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  1. Indices pushing higher Bonds down, Gold flat Oil and BTC down. US Durable goods at 1:30pm.
  2. no not because I post but because it proves I'm here all day every day and have been for years you clown.
  3. the point is, as was pointed out recently, is that you don't actually trade at all. "My success came when I started trading oil, corn, cocoa, etc and beginning to make profits by holding on to my positions until the trend changed" said he who didn't have a clue how the SB dfb and futures platform actually worked. and then there were the 2 trades made public, jumped in on fomo, cac'd himself because there was no plan so jumped straight out again. an experienced trader read the write up and joined the community just to point out that anyone following this was definitely going to lose money, the long winded waffling reply boiled down to it being really just an attempt to get others to reveal how they traded. Some people have time to contribute on the forum throughout the day because they are waiting for trades to play out once activated or are waiting for a new setup to present itself, simple really, been doing it for years. People trade how they trade because of what they know, you can't just hand over years of experience in a few posts. Better to point the way ahead and leave the bs to those who have nothing else.
  4. Dow heads down towards the pivot looking for support on the US open but Dax holds on just below R1.
  5. That's what they were all saying all through 2016.
  6. That's all true and there is plenty to learn, the problem with trading is that it's nothing like learning on a uni course or an apprenticeship. To get to grips with trading you need to bend your personality and twist your will, someone else can't really do that for you or show you the way, you have to do it to yourself.
  7. A very reasonable approach, I would prefer a shorter time on the demo and shifting onto MT4 where you get the live account experience starting at a much lower position size to build up from than on any other platform but each to his own. Learning markets, trading technique (rather than being fixated on TA) is key, once you've learnt to trade on one market it's relatively simple to learn any of the others but it all takes time.
  8. Mentors can be very helpful, the problem is finding one who can help you develope in your own style rather than trying to bend you to their's. I've known some people who have tries 4 or 5 before making any headway. I also know that if I tried to trade at the start as I do now I couldn't have done it, it would have been a mess, so just trying to copy someone else's style will not usually work either. The problem with taking advice on forums is who to believe, I've seen whole cohorts of newbies being lead down a blind ally never to emerge again. Better to be lead by a mentor with a verified history than by an amateur with an ego.
  9. It was a nice move in ftse, drop down to check the pivot, bounce up straight through R1 and come to rest at R2. M30 chart;
  10. Dax and Dow just pausing at yesterday's high having bounced up off the pivot on the open. For Dax R1 just ahead then Tuesday's point of control at 12345. The profile is volume rather than market so the red bar (POC) is the level at which most volume was traded rather than the level where most time was spent, the blue bars are high volume nodes.
  11. As has been pointed out in other threads, the only people who claim success seem to be the hot air balloonists or those that are selling something (courses, mentoring etc) but why is that? Looked at from the other end what's to be gained by coming forward, besides the harassment, the nagging, the begging and the insults I mean.
  12. you need to be a bit skeptical @AbDXB1345 about what turns up on forums because over time you will come to realise there's usually an awful lot of hot air. For example someone might repeatedly boast they have been successfully trading commodities off the daily chart for years but all the while you've known they don't even understand how the platform works so it's just not possible. You will also find there are those who constantly insult to provoke in order to get someone to reveal the 'holy grail' cause of success in spite of the fact there isn't one. It's a long road and there don't seem to be any shortcuts but searching for them is often the thing many spend most of their time doing.
  13. yes that is correct, the platform does not offer share options, only options on cfd's for fx, indices and commods. to buy/sell options on shares you are holding can only be arranged by the dealing desk by phone.
  14. If the Brexit debacle wasn't entertainment enough there's laughs a plenty across the pond as well. The Dems have realised that unless they can impeach Trump they are sunk in the next election, right on queue comes a whistle blower with an (fake) account of a Trump phone call containing Trump 'lies'. "Impeach" - Trump releases the official transcript of the phone call, drat, but next time we'll get you. Clown world. So that was the cause of the drop and rally yesterday, let's see what today brings. Latest betting on the runners and riders below.
  15. Overnight Gold trying to rally after yesterday's drop, Indices and Bonds up, USD down Oil down. Crypto mixed, Stellar up 4% but still looks to be racing to zero. Chart Gold. US final GDP today at 1:30 expected at 2% q/q annualised, Fed speak this afternoon.
  16. yeah, what Mark was meaning was that he had the prt platform open for charting but also had the IG online platform open to grab tear off deal/order tickets to slap on over the prt chart.
  17. Liquidity Providers, Brokers, market models, ECN/STP/MTF model, market maker model, offshore regulation. Short article on all you need to know to become a Liquidity Provider (except how to get the startup capital). https://www.leaprate.com/forex/liquidity/all-you-need-to-know-to-become-a-liquidity-provider/
  18. do you have any notification on the right side of the address header, see pic
  19. It'll be site permissions, the fix is as the 2nd post in this thread and set Flash to 'Allow', then click on the 'Reload page' banner.
  20. Both rallied to the pivot overnight and now rechecking support. Dax back at the overnight low and may find support there again otherwise it's onto S1. M30 charts;
  21. Dow extends range down following US severe criticism of China in the UN shows a trade deal is not even close. Not much on the calendar today. Dow found support at 26714 and has bounced up 140 points should continue to look for resistance which is likely to be under the recent highs.
  22. Bonds down overnight, Oil and Gold down, USD up Crypto mixed. Ger consumer conf at 7am.
  23. John Kicklighter @JohnKicklighter 5m Retail CFD traders were definitely caught wrong footed with today's Bitcoin tumble. Just before today's sudden 15% tumble, they were holding an 83% net long (dailyfx.com/sentiment)
  24. Hi, this trading looks very much EA driven? If it is then the bot coding is more likely to be the source of the problem though if the problem has suddenly started inexplicably just recently it will be interesting to hear from any other users similarly affected.