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  1. out by a factor of 100. assume you missed that UK stocks trade in pence rather than pounds?
  2. interested to see the P500 reply. I hope he publishes all official replies although I doubt he will. It was either an error which they'll look to rectify, or he was already on margin call and this just happened to coincide. Will try and keep an eye out but let us know whats occurring if you spot something? he's just updated
  3. should be correct yeh - commission is taken immediately on the buy and the sell side as soon as you confirm the trade / click. Looks like not in demo accounts tho.
  4. this stock? Copper Strike Limited ASX: CSE
  5. on a CFD account I guess you have the unavoidable market spread and the commission as you stated - yes. If you hold the position over 10pm then you will also have an overnight cost like you said. Basically seems like you're right in your understanding. costs are on the statements overnight and in the My IG area
  6. strong day for oil at the moment from reuters "OPEC said on Tuesday it had cut oil production steeply under a global supply deal, although it flagged headwinds confronting its efforts to prevent a glut this year including weaker demand and higher rival output. In a monthly report, OPEC said its oil output fell almost 800,000 barrels per day in January to 30.81 million bpd. That is still slightly more than the expected 2019 demand for OPEC crude, which the producer group lowered to 30.59 million bpd. Worried by a drop in oil prices and rising supplies, the Organization of the Pet
  7. interesting. very similar to the Italian bond divergence that @DanielaIG wrote about all those weeks ago. I would be interested to see the sort of size you could get on IG, the cost to hold the trade for 6 months, and the potential return. Who wants to have a crack at that maths? wonder if its worth taking on the risk of potential convergence - only the maths will tell
  8. fair, however if there is a legitimate way to resolve this issue and you choose not to take it then that's really on you. But also yes I agree they should look to update. EDIT: I didn't realise it was getting phased out so soon - good to know
  9. fair call. now the whole ESMA thing is behind us and the US accounts seem to be open maybe they have free time
  10. ...my school teachers would have had a quiet word regarding that top button
  11. Also agree with casey - it looks like fxpro is 30 points (or near enough)
  12. it's worth noting there is a difference between 'min' spread and actual spread. Many providers advertise a 'min' however that only comes up once in a blue moon. It's a sneaky way to get to the top of comparison tables and some crappy providers know it's an easy way for themselves to stand out to those who are trying to compare. There is SO much more under the hood. As a side note, I used to work in head office / hospitality and many restaurants do this with the price of a burger (i.e. many looking at a menu will judge the 'expense' of a restaurant and compare it to others on their burger
  13. there is substantial evidence out there which shows categorically that fund managers have no advantage what-so-ever in beating the market in the long run. Active fund managers are out there for kick backs. Even buffet hates them and that says a lot! Also, the kia analogy doesn't make any sense.
  14. to be fair the crypto spreads have been discussed in detail a load of times and whilst large I can see it's reasonable given all the other factors.
  15. also given the relatively recent options view in spread betting on the other assets, it's not wholly unrealistic that shares opotions aren't on the cards somewhere
  16. lol - don't know if i'd be bidding on that...
  17. May be worth tagging @rimmy2000 who seems to have written that original post which JamesIG wrote - however he has been a little quieter for the recent couple months.
  18. that was yesterday no? It seems to be a very delayed reaction. I'd like to be seeing 58.50 in short mid term.
  19. to me this looks like we are looking at resistance on the 15 min and a possible trade as someone noted above with reverse head and shoulders on the daily.
  20. theyre a great company but have really come to the very top of their growth stream for iPhone for the mid term i would think. There isnt anything exciting like there was before. People are getting pissed at having to stump up hundreds of dollars for a slight increase in their phone or Mac storage and stupid shitty cables and adapters. It is one massive behemoth of a company though. Subscription is the way of the world these days so its no suprise they're getting on board with this model more and more.
  21. This was a great call and FTSE seems to be pushing up passed the 6850 mark - not much movement over the recent political landscape and discussions as expected so I'd likely leave brexit out of this. Especially seeing as we're talking about the 100 here, not mid caps UK. Especially when GBP is looking pretty flat as well.
  22. For anyone looking for a rather comical overview of whats happening tonight ... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-29/order-order-a-minute-by-minute-guide-to-u-k-parliament-votes
  23. in regards to parliamentary amendments later today "In theory, if any amendments pass other than Brady’s, it’s not good news for May -- though it’s important to note that Tuesday’s votes are not of the binding type May lost earlier this month when her deal was rejected. The Cooper plan to delay Brexit is the one that has the most potential to derail May’s strategy. Meanwhile if the Brady amendment on the backstop secures a majority, May will consider that a mandate to try to negotiate again with the EU."
  24. interesting. The compare function on the old platform backs that up to some extent.
  25. ooo I like those charts on the econ calendar link you posted @Caseynotes and its very useful. For me I think the description as well and I think it helps as there are so many different data points and its hard to remember what they all are. I like the way that dailyfx do it with the drop down rather than it taking you to a different webpage, however it doesn't have that for all events. I also think a count down timer would also be good rather than just having the time of the event, and when you click on the event it comes up with the core market related to that, or at least a few options
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