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  1. If your target is just 20 points then a 7 point spread rather than the normal 1 point is significant but the other factor is the reason for the increased spread and that is increased volatility which means any move is more likely to run further than during times of normal volatility so an increased target should be considered.
  2. The reliability of signals is constant no matter the time frame, what differs is the duration of the move the signal indicates, shorter duration on a shorter time frame and longer on a longer time frame.
  3. Still can't quite work out why we are deliberately destroying the economies of every first world nation because of this flu virus. Yesterday I went shopping at the local mega supermarket where the shelves were all well stacked and I happily mingled with well over a hundred people doing our shopping but I'm not allowed to go to the local pub (avg 20 people) or the local gym (avg 20 people). The latest stats on US cases I saw was on Friday night where it was reported 99% of cases were classified as mild (normal flu like symptoms) and 99% of deaths were in the over 70s age group. True the death rate for WuFlu is higher than common flu currently 1% vs 0.1% in most western countries. Italy is looking like an outlier compared to the rest at this stage and no one seems sure what's going on there. Also is the fact that most of the US cases are in just 2 large cities with the rest of the country relatively unaffected. For example the state of Arizona has 7 million people and is now in total lockdown because of the death of 1 person (over 70 years old with an underlying medical condition) and people are starting to ask why? The WuFlu cases are still nowhere near the number of normal flu cases where a week off sick is all that's needed for over 99% of sufferers. I understand the use of containment in the prevention of the spread of a disease but also know that if triggered too early has no affect other than causing bankruptcies and despair, my heart bleed over selfies on twitter of Sam Smith in tears all alone in his 11 million pound mansion 😪. In less than a week of lockdown some commentators are claiming it a great success because the infection rates are continuing as before (not rapidly expanding) hmmm. None of this seems to fit together unless there is something huge we are not being told.
  4. Hi, error 401 is a generic error message indicating an authorization problem, this might be caused by the organisation receiving the request, by incorrect information sent in the request or a computer problem caused by cache or cookies. see more here; https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-fix-a-401-unauthorized-error/
  5. Caseynotes


    Gold priced in USD and RRG chart of Gold vs other currencies.
  6. Hi, if you are a registered professional client who's margin requirement is usually 0.5% then yes that may have been raised due to high volatility. This happened once before about a year ago for some UK related markets due to Brexit related problems when the professional requirement was raised briefly to 3.5%.
  7. Quick reminder that it's only 94 days until the nights start drawing in again for winter.
  8. Dax and Dow levels pm. M15 charts;
  9. As I said earlier and others also have concerns that the demo platforms have been playing up lately. On the mt4 live platform you can stop the bet size right down to 10 pence a point.
  10. As above the pending order in Orange means it's lodged with the broker. How did it work out on the live platform as I did in the post above on usdjpy just for the demonstration?
  11. A buy limit order is an entry order to go long which is set below the current price and won't be triggered until market price comes back down to the entry level so won't trigger above it, there might be some slippage around it but that would mean you were getting a better price, if the slippage is too far the entry order won't be filled. If you are worried about getting large slippage on a buy stop entry order then as above if outside the tolerance the trade open won't be executed. Slippage is more a problem for exiting trades where if no guaranteed stop price can jump you normal stop.
  12. IG retail client Long/Short sentiment.
  13. not sure about the new share dealing platform but it is based on the sb and cfd platforms which do.
  14. Quick reminder that it's only 94 days until the nights start drawing in again for winter.
  15. Hi, the platform auto calcs whether the buy order is a stop or limit order by the position of your entry point. Placing a pending order in the market may reduce or negate slippage compared to a 'at market' order (instant execution buy or sell order).
  16. yes that's correct, the minimum stop and guaranteed stop positions are directly influenced by current market volatility. Stop positions may also influence the margin requirement needed to place the trade and spreads may also be influenced by current market volatility.
  17. Dax and Dow levels. M15;
  18. Could be a major shift in sentiment starting, Gold, Oil and Indices up. Bunds and USD down.
  19. Dax and Dow Daily and M15 levels;
  20. new update from the prez on drug trial. there was a report on this this morning claiming a 100% success rate in early trials. President Trump says that the FDA has approved the anti-malarial drug Chloroquine to be prescribed to help treat Coronavirus.
  21. Hi, new leverage limits for retail clients were introduced recently by the EU regulator, see below; https://www.ig.com/uk/charges/margin
  22. Dax and Dow M15 charts;