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  1. Oh, it is there. Anyway the name of the flu is still in doubt since the Chinese govt has censored scientists and media alike. In the running was; A/ The Wuhan Bio-chemical Weapons Facility test sample #322907675 China Flu. or B/ The Wuhan Wet Market Food Emporium (Dogs, Bats and Snakes a Specialty) test sample #96638268 China Flu. Following the govt crackdown now I guess we'll never know 🤔
  2. I thought I had posted this yesterday, must have hit the wrong button. So new govt instructions released yesterday tell us that now it's ok to go to work if you are unable to work from home (previously was 'key workers only'), I'm sure the irony won't be lost on the 10s of thousands who have just lost their jobs due to the business shutdowns. The ineptitude of the govt has been astounding every step of the way but it's ok now, they've all ******* off for a month long holiday. Great.
  3. It is, multiple tick charts are only available on the Prorealtime platform.
  4. Hi, check the 'Positions' tab on the left hand side of the platform screen.
  5. Hi, for hedging mode (2 trades running in the opposite direction) you need to switch on 'Force Open' on the deal/order ticket and not Net Off.
  6. Hi, you fund your accounts via your 'My IG' dashboard web page and can transfer into your mt4 account from there, you should also find your 5 number mt4 live login number there as well. You may well have set the password to auto fill if you enter the correct login but if you need a new password for the live account this can only be done by email to the IG help desk.
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    Posted this on another thread but for this one also, discusses recent gold supply and demand problems.
  8. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dow and Dax M15 charts;
  9. Oh, that's a nuisance, apparently we're supposed to go to work now 😳👇
  10. Yes Italy in a league of it's own, also note that Trump's decision very early on to ban flights into the US from China made a massive difference to delaying the onset of the virus, though you probably remember all he got for it at the time was to be called a racist, if only Italy had done the same. 🙄
  11. For 2 opposite positions to be running simultaneously you to select 'Force Open' (hedging mode). If you have 'Net Off' selected one trade will cancel the other (or approp portion there of)
  12. Interesting and unexplained stat from Italy. 87% of deaths from the corona virus are in the over 70s age group and over 70% of them have been men. Italy remains an unexplained outlier compared to other western nations.
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    yes, there has been problems on the exchange due to lack of supply and so therefore extra large spreads for the spot market since mid yesterday, because the spreads were so wide on the exchange IG pulled it. Look at the futures chart instead (see small arrow for dropdown box next to the spot chart market title top left corner).
  14. no problems on the live platform 👇
  15. What do Wuflu death rates around the world tell us? Well practically nothing really. The 2 factors that determine the death rate are 'number of confirmed cases' and 'number of deaths'. The number of deaths is easy to work out, it's the number of patients discharged out the back door rather than the front, very easy to count. The problem lies in confirmed cases because this number is totally dependent on the testing regime which itself is dependent on test kit availability. There is no standardised procedure within any country let alone worldwide. So are you are testing on; a) hospital admissions, those with severe symptoms, b) visits to the doctor with mild symptoms as well as hospital admissions, or c) going into the community to test, as well as doctor visits and hospital admissions If you have a low test rate there will be low confirmed case numbers vs number of deaths resulting in a high death rate. If you have a high test rate and so high confirmed case numbers vs deaths = a low death rate. If you will have very high test rate and so very high confirmed case numbers vs deaths = a very low comparative death rate. Other factors that also distort the death rate are the facilities available to treat severe cases, poorer countries will have more deaths per pop. Demographics also plays a part, Lombardy has a major Chinese population (over 100,000) brought in to work in the leather industry, northern Italy has direct flights back and forth to Wuhan daily. So all of the above is why it is more correct to look at a single region with uniform health care and testing regime (as far as possible). Currently the US is the better source of data where the current death rate is 1.2% of confirmed cases. If the most vulnerable portion of the population to this particular flu type were isolated from the general population that figure would of course be much lower.
  16. Hi, you can see how much margin is needed to open the trade on the deal/order ticket, once the trade is open how much margin is used and how much is still available is displayed in the top row. I think pending orders do have the margin amount subtracted but not sure.
  17. Hi, your connection is ill as per the green and red as opposed to green and blue. Click on the box and rescan for servers then go to File > open an account and click scan to check the return ping.
  18. no, they still get paid with added expenses for having to work from home.
  19. Hahahaha, our glorious leaders; Matt Chorley @MattChorley BREAKING: Parliament Commons to rise TONIGHT and not come back for at least four weeks One source says: "It's basically turning the lights out"