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  1. FTSEand S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1. Didn't notice that big slump in the Dow yesterday 15:00, was that connected to the Trump presser? Strange it didn't affect Dax.
  2. Indices and Bonds up. Oil and Gold down. Today UK, Ger and EU PMIs. AUD up. EUR and CHF down.
  3. Hi, no sb and cfd are the same but for taxation category purposes, the underlying market for both is the cfd market which the IG market tracks. If it was as you say it would beg the question who were you betting against? IG? IG are adamant they don't take the other side of client's bets and if they did and the regulator was to find out IG's long spell as a leading broker could be at an end. So their position is that they match trades in house and any over flow is hedged, so shorts may well turn out to be unborrowable.
  4. Hi, that's correct as stated, the calculation for mt4 spread bet accounts is as for cfd accounts, it's because basically they are the same thing but for tax differences on the accounts which is why spread bets are only available in the UK, only UK has those particular tax laws. If you put the sb and cfd side by side there should be no difference in the chart or prices. The IG demo address is; demo-mt4.ig.com:443
  5. True you're not borrowing the actual stock but on a cfd account (spread bet) you are looking to borrow the contracts instead so amounts to the same thing, if no one want's to lend them to you who can't get filled.
  6. Hi, see US holiday table below;
  7. Hi, they are the PSAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse) from the indicator list.
  8. Hi, yes the demo will not show slippage on orders but will just fill automatically, of course if there is not gap up then the live would be the same as the demo. Gaps is cause by the opening auction which processes pending orders before live trading starts.
  9. the number of time peeps have complained on this forum that their lines never match up when changing time frames are too numerous to mention, and every platform has been sited, IG's web based, prt and mt4. so not so simple after all. as for moving averages you just have to do some arithmetic to convert the day to what ever time frame you are working on.
  10. S&P looking at the Daily chart resistance 3156 (orange).
  11. USD slump ahead of NFP rather than a GBP rise.
  12. justifications don't come into it, it's purely a reflection of sentiment for the near future according to peeps with a lot more money than us spent on research giving results we will never see, that's not to say they're always right, they just usually are 🙂
  13. Nasdaq into new ATHs. Daily chart;
  14. The Chartist's top 10 tips; https://www.thechartist.com.au/10-simple-tips-that-give-me-the-trading-edge/
  15. New short video from Tradeciety on why traders fail, not the usual look at stop mistakes, stick to plan etc but looks at the learning curve and what to expect though the x and y axis scale will vary for different people.
  16. FTSE and S&P daily charts, S&P closing in on the recent high 3156, currently 3117. Dax early low volume push towards yesterday's high. Dow waits just below the daily pivot, H1 charts.
  17. Indices, Bonds and Oil up. Gold down. Today US NFP. USD and Cad down. NZD up.
  18. what are your indicators indicating? if they're tried and tested then it's a case of 🧐 not 🤔
  19. Dax falls down to S2 while Dow held at S1. H1 charts;
  20. market open, spread back down to 1.2 points
  21. what have the large speculators done, which direction are they moving?
  22. oh *****. 🤔 that's why the spread is up at 5 points.
  23. which oil? are you calling Monte a liar? 👀 US Crude;