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  1. I've had issues fora few months now where i can't amend my Stop or Close a Trade. I too can't get thru on the phone and have no replies to my emails.
  2. There are a limited amount of stocks available to trade with IG, however they do exist. for instance (assuming you mean to Spread Bet). Lloyds Sig plc HYVE Velocys Plc. I have traded these recently with as little as £5 margin.
  3. @CharlotteIG I've pretty much given up now. Over a year an no phone calls or emails returned. even today i have a running trade on Velocys Plc. I can't move my Stop or close the Trade. I've restarted my machine. The volume data is missing. The candles for the day are missing. Edit. Somehow the candles are back. One minute they're there, the next they're gone. I've lost too much using this platform.
  4. I've been busy as usual since i started this thread, so I've not had a chance to send the e-mail. However, today i have a trade running on SIG PLC. It's been running a few days. My Stop was at - £10....................I never had a Limit......however, now the Stop doesn't exist...........................it's basically at my Buy price.................???? :O
  5. Thanks Charlotte, but I've no problem with it remembering the inputs etc. in fact I desire it to trade quickly, but in these recurring instances the Limit is set where I have not input a limit! I don't ever set limits when placing Long trades. However, in this instance the Limit stop worked in my favour. I'll see about sending my emails again as you've suggested. Thanks.
  6. Hi, this has been happening a lot lately. I've had a small trade running on Centrica PLC. It's been running overnight. I never had a Limit in place, but I've woke to find the position Closed. This has happened too many times now. What is telling is that the Deal Ticket remembers my last trade and is showing my Stop correctly @ around 10pts, but a Limit of 1.43pts. I have emailed IG over 1 month ago but have still not received a reply regarding my concerns. After speaking with @CharlotteIG a couple of weeks ago I have noticed a missed call on my phone. I have assumed this to be IG, b
  7. Hi, yes, Live Spread Betting. I've emailed twice adding video evidence of my inability to edit stops or close positions for 20 minutes. I need to refresh the page to see candle movement etc. Unfortunately it's not a new issue. I've been advised many times to move to PRT, but it's a habit now hard to break. Even today I'm missing candle info and Volume data. Thank you.
  8. @CharlotteIG Hello to you. I've emailed on the 2nd April regarding this issue on my Live account and have had no reply. I've never had a reply to my emails in the 12 months I've been with IG. I'm wondering if you could look into this for me please? Thanks.
  9. Hi, bit late to be asking this question, but I've never noticed it before. I have a trade running and the Margin is changing as the trade increases or decreases in value. Can someone explain what is happening here? Thanks.
  10. you could take a punt on MEI Pharma.....you've got 4 mins....:D @dmedin
  11. The **** is still flying folks. It's not even hit the fan yet!
  12. I've contacted them myself. I'm still waiting for an answer. It's been two weeks almost. I couldn't Close trades, Move Stop, or Limit.
  13. Hi, mine took about 2 hours last week.
  14. As far as I understand, Stock and Volatility can change which results in some available Stock to become un-available. I have encountered this message daily for the past 12 months. This is not a definitive answer however, so I too would like a more informed understanding.
  15. I've been going a year and still get confused. Note that 'GBX' is pence and 'GBP' is pounds.
  16. Hi. If you have say £1000 in your trading account and you take a position that requires a Margin of say £900, this will leave £100 in you account as Available. If your position goes against you, your remaining £100 will decrease. If it becomes Negative (more than the £100 you have available) you may receive a 'Margin Call'. This is when you are required to re-fund your account to cover your position. There is a Time Limit on this. Your position may be temporary, like minutes, but if prolonged and a greater negative available balance occurs, the order could be prematurely Closed on your
  17. I thought you gained back all of last years losses? Almost?
  18. I've had probl;ems all year with Live and demo and for the last month also like everyone else. I'm down about £350 over the year thru the inability to Close a Trade or Amend a Stop. Today the charts froze for 20 minutes. I had 2 charts open on the same instrument and both on the 2m. Both showing Bid price. Candles different on both, P/L showing different than what's on the chart also. Manually refreshing every 2 minutes or so, only for it to have been closed at a loss again. Currently on the phone to IG for 30 mins and counting. I'm expecting the usual. Restart co
  19. I lost my nerve on Nova for an overnight position. I was already under £200 with a £400 account, and got a Margin Call, but it returned to only have me under £100. I left it overnight. I had a target price of $12 and I was in at $10. I was filled with too much doubt and got out of the trade for -£80 and lost £20 on another trade. So then I'm at £300. I had every faith in Nova going up, and just before the bell I had my finger over the Buy button, but held back.. Pre-market next day was up to $15........Missed out of £500. then I was so down, blew another £200 in 2 days leaving me wit
  20. I've somehow lost you on FB pal, not really sure why........ I took a heavy loss on Novavax just before the spike up and almost blew it all. still in the game. I never was quite sure of your half, but it's clearly working out. Well done!
  21. There is a minimum of £100 to withdraw and minimum Deposit of £250.
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