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  1. what have the large speculators done, which direction are they moving?
  2. oh *****. 🤔 that's why the spread is up at 5 points.
  3. which oil? are you calling Monte a liar? 👀 US Crude;
  4. IG Client Help @IGClientHelp 31s !! EUREX system is currently facing technical issues and markets are offline.
  5. IG's dax feed seems to be down from just before 8am, usually means trouble at the exchange.
  6. Latest of Monte's irregular daily reports; https://www.ig.com/content/dam/publicsites/igcom/Dubai/files/education/IG's%20Daily%20Market%20Report%201-7-2020.pdf
  7. not much that's true, maybe someone who uses the PRT backtester can elaborate, if it was easy to use it would be free if trading enough. The alternative is to download the mt4 platform and use the free strategy tester or pay the one off $100 for the mt4 simulator. I did a thread on different free simulators available online but it appears to have been lost (like a lot of stuff) when the forum platform was upgraded back in 2018, there were quite a few though mostly for stocks, so maybe worth a google search.
  8. The problem is that the money goes from Bank to Card provider to Payment provider to IG, (same for return journey), these are 4 separate companies and need to be introduced before one trusts the other or you so the first transaction is slow (same for the return journey).
  9. S&P returns to the monthly pivot mid range between the weekly chart support and resistance (red) which is also the monthly chart mS1/mR1. Dax and Dow just dropping down to check the pivot early doors. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  10. Indices and Bonds down. Gold and Oil up. Today US PMIs and the ADP nfp precursor to tomorrows main NFP. JPY up, GBP down.
  11. This is correct as everyone discovers, you need to develop a strategy for each market which is why people tend to stick to only 2 or 3 different markets say gold, oil and indices for example or maybe US big caps and indices. It is also why strategies can't really be swapped between people without at least some tinkering as everyone wants to use their own choice of time frame and trading periods. So the actual system should have something to indicate the trend and the trigger and perhaps one other that is a combo that acts as confirmation. Remember that many indicators are derivatives of moving averages so try not to have 2 that are just repeating the same info. Think perhaps slow (MAs) and fast (RSI/Stoch) and something outside the box like volume, whatever - the proof is always in the testing.
  12. the LSE initial auction starts at 8:00 am and processes all the pre-open orders, if some event has lead to a big move in a particular market those orders can move price away from the previous day's close and gap over your order price.
  13. yes, the Live chart hasn't restarted though the Demo has? maybe @CharlotteIG can check with tech.
  14. Hi, you've got a problem there, platforms often reproduce lines going down the time frames but rarely going up, but also the different chart time frames have their data organised in packets simply to save on data amounts, trying to cover the multi decade monthly charts with tick data would need enormous capacity. So when looking down the time frames lines never match as they were drawn exactly as the data is repackaged time frame to time frame, this occurs on any platform, and the bigger the gap in time frames the larger the distortion of the line. I think you will need to redraw the lines on the larger time frames.
  15. Hi, what price did the market open at today? If the stock is fairly illiquid then it will often open at the same closing price but if price gaped on open then other orders where processes before yours and moved price away from your order past the tolerance level and so your order was not executed.
  16. oh great, what shall we call this one then? the No Way Does This Have Anything To Do With China Flu? "A new strain of swine flu which has the potential to spread to humans and cause another pandemic has been identified by researchers in China" https://news.sky.com/story/new-swine-flu-found-in-pigs-in-china-with-human-pandemic-potential-12017782?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter
  17. "A trading plan with explicit and unnegotiable rules will help remove a lot of the guessings, doubts, confusion, and by extension, a lot of the emotions." "All your thinking must happen outside of market hours as you're preparing, researching, etc. During market hours, there is absolutely no place for overthinking. It's all just execution." "The fear of losing is embedded within us. You can't really get rid of it. Over time, you just learn to manage it better so that it doesn't sway your trading decisions." Trading Composure @TradingComposure
  18. Month and quarter end flows. 'U.S. stocks are set to open mixed on the last day of what is set to be their best quarter in over a decade.' 👀 https://www.investing.com/news/economy/top-5-things-to-know-in-the-market-on-tuesday-june-30th-2216114?ampMode=1
  19. Zukerberg just lost 10 billion 😪
  20. Dax and Dow looking to bounce up off the pivot. H1 charts;
  21. Hi, see this page on transferring into an ISA; https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/what-is-a--bed-and-isa--
  22. Hi, I think you need to email the helpdesk to shutdown an account.
  23. Hi, see https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/after-hours-trading
  24. Hi, Investing.com don't relay broker prices only exchange prices and they have no broker hookups at all. IG's prices are available on any of the IG platforms, the IG web based, mt4, dma and IG's prorealtime.