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Platform downtime again.



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How can you get away with advertising 24/7 trading when

1) There isn't 24/7 trading

2) Even during the hours that we can trade, the platform is liable to become unusable?

Why can't you advertise 24/5 and ensure uptime and reliability?

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24 minutes ago, andysinclair said:

There is a status page: https://status.ig.com/ which is reporting issues with logging in, no mention of the other problems.

The status page is a load of cr@p ...

If they are sweeping this under the carpet and not acknowledging the problem then that's a huge red flag, time to look for another broker.  :(


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Both the App and the Desktop are slow and unresponsive and mostly unusable. This has cost me money tonight, will I get compensation - NO.

Balance info disappears, open orders very slow to load and when you close a trade, it wont execute because the live price has moved. Usual message to call the trading desk, but phone lines don't get answered quickly so if you are active, forget about using this platform.

The performance recently has been a disgrace.


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We'd like to apologise for the platform login issues anyone was experiencing yesterday. Although this is a rare occurrence, we're sorry if this affected your trading. 

If you were trying to close positions whilst you were experiencing the issues I would advise calling our help desk. They will be able to assist you. 

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1 hour ago, CharlotteIG said:

Although this is a rare occurrence, we're sorry if this affected your trading. 

It's not rare, but the blame-shifting and denial suggests that IG has a lot of internal office politics and won't invest the money and time required to fix it.  Bad sign.



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I might be being too harsh.  I've read that many others experience problems with their brokers' online platform and that it has been common over the years on various providers.  And I myself haven't tried any other platforms to compare IG with.  So there's that.

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