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  1. just to save you some time, the FCA will not address any complaint before you have reached out to the broker via their complaints procedure (linked from the bottom of the IG welcome page). Only after you have received their response and are still unsatisfied will the FCA consider your complaint.
  2. In your mt4 account base currency, same as is for the web based platform.
  3. don't know how it works but might be down to a need to be able to access client accounts and not sure if could/should be able to do that from home. Be interesting to find out.
  4. Live chat from the 'Contact Us' page linked at the bottom of the IG welcome page but live chat is the first service to drop out if all hands are needed on the phones
  5. no it's been poor since the start of the covid crisis, some reports other brokers are affected the same, certainly my bank is. Any email queries I've made to IG have been replied to in 3-4 days.
  6. yes mt4 has micro sizes while the web based platform only goes down to mini but for some reason the demo mt4 uses pips while the mt4 live uses points so minimum bet on ftse is 10 pence per point, on the live that is 0.1 lots while on the demo it's 0.01 lots. Usually the live mt4 has the same 'at market' min stop loss as the web based eg ftse ~ 5 points but on the demo it's set higher ~ 10 - 12.
  7. Telegraph paywall is down til 8am tomorrow if anyone is interested. The Telegraph @Telegraph 58m The Telegraph is free to read until 8am tomorrow
  8. Politics For All @PoliticsForAlI 39s BREAKING: Angela Merkel has backed the EU over their threats to block the export of the AZ vaccine to the UK: ‘I support Ursela von der Leyen, we have a problem with AstraZeneca’
  9. Xetra @Xetra 45m First micro futures on DAX, EURO STOXX 50 and SMI @EurexGroup starting 19 April. Smaller contract sizes to grant access to liquid derivatives markets for more investors. #fdax Deutsche Börse Xetra - Eurex introduces its first micro futures on benchmark indices
  10. PCRclaims @pcrclaims 35m AZ snitching on themselves!! "The DSMB expressed concern that AstraZeneca may have included outdated information from that trial, which may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data."
  11. There is definitley something going on with vaccines and excess deaths. The US is seeking clarification from AZ today. NIAID Statement on AstraZeneca Vaccine | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  12. Hi, not sure where you are based and so which regulator you come under but in the UK and now in Australia you have negative balance protection so won't happen but under the margin rules as a trade goes further into the red and uses up your margin requirement you will receive a magin call and if you don't add funds IG will close the trade before your account goes negative. For overnight funding see this page. Why is overnight funding charged and how is it calculated? | IG UK
  13. The Great Reset ... Your Special Agent @serotiny23 11h As of next Monday you will be fined £5000 if you take a holiday abroad. Let that sink in. Covid19 > Covid20 > Covid21 > ... .
  14. US 'lockdowns didn't stop the infection and actually killed people - it was a failure.' And in Alabama ... MJ Tomko @Tomko_1 1d Since Alabama’s completely maskless non-social distanced victory celebration back on January 11th, the number of confirmed new cases in Alabama have dropped 75 percent.
  15. One year anniversary of this thread 🥳🥳🥳 (just 3 weeks to flatten the curve). So really this is actually 'the great Reset' plan of the Davo's elites in action, just lucky covid came along when it did I suppose. Undoubtedly there will be more of the same next Autumn with loads more variants to choose from. The whole charade continues to be driven by the PCR test producing fake numbers in spite of the whole world knowing and an admission from the WHO. The PCR works fine until you turn the dials up, then it gives a huge ratio of false positives which must be exactly what the powers
  16. An audit on the cost of lockdown (money, jobs and lives), something the govt should have done before sending us all down this catasrophic path. ''Today’s lockdown audit illustrates the crippling impact that 12 months of curbs have had on swathes of the economy, with pubs and restaurants losing an estimated £1.7 billion a week, and some 15,000 shops expected to never reopen. The grim Covid death toll, which yesterday hit 126,155, is well known. But today’s analysis also reveals the dire impact of the past year on the nation’s health. The NHS waiting list has soared to a record
  17. Good trader mentoring vid from Axia Futures on Ego vs Profit and signs as to when to get out of a trade.
  18. haha, you couldn't make this up, the govt announced today they are spending 3.2 million to fund research to try to find effective treatments to prevent ... er covid, ... er ... someone should remind them about their vaccines or even that HQC and Ivermectin, after being discredited by govts for a whole year while people were dying, have now be given the ok. there is no end to this farce ... Press release 'Trials to find preventative COVID-19 treatments for most vulnerable to launch in UK Two new clinical trials to develop treatments to prevent people ca
  19. See you can still practice trading over the weekend on the Bitcoin demo chart all be it with a spread of 125 points and a min stop loss around a thousand.
  20. Consent Factory @consent_factory... ''When you're desperately trying to pretend the entire world is under attack by an apocalyptic plague and Florida ruins it by letting everyone just go on with their lives as normal ...'' Florida (almost fully open since Sep last year, and 19% fewer ‘Covid deaths’ per head than the UK) There seems to be something going on with vaccines, UK suddenly claiming a vaccine shortage, more countries are stopping vaccinations and now even the US is surprised at the increase in deaths coinciding with vaccine rollout (as w
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