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  1. An example of NHS counting methods. 1,175 deaths with covid-19 recorded on the Death Cert but NHS confirms that only 47 actually died from covid. .
  2. oops, looks like the goalposts are shifting again. No longer about cases or hospital admissions or deaths, it's now all about 'NEW STRAINS'!!!!! Hancock saying restrictions can lift if there is "no new variant". Meanwhile of course ... Daily Mirror @DailyMirror 1d Terrifying mutant Covid strains from around world and ones you need to worry about - Mirror Online Reminder that even the WHO admitted covid 'original' was no more deadly than the common flu. All new variants so far have proved even less so. .
  3. umm, just to drag you back to reality for a minute. All through Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec we were told of new covid strains sweeping through the country causing a massive rise in cases overwhelming the NHS (again), ICU's were over run. That was why we were placed in ever increasing lockdown tier levels until finally full lockdown where we sit today. As the data sets came in I posted them Sep - Dec and they showed no such thing was happening, the cases number was exploding because of the increasing mass testing of asymptomatic people was producing record numbers of false positives. 111 a
  4. Latest mortality data for England from the ONS. Monthly mortality analysis, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk)
  5. once again you're not really saying anything, just the usual waffling. I'll answer my question for you seeing as you can't or won't. Yes they were by the PCR so many were misdiagnosed not that it really matters because any real pandemic will cause more excess deaths and that's not happening except where there was appalling mismanagement such as the UK that shutdown it's health service to everything other than covid. Govt minister details exactly how accurate the PCR test is ... (short clip 1 min).
  6. didn't know there was an article, you didn't mention there was let alone if any part of it was relevant in any way.
  7. Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 15m 18% fewer emergency admissions in Dec 2020 than Dec 2019. Statistical-commentary-December-2020-jf8hj.pdf (england.nhs.uk)
  8. as counted with the PCR test that gives 84% false positives?
  9. ONS covid deaths data not adding up. 'Deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test by date reported' is way higher than 'Deaths with covid-19 on the death cert by date registered'. Prof Norman Fenton @profnfenton 18h 1. Screenshot from coronavirus.data.gov.uk showing plots of #Covid19UK deaths. First is deaths within 28 days of pos test; 2nd is ONS data (covid listed as one of causes on death cert). In the ONS data, weekly deaths are now less than half they were in spring peak, but ..... 2. ...in the other (which is the one used in the media) the c
  10. what actually are you saying? drivelling nonsense is not adding anything, it's just making you look like a clown.
  11. i stopped wasting time on your opinions a long time ago. whinge but still unable to refute any of the who, govt, ons, cdc, phe data posted here that trips up your blinkered bias but you still continue with it anyway. anyway, over 29,000 views - around a hundred a day.
  12. Quite confusing, the govt have on going testing for the Lateral Flow Test and like everything else that's not new vaccine appears to be going very slowly. The govt seems concerned at a high rate of false positives from the LFT but in head to head trials the LFT was giving far less +ves than the PCR. There is already clear data on LFT with a stated false positive rate of 0.32 if memory serves but there is none on the PCR because each lab makes up it's own rules. That's why it is not unusual to have one side of a country or county boarder with high cases while the other is low, viruses
  13. hahaha, Joe Biden @JoeBiden I know masks have become a partisan issue — but it’s a patriotic act. Experts say wearing a mask from now until April will save more than 50,000 lives. In fact there is only one study done on public mask wearing and it clearly shows masks do not reduce transmission. (I posted this several weeks ago). And don't forget all the 'experts' (WHO, Fauci, Vallance, Whitty et al) all said originally masks did not offer protection then changed their mind for political not scientific reasons. Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Oth
  14. Reminder of the covid death rate by age. clearly if you are under 70 you have nothing to fear from this virus and don't need a vaccine (unless you have other medical conditions that put you at greater risk). Especially a new untested type of vaccine (RNA gene manipulated), never before been given to the public and being falsely touted as a 'traditional' vaccine. As with any historic pandemic those not at risk should be out and about acquiring herd immunity that will eventually protect everyone, in the meantime protect the vulnerable. As was the advice from epidemiologists right
  15. The new govt attack on the Lateral Flow test as a replacement for the PCR that has a false positive rate of around 84% is being denounced as laughably unscientific. The govt clearly want the fake high numbers to bolster their project fear. Will post more soon.
  16. Evelyn Rae @_evelynrae 2d ITALY: 50,000 restaurants and businesses open despite strict lockdown laws in place. Police in the video tell patrons to leave, they all start singing ‘freedom’ and refuse. The people of Italy have acted in unison and have been heard.
  17. and news from Oz; ''Anyone without a vaccine could be BANNED from pubs, restaurants and even workplaces under radical new plan'' Got to admit it's looking more and more like this all the time 🔻 Aldous Nous @bravenew_orwell 1d Lockdown is phase 1 of a sinister, corrupt, authoritarian resource grab for the West. Our society, economy & lives are being permanently reshaped without consent or political mandate. Democracy & truth are usurped. The virus is a Trojan horse. The real horror is yet to unfold. Anti-vaxxers who refuse
  18. Lesser significance on the lower time frames. Plenty of traders trading predominantly US markets prefer to use the US time zone to look for candle patterns on the daily charts (pin and engulfing candles for example). IG's vol is derived more from IG's own data and UK and Euro exchange data. Overnight vol is predominantly from the Asian market which typically lower than the London or the US session.
  19. Saw a snippet on Sky news complaining that the Lateral Flow test must be faulty because it wasn't picking up as many positives as the PCR. Quite an unbelievable misinterpretation of the data on the number of false positives made by the PCR. Not surprising really as the fake positive numbers generated by the PCR are the only thing driving project fear and lockdowns. Meanwhile, in order to stem the flow of staff needing to self isolate following a PCR false positive the NHS are switching to ... er, the lateral flow test. Dr Clare Craig @Clar
  20. Hi, on third party platforms (tradingview, prorealtime) you can change the time zone and thereby the candle close to any you want but a broker's has a fixed time zone and candle close which is based on the hours their markets are open.
  21. Another 'coincidence', now that the expensive new vaccines have been bought and paid for the old, cheap prophylactic drugs proven affective against covid are now finally given approval for use. Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor 24m Now that vaccines are available...hey presto they finally allow #Ivermectin Similarly in UK they are now finally advising Vitamin D. Forgive me for being massively cynical - and massively angry at all the lives lost via suppressing everything until now. FLCCC Press Release - NIH Revises Treatment Guidelines for Ivermectin - Jan 15, 2021 (covid
  22. ''Lockdown has zero benefit. We have spent £300bn, destroyed an economy, created mass unemployment, abandoned 9m schoolchildren & created a huge backlog of physical & mental health issues. For absolutely nothing'' Aldous Nous @bravenew_orwell (not to mention killing as many as covid did, excess non-covid deaths due to denial of health care). As msm starts howling at the moon ... (2 main contributing factors to covid mortality are actually lack of vitamin D and obesity). Though to be fair msm are only trying to keep up with politicians
  23. The evidence against lockdowns is piling up at an exponential now; Robin Monotti @robinmonotti 15h "Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate." https://t.co/5N06jgA0Bg Robin Monotti @robinmonotti 1d ''Closing schools increases transmission of respiratory viral infection because children act as a break on the community transmission of the virus. We have known this since 1918:'' https://t.co/TPRYQ1LAAJ Statistics Guy @Stat_O_Guy 16h
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