how do you know it's True? How do you know it's not been altered to further an agenda? How can you prove it? They're not an independent Scientific Body outside of influence. they're still a Business of selling News. You're assuming what you're being told is True. We, or at least myself, are assuming it's Not True. While I've not concerned myself with the Spain report, I've enough evidence here in the UK to suggest th
  7. @Caseynotes What are your thoughts on WHY it's all Fake? What are they trying to achieve?
  8. @jlz @Provaton Right folks. Let me first apologise for my insults yesterday, but don't assume this means they weren't justified. If you don't refrain from subtle underhanded insults I'll unleash a holy wrath upon you. On a daily basis I see people go back and forth with theories ripping each other apart. Dave up the street, calls Karen down the street, even though Dave is as dumb as Karen. It's a **** terrible ironical joke. I am not talking about theories and I do not believe there are microchips in vaccines that allow Bill Gates to control my mind! I don't believe in Lizards in th
  9. Great to come back here and see the forums ablaze with Trading Tips!
  10. The whole fecking internet at your fingertips and you want me to do a Google search for you you lazy bastards. Hey, @jlz I posted before you, **** brain. Did you look into DNA chips, Bio Tracking? You feckers don't want to know anything. You're the type to simply disappear and when it arrives and say you knew it all along. Fakers. Hey, I'm happy to start the conversation again. Wind your **** neck in, go read back what's been posted and, I know you struggle, but I'll help you out in showing you where you've been a total dismissive Left Wing blinkered **** jockey! Then you
  11. FFS people Read what I posted. It's not a **** conspiracy. It's literally printed by Gov, Banks and Healthcare. DNA Chip Did you even bother yourselves to Google it? **** Off you trolls!
  12. Classic Answers??? You don't even have questions you pathetic ****!
  13. lol....???? Wow. in a bubble.... You have no concept of rhetoric. Typical..Absolutely NOTHING AT ALL TO ADD.
  14. Why the **** should I answer your question when you've dodged mine????? I've literally just posted what I have said is available on ALL OFFICIAL SITES. Moron! 'You Conspiracy Theorist' and complaining about name calling???? WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO LAUGH AT CONSPRANOIDS YOU UTTER **** WAFFLE! lol. Jog on Shark Bait! you're a waste of my time.
  15. I understand where you're coming from, but my previous post explains the reasoning behind the Microchipping mis-information Conspiracies. DNA chips and Microfluidic chips ARE Vaccines! How they will be implemented it to be revealed in the coming months or years. You will be injected with a Biological Track and Trace system. you won't believe it till they're doing it. Regardless, what we're addressing here is a Belief System in play. Some believe the world is fair, but could do with some changes. Some others believe it's inherently corruptible and on the verge of a Socialist Takeover.
  16. I'm assuming you believe there is a global pandemic @jlz
  17. I was about to share this on FB and close my account, but what's the **** point. as I've typed it out I just want to post it somewhere, so this is a good a place as any. This isn't directed at you personally @Provaton unless you give me reason to after the info I've just provided. "I don't even know if it's worth me posting this. To 'Dave' down the street calling 'Karen' coz she suggested they want to put Microchips in the vaccines and inject us with it, all the while Dave himself is not a **** expert in Bio mechanics, NOR has he done ANY research at all on the subj
  18. Hi, Provaton. No! I'm suggesting that what has been spread about is Mis-information, but it's not entirely un-true. Type into Google, Microfluidic Chips and DNA Chips and you'll see a swathe of information regarding Biological Identifiers within vaccines. It's all there to read if you care to.
  19. There's a plan to rob the world of cash and make everyone poor. As Crypto will be the New Socialist Credit System of Digital Slavery, it's important they shut it down while the Banks Centralise the currency for themselves.
  20. My problem is now fixed. Seems it was personal to me. i had deposited a sum from my partners account. They disabled it while it was investigated. I knew nothing of it till i tried to trade today. Anyway, I'm up and running again.
  21. I've been wearing the hat since pre 911....It still fits. It's like my MAGA hat lol. I can take anything the world throws at me. I'm prepared. Leftists calling out all people suggesting the vaccines have chips in them, but they've clearly done **** all research. Microfluidic Chips or DNA chips have been used for decades to personalise, track and trace certain Protein Molecules and receptors. It's not new, just new to the un-initiated. We're being exterminated and they want to track their progress.
  22. I'm currently suffering this. Did anyone receive an explanation?
  23. OK, so I've been trying to Chat with ~IG for an hour....still waiting. I can only Sell Shares not Buy them I can only Close SB positions not open new ones. I can't find any messages or notifications to say i need to update. It's showing my agreement is good til 2022 for Trading US. what the actual is going on now?
  24. Hi, folks. I'm late to the party again. For 20 years I've been talking about The New World Order. The Cashless Society and the RFID system. Add to this Population Control and you come to The World Economic Forum, Davos and centralised global Crypto Currency. Assume nothing here but a Hostile Takeover of our Land and Peoples; Capital Destruction by design. We are literally, before our very eyes becoming Digital Slaves of the 4th Industrial revolution; the Technocratic era has begun. Mark these words if it's the 1st time you've heard them. In 10 years young people will be wondering
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