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2022 Festive Trading Hours

The festive season is upon us, with changes to our normal trading hours. Take note of these changes listed below (UK time) so you can plan your trading activity in advance. Date Market hours Friday 23 December UK markets close early at 12.30pm. FX and our out-of-hours markets close at 10pm Saturday 24 December All markets are closed Sunday 25


OfentseIG in General

Will Chinese economy recover in 2023?

There’s a growing sense that, if Chinese government sticks to the reopening path, China’s economy will have the greatest potential to deliver a strong rebound throughout the 2023, given that it has been so damaged by the pandemic. Source: Bloomberg   Indices China Economy of China Hang Se


MongiIG in Market News

ASX outlook: What to expect in 2023?

With the year coming to a close and a new chapter just around the corner, let’s take one more look at the journey travelled and see what we can expect for the 2023. Source: Bloomberg   Indices Shares ASX Australian Securities Exchange Australia Inflation


MongiIG in Market News

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