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  1. Hey, You will have to get in contact with our team so they can reset these settings and they you can enter them again. All the best Charlotte
  2. Hey @Prapti, The potential reasons normally would be: Stop loss (as you mentioned you didn't have one so this is eliminated) Margin ( Similar to above) Did you potentially set a working order the opposite direction and select net off? When triggered these will close off your existing positions. Unfortunately I can't be account specific so am unable to give you the answer you desire. You can check your account history to see if that give you an insight into why it's close. Otherwise you'll have to wait for our help desk to get back to you. Sorry I couldn't hel
  3. Hey Peter, Thanks for your post. Your IG and MT4 details are different. When you opened your MT4 account you should have received two emails. One providing your username and the other providing your password. If you're having difficulty finding these please email us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com. Explain that you need your MT4 username and a MT4 password reset link. For us to send out this information we will require answers to 4/6 questions below: 1. Name and date of birth 2. Registered address 3. Registered phone number 4. Last 4 digits of a card you have used
  4. Thanks for your post. With our Spread betting account all markets incorporate the cost into the spread so when you close your position you don't have any commission fees. With our CFD account however we do have commission each side for shares which you can find by following the link below: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-shares-cfd-product-details If you're a UK client you can have exposure to the same shares but you will not be charged commission. If this is something you might be interested in reach out to us. If y
  5. Hey, So sorry for the inconvenience and how it was dealt with. Your CFD account will now be declined. If you still want to have an account with us you can reapply and just select Share dealing (you have to have a share dealing account once opened you can add your ISA). Please note, if you have any difficulties signing up would it be possible for you to use a different email address (once opened we can change it back to you desired address). Apologies again with how this was dealt with. All the best Charlotte
  6. When trading on a CFD account for shares you're charged commission. Make sure the amount you're trading and profit goal you desire takes into consideration the amount of commission you need to pay: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-shares-cfd-product-details If you're a UK client you can use the spread betting account if that works for you because you don't pay commission on shares the charge is incorporated in the spread. All the best Charlotte
  7. Thanks for your post. The reduced commission fees work per calendar month not from the first time you traded: So if you traded 3 times in February, in March you will have the reduced commissions. I hope this helps clarify why you were charged. All the best Charlotte
  8. Hey, If you chose a limit day or GTC (good till cancel) order you can be subject to partial fills in the underlying. Your order goes onto the exchange and will stay on there when the markets open. We don't have control over what does/ doesn't get filled unfortunately. All the best Charlotte
  9. Hey Jonathan, Thanks for your post. We don't offer Canadian stocks on our platform and only offer stocks that have large market cap on our leveraged accounts. We also don't offer Cannabis stocks. Sorry for the inconvenience. All the best
  10. Hey, I'm unable to see your trading activity. If you believe you've lost money and it's IG's fault please reach out to us via email so we can look into it for you. If you'd prefer a call back so we can walk through it let us know in the email. All the best
  11. Hey, Thanks for your post. Spread betting is only available if you're signed up with our UK office and you're a resident of the UK. If this is the case you can add a spread betting account to your portfolio by selecting MyIG> Add an account> Add Spread betting. All the best, Charlotte
  12. Hey, Thanks for your post. I've asked your account manager to reach out to you regarding this. Apologies for the delay. All the best Charlotte
  13. Hey Jane, Thanks for your post. The reduced commission fees work per calendar month not from the first time you traded: I hope this helps clarify why you were charged. All the best Charlotte
  14. Hey Fabo, If you place 3+ trades in January, that means in February you will receive the reduced commissions. You can find these reduced commissions below: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees The promotion is reduced commissions for some markets (e.g. US shares, UK shares) if you place a certain amount of shares in the previous calendar month. If you were to trade 3+ times in your first month it means in the 2nd month you will have those reduced commissions (if you choose to use them). However if in the second month you do nothing you will h
  15. Roblox share price surges following direct listing Online games company Roblox has joined a long-list of companies from the last year – including the likes of Snowflake, Bumble and Unity – which have enjoyed a strong day one pop following their listing on public markets. Unlike those three companies however, Roblox skipped the IPO process completely, instead choosing to take the direct listing approach. Compared to an IPO, under a direct listing, a company sells its shares directly without the help of investment banks. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no oversight. On Wednesd
  16. Hey @Ckingdom, Thanks for your post. Unfortunately we don't offer a share dealing demo account as it's too hard to replicate in the demo environment. Apologies for the inconvenience. All the best
  17. Hey, We do have flexible ISAs so you can withdraw money just, as you mentioned, put it back in before the end of the tax year. All the best
  18. Hey @Kkr76, I hope you're well. Firstly the transfer would be between Share dealing to share dealing account. Not share dealing to ISA. I will go through the steps you can take to do that after the steps below on how to get your shares to IG. So with share dealing transfer you can do on by opening an account with IG. Once opened you can fill our our transfer form by selections MyIG> Live accounts> Change 'Account you're viewing' to share dealing> Transfer. Follow the steps from there. Transfers take around 4-6 weeks depending on how cooperative Halifax is. Shar
  19. Hey, No withdrawal should take this long. If you reach out to us and as for proof of the withdrawal you can send it to your bank/ PayPal. If they're still unable to allocate your funds we can raise an investigation. All the best
  20. Hey @sus123, Transfer: General rule is, no splitting current isa allowance between 2 brokers of same isa type unless transfer is in flight. If you wants to split inflight, it is your duty to ensure you don't over subscribe. IG Fees: We don't charge for transfers but you should check your currently provider incase they have an exit fee. Quarters are: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun ... There's no minimum value of commission for the quarterly fee. Three trades = no custody fee. Say you make 2 trades though and the commission totals to £20,
  21. Hey, The US line is available on the share trading account: You can find the available to trade time zones in the get info section. Let me know if you need anything else. All the best
  22. Hey, Your account manager will be able to assist you with this. You should have received an email from them when you first joined. If you ask them for an approximate time frame they'll be able to assist you. All the best
  23. Hey, The £24 fee is applied for your accounts. If you have an ISA and share dealing you will only be charged £24. Any commission you pay on either the ISA or Share dealing account will be deducted from the £24 each quarter. (Three trades will also stop you being charged this fee is made before the end of the quarter). All the best
  24. Thanks for your post. These are all Unit lines of SPACs, which we no longer support. Sorry for the inconvenience. Charlotte
  25. Thanks for your post. The stock is too small for leverage and as it's a recreational cannabis company (or at least in part), it can't be offered on non-leveraged Sorry for the inconvenience. Charlotte
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