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  1. nothing gets through your bias filter does it. Strawman again, you really can't do anything else. at no point have I ever said the virus was not real. The misuse of the PCR has meant that the cases, admissions and deaths numbers attributed to covid are not real. That has been proven by the WHO's own admission to stop using PCR for diagnosis fullstop.
  2. hahaha, the hoax references were made by you hahaha. As for being played, well we were. just a coincidence then that in the last week or so ... - Vitamin D finally gets govt recommended for treatment of covid. - Invermectin finally gets approval for treatment of covid. - HCQ now approved instead of being banned for treatment of covid. - WHO finally revises PCR test to reduce huge ratio of false positives. - NHS found to be inflating covid cases and deaths numbers. - NHS ICUs found to be less full than previous years. - Lateral Flow test ignored for
  3. Your typical strawman BS - The virus is real, never said otherwise. - the cases numbers are fake, inflated by the misuse of the PCR, never said otherwise. as for 'the great reset', look and learn ..
  4. no wonder you're confused, you should try actually reading up on stuff before commentating on it, that's the reason why you are forever reduced to playing with strawmen in fantasy land. Meanwhile, back in reality ... Weimar court issues devastating ruling against German lockdown, finding a ban on contact for healthy persons exceeds what was advised by German public health authorities even in nightmare scenarios, and time for unprecedented measures has passed. Amtsrichter in Weimar: Corona-VO verfassungswidrig - 2020 NEWS .
  5. Interesting, didn't know they were considering doing it. In the WHO's recent amendment to covid protocols already posted above which included decreasing the cycle threshold of the PCR to reduce false positives was also the assertion that a positive PCR test no longer confirms you have covid. It states a further (preferably different type) test is needed to confirm in conjunction with case presentation (symptoms). The best testing advice is the advice I gave at the start of this debacle, just take your temperature every morning, if elevated self isolate until it has returned to
  6. Hi @Marcraffard, thanks for the reply, thought that might be the case, thanks for the info.
  7. and so suddenly, within the last few days; - Vit D finally gets govt recommended. - Invermectin finally gets approval. - HCQ now suggested as a treatment instead of being banned. - WHO finally revises PCR test to reduce huge ratio of false positives. With all these much cheaper treatments now available it's lucky for big Pharma then that all their vaccines have already been bought up for the next few years. 🙄 .
  8. hi, from the 'open positions' tab left hand side of screen on opening there should be the option to 'add to workspace'.
  9. Interesting snip from Parliament TV. NHS staff are now full on the Lateral Flow Test twice a week but still waiting for public LFT mass testing roll out. Asymptomatics testing -ve on LFT will not need a PCR and therefore an end to the PCR false positive pandemic. Govt claim to have several hundred million LFT kits, not sure why the holdup. First 15 min discusses LFT efficacy. https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/c435f728-b042-4293-a877-42812aa90dee
  10. Shock Breaking News, 'No evidence of decline' in Covid-19 rates in England's third lockdown'. So, third lockdown and vaccinations making no impact on the number of PCR false positive test results 🤪. The solution is obvious, quadruple down with harder restrictions. "We've really got to double down on the public health measures'' Elliott said. (I already said that bit for ya, saw it coming a mile away 🙂) 'No evidence of decline' in Covid-19 rates in England's third lockdown (livemint.com) .
  11. Set to expand? IGSquawk @IGSquawk 9m IG GROUP TO BUY TASTYTRADE FOR TOTAL CONSIDERATION $1.0B -Bbg
  12. hahaha, and now ... Dylan Davidson @dyl_davidson Holy ****, on the day Biden is sworn in, WHO advises laboratories around the world to reduce the cycle count in PCR Covid testing, which will result in fewer positives!! WHO Information Notice for IVD Users 2020/05 If you have been reading the thread you will know the high cycle threshold in use for the PCR was a major cause of the very high ratio of false positives (50 - 80%) (if you haven't already have a listen to the 16 min podcast (linked in quoted post) where Harvard Prof explains the different uses fo
  13. Meanwhile, for those who are still trying to pretend lockdowns actually work, more data from the US ... .
  14. hahaha oh dear, further evidence that msm might be being forced to wake up, the BBC this time ...
  15. Hi, I saw this article recently on crypto ETPs, as the FCA has banned leveraged crypto trading in the UK recently might this be an option for crypto traders in the UK in the future and your views as to suitability to trade if so? Europe’s Largest Crypto Asset Manager Launches Bitcoin ETP on SIX | Finance Magnates .
  16. Sweden Number of Deaths per 100,000 weekly for each year 2015 - 2020. The race is on. Source: Sweden National Board of Health and Welfare.
  17. Looking like this whole covid farce is about to collapse as msm finally start to tell the truth about the PCR test. New podcast from CNN on PCR test comparing to the rapid antigen Lateral Flow test. Without the massive ratio of false positives produced by the PCR test there is nothing supporting social distancing, masks and lockdown policy. (Jan 19th) Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction - Podcast on CNN Audio
  18. Hi, can you post a snip pic to show the trade would help provide an answer.
  19. maybe this ... IG Client Help @IGClientHelp 11m !! We are aware of payment issues impacting some clients and are working to resolve them as a matter of urgency .
  20. Yardley Yeadon @MichaelYeadon3 11h Replying to @itvnews @MattHancock No variant is proven to be more harmful that the original. The trend of respiratory viral evolution is to lower lethality & greater ease of transmission, which is consistent with there being 40 viruses which cause symptoms of the common cold. You’re fighting evolution, just stop Meanwhile this web site extols the virtues of jogging and cycling wearing a mask, while the video below it has a more realist take on masks. Joggers and cyclists should wear masks – here's why (theconversation.com)
  21. An example of NHS counting methods. 1,175 deaths with covid-19 recorded on the Death Cert but NHS confirms that only 47 actually died from covid. .
  22. oops, looks like the goalposts are shifting again. No longer about cases or hospital admissions or deaths, it's now all about 'NEW STRAINS'!!!!! Hancock saying restrictions can lift if there is "no new variant". Meanwhile of course ... Daily Mirror @DailyMirror 1d Terrifying mutant Covid strains from around world and ones you need to worry about - Mirror Online Reminder that even the WHO admitted covid 'original' was no more deadly than the common flu. All new variants so far have proved even less so. .
  23. umm, just to drag you back to reality for a minute. All through Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec we were told of new covid strains sweeping through the country causing a massive rise in cases overwhelming the NHS (again), ICU's were over run. That was why we were placed in ever increasing lockdown tier levels until finally full lockdown where we sit today. As the data sets came in I posted them Sep - Dec and they showed no such thing was happening, the cases number was exploding because of the increasing mass testing of asymptomatic people was producing record numbers of false positives. 111 a
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