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  1. yes what a relief, it could have been really bad 😜
  2. what was it? great 80s fashion sense. looking forward to today's nfp with 22 million newly unemployed? 📣🥳
  3. Hi, UK bank holiday today, LSE is closed.
  4. Listening to clowns like Ferguson and ignoring real data from other Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Japan was the problem. Sweden got it right, no lockdown, no destruction of the economy and no collapse of the health service. And still less deaths per million than the UK, latest data May 7th see below.
  5. If you stick to a fixed RR for testing purposes (1:1.5 or 1:2) then it's just a case of counting number of wins and then take the win % to the profitability chart.
  6. having bottled the initial (and correct) herd immunity response and instead ordering this disastrous lockdown policy the govt now needs to save faced and pretend it was right all along meaning the pubs will stay closed til the autumn. Reminder: Just 250 people under the age of 60 and with no pre-existing medical conditions have died from covid in England (hospital deaths up to 28 April)
  7. great, what's the stats on the backtest?
  8. great, what's the stats on the backtest?
  9. yes, an interesting segment but just a fraction of a 20 year career.
  10. haha, you've piped up again but still not able to refute any of the data of course 🙁. stick to your bbc inspired bias and carry on clapping.
  11. most of the data in the thread is either from the NHS or the ONS, both are govt controlled. You say you took all of 3 minutes on the entire thread so not enough time taken to open even a single link. carry on clapping.
  12. Hi, the timing looks like there was a price change during the Closing Single Price Auction after brokers had changed their orders at the Pre-CSPA, after market close at 4pm. See more here; https://www.asx.com.au/about/trading-hours.htm
  13. hi, this has come up a couple of times in the past but I'm not sure why, see below the options that should be available. I can only suggest to email the helpdesk sorry.
  14. oh, now all the deaths caused by the lockdown and economic depression are going to be chalked up to covid as well ffs. you are trapped in a never ending farce. NEW ANALYSIS: The COVID Pandemic Could Lead to 75,000 Additional Deaths from Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Suicide https://wellbeingtrust.org/news/new-wbt-robert-graham-center-analysis-the-covid-pandemic-could-lead-to-75000-additional-deaths-from-alcohol-and-drug-misuse-and-suicide/ Reminder: Just 250 people under the age of 60 and with no pre-existing medical conditions have died from covid in England (hospital deaths up to 28 April)
  15. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    US Oil still trapped between 23.90 and 27.40, (weekly R1 and R2). H4 chart;
  16. Caseynotes


    Big push up yesterday currently looking to retest 1721 (weekly R1). H4 chart;
  17. Hi, in your My IG web page dashboard should be the 'Add an Account' tab to start the process.
  18. - NEW STUDY: 1.4 MILLION are expected to die globally from tuberculosis due to lockdown delaying needed care. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/06/coronavirus-millions-of-people-expected-to-fall-ill-with-tuberculosis.html - OLDER STUDY: economic downturn (of 2008) linked with at least 260K excess global cancer deaths. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/economic-downturn-excess-cancer-deaths-atun/ And of course don't forget all the serious illness going undetected during lockdown as hospitals run at 50% capacity. Reminder: Just 270 people under the age of 60 with no pre-existing conditions have died from covid in the UK.
  19. FTSE, S&P and Dax daily charts; Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  20. Overnight Indices, Oil and Gold up. Bonds down. Again. UK and France bank holiday. US NFP today at 1:30 pm minus 22 million expected. Turn the economy back on you utter morons. JPY still down, AUD still up.
  21. 👍 you're welcome, I think it's a great resource and a real treasure trove.
  22. Hi, yes a stop loss order is just an order to sell the same amount of stock at a set price below the current price. You should be able to move your original stop but if not you can create a new one.