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  1. Can anyone tell me why I can't put a Stop Limit Order on some of my Shares?
  2. This isn't a threat, it's simply a mission statement. I'm looking for a new broker and platform. This is a joke! I've lost almost a 1/4 of my capital to platform issues over the last 18 months. I've another thread open asking why I can't remove my Limit from my open position.
  3. Hi as in title. Have i missed something in the 18 months of trading? It's possible. I've had this a few times in my time here with IG where I've prematurely taken profit and the trade has closed, even though I've removed the Limit beforehand. I've either set a Limit to take profit, Moved it or tried to Delete it, but I get a message saying i can't. I can't remove a Limit/Take profit from my chart.
  4. hahaha, now my % has gone missing from my Portfolio stats.................................................Throws hands in the air!
  5. Ah man I think there's something in the air. I feel it in my bones. I'm cashing my chips in and getting out of Vegas!
  6. Erm...............................Where's the US Indicies? 😮 It's back at 15.12 hahahha WAdaFERK
  7. Several countries already officially in Recession. this could be the big one. Get your bags ready............If you can access the **** charts that is!
  8. Nothing is loading. Not even IG itself. Everything else is fine. If they DO load, they've defaulted AGAIN, but charts won't load. WTF is going on now? Don't tell me....It's my end!! Have I called? ****....Why would I do that? to be ignored. To tell me to check my internet? Why the hell am I still here???????
  9. I seen this also and commented on a YT trading channel. It also happened on Amazon @ $760....... Oddly enough my IG isn't loading again! and if it does the charts aren't loading. Quick update, my Share Dealing platform has defaulted to the Classic again!
  10. My last £500 was revenge trading. I was in Long and risked it all on Novavax at 7.50. It went to £10 but i bottled it and got out. Next day it opened at 15, and since then it's gone to 170 back to 100. Small fortune missed again.
  11. No, i did read it pal, but was wondering on the results. If you're saying 80% they actually went against and you doubled up on the way back up then technically they failed. But i think I understand where you're coming from now. I did this yesterday with FLDM. Got in high, it retraced, so I 4x up at the bottom and made a profit as it returned to my Buy In.....but it's not something I'll do often. I totally figured out where my losses were previously. I thought every trade was a winner and technically they were, but only like 5-20%. I wouldn't take the profit soon enough thinking they
  12. There's a common figure that goes around that it can/will take you about 18 months to figure out what is actually happening on screen and behind it. I feel that I now have a greater understanding of the whole process and I'm ready to start again. Despite our disagreements over the last 18 months, I thank you for your input and can understand the frustration you might have suffered as a result of my Noob journey.
  13. I missed this reply. I blew my account (quit at my max loss as I learned) because I DIDN'T follow the strategy. It's too difficult to follow with Spreadbetting. We don't have access to Low Cap Stock and when we do the spread is too great. I've had more success since I moved to Share Dealing directly but just getting started.
  14. 😮 @DSchenk I've not been in here for a while now. It's good to hear you're still in the game, but saddening that you were still somehow playing 4-1. I don't get it. Can you tell me how many times you were initially wrong on your 80% wins? How far did they go the wrong way before they went the right way? Or did they all work from where you got in? I've almost given up on Spreadbetting shares, especially Low Cap and have instead moved my money to Shares. I've only just started and missed growing my account 100% in the last week. Even this week I was in NiO @ 14.55 and o
  15. I can't believe this debate still has so such cynicism and doubt. What is so hard to understand? lol A stock moves 20% or more in a day. If you're lucky enough to pick the right one based on News or Earnings or FDA approval or Patent then you'll get a 100% spike or whatever it is. Most of the time there will be a spike off the Bell, then a Sell off to Take Profit, then a return to half way on the day. Of course it works. How can there even be a doubt? Expecting large moves on Amazon is less likely and ultimately requires a fecking massive stake to make a return. Focusing on P
  16. You certainly can make money. Great post btw. I only started trading April 19, and it was a trial by fire for sure. However, within 6 months it was clearly evident that it was very difficult or impossible to trade Small Cap Stock while Spread Betting. I'll basically sum Day Trading up and Spread Betting in one small paragraph: You can do it, but it's extremely difficult. The lack of Small Cap Stock available while Spread Betting is probably the only real issue that matters. Everything else is simply Trading Good or Bad strategies. If you consider that trading Breakouts (for insta
  17. Not really much point is there? Nothing is resolved anytime I've called in the past. I've opened a Degiro account. See how that goes.
  18. Never mind. I was able to execute with a Quote. Limit Order wasn't having it.
  19. It's not in auction or phone only. The light is Green! Still can't Trade. Order won't execute either.
  20. This is my Share dealing account. Symphony Environmental Tech. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks.
  21. Well if anyone else is interested, here's an update. I had a Short position on SIG Plc on the 19th June 2020. My chart froze sometime after either hours or days I'm not sure, with the message to Call to Trade only. I called and a guy tried to explain what had happened. There was an Open Offer and the market was temporarily closed. I asked him what it meant and he said don't worry. Do nothing and it will expire, so I left it. I closed my Sig Short on the 23rd June. I received an email from IG dated 23rd June at 13.41. Note that it's the 23rd!. In the email the Expiry of the Offer
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