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  1. whilst interesting, should you not measure top to bottom, rather than waiting for an all time high to confirm another bull market. For example, can you not say that we've been in bull market since 2009? We can't say we're not in a bull market from 2009 to 2014 surely? it's a tough one. I think we're running on fumes personally. when it breaks liquidity will be thin and it'll plummet like a rock. theres so much central government manipulation this time around as well. If that goes then likely we'll see a hyper cycle pull back.
  2. Very interesting article in the FT today. https://www.ft.com/content/ba397da4-5ca2-11e9-939a-341f5ada9d40 Key takeaways are Brexit unease continues with more and more coming out from British centric ETF funds $304m more taken out last week bringing total to about £25bn in outflows the most important quote... looks to me its a case of 'look out and hold on' if you're going long maybe thinking about pulling in those stops good luck
  3. and so it pushes on. another short term resistance level finding it hard to break.
  4. Volume weighted average price of purchase vs sell. Say I buy 100 at £10 and 100 at £20, average would be 200 at £15. Same on the sell side and you should be able to figure it out.
  5. Also I think there is a lot to say for the 'contrarian' trade to what the mass media news is saying. When all the news articles are saying 'BUY' or 'we're at the top' its probably worth looking at reducing your longs and selling. When it comes to oil I have had the following emails today alone... From IG - "Oil is leading commodity price gains finding a catalyst for the move from in fighting in Libya, which threatens to disrupt global oil supply." From Reuters - "Oil prices rose to their highest level since November 2018, driven upwards by OPEC's ongoing supply cuts, U.S. sanct
  6. also worth noting you can use the @ symbol and then type the persons name to tag them. For example @eloronz which means the person would also get a notification. Better than tagging via hyperlink which I believe you have done.
  7. So here I drew fibs from the lows back in Jan 16 and pulled it through to the relatively recent highs of October 2018 - when if you remember we had significant pumps throughout the energy sector pushing oil far higher than it should have gone. The recent pull back was a relief for that mean reversion, however since the lows at the beginning of the year oil has seen a solid rise. The old saying "buy when there is blood on the streets" was certainly true at that time. Here i'm using the split chart view, both the weekly and then a 5 minute. Not that I trade on a 5 minute candle, but I like
  8. Thought I would add this more as 'feedback' for other community people. I've been online for a bit but never done it. You can just go to your profile section here by clicking on the username and then Profile... Then you just need to click the little square next to the circle which has the first initial of your screen name on. And then all you need to do is upload a better picture then i did 😁
  9. @Sunny Days - over periods when there are big market movements the spread can change. This is because the banks want to limit their risk over periods of volatility and also IG do the same.
  10. have you had that email confirming that your account is open? is the account funded? those are the questions that come to mind but call them otherwise.
  11. As in via an actual printer onto paper? (assuming 'print' isn't something specific API or coding term) Use the Three little dots, then the 'export chart' button. Then print or move into a word document and print.
  12. also inflation in America is very much under control, in fact too much. The Fed tries to keep the personal consumption expenditure (PCE) index at 2%. The Fed raised rates 9 times since December 2015 in anticipation of inflation rising. Falling core inflation may be seen as a sign of a weaker economy, but components can cyclically follow the business cycle (restaurant meals) or not (health care). The chart below shows not much has changed in either. Where is the cyclical inflation given America’s strong labour market?
  13. Props to Caseynotes for pointing me in the direction of this website. On the EW website you can see all the anticipated earnings releases for this week, and the vol events on those individual stock which could present some good trading opportunities!
  14. For those who think Brexit is having an impact on the FTSE and FTSE Mid (more for the facts GBP devaluations can make an easy trade available on the arguably global FTSE index) Short on time? Here's your quick Brexit summary: Theresa May has suffered a substantial parliamentary defeat on a third attempt to pass her Brexit deal through parliament. The prime minister had sought approval for her deal on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on what had long been scheduled to be Brexit day. MPs voted by 286 to 344 against the EU divorce treaty, which if passed would have opened the w
  15. KOs are a 'guaranteed' stop, very similar to what youd see buying an option. I.e. guarateed you can't lose more than that initial premium.
  16. as casey said, however there are a number of 'short ETFs' out there which may be of interest and give you a shorting opportunity. (not really shorting, but gaining value when the underlying assets drops).
  17. I'd love to see these fundamentals get in the platform so you can easily access from the shares etc you're on. At the moment you have to go to the dot com and then search for the stock! not ideal. nice video tho thanks.
  18. fair - great spot. i'll stay in then
  19. very useful for the beginners out there
  20. thoughts on such a move after such low volume? tiny figures....
  21. resistance and decreasing volumes on the daily....
  22. oil pushing up to resistance again and looking to break
  23. its certainly a riskier play but potential for those good ol rewards. I don't know if I see a sell off with brexit. Devaluation of GBP should counteract that and I'm not convinced there is enough Euro demand for UK housing (in the same way as there is from middle east and Asia).
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