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  1. Overnight Indices, USD and Oil up. Bonds and Gold down. Today EU GDP and CPI at 10am. US Chicago PMI at 2:45pm and Mitch consumer senti at 3pm.
  2. yes, on the initial cannabis explosion there was very quick over production, turns out the stuff grows like ... er, well weed actually, who could have guessed it. So we watched the cannabis index rise and then fall over the second half of 2019. I don't think BAT are signalling even starting down that route are they?
  3. Not much traction in either direction for Dax and Dow. Ftse bets on a rate cut scramble to get out. Dax and Dow M15. Ftse M5
  4. oh dear, permabear Keith McCullough of Hedgeye is even blocking his own subscribers now should they dare to cast aspersions on his multi year repetitious recession calls 😂
  5. by the way, a good follow on twitter for wheat, corn etc is fatfinger (see below).
  6. was intrigued to see Carney speaking at 12:30 today but the BoE don't do a presser post rate decision so not sure what the speaking event is.
  7. Not sure of direction this morning, price dropped below the pivot and continued down through S1 & S2 on both Dow and Dax which suggests a down day but so far both look to have found support on the London open, not sure it will last but looking at the daily charts and around these levels looks a good being the daily charts (post above) support level (orange) for dax, dow, ftse and S&P. M15 charts;
  8. Caseynotes


    excellent, we could do with a new wheat thread you should start one up, and best of all I know nothing about the wheat market 😳
  9. Markets not impressed with the Fed and virus fears heighten as China sees a big uptick in daily reported cases and Fed also warn of risks to economy in their FOMC report. https://www.seeitmarket.com/coronavirus-historical-stock-market-performance-with-pandemics/
  10. Overnight Indices and Oil down. Bonds, USD and Gold up. Today EU business climate at 10am. UK BoE rate decision at 12:00, Carney speaks at 12:30. Ger CPI at 1pm. US GDP at 1:30pm. Japan indy prod at 11:50pm.
  11. that's true but as per my first post, there is no minimum on the limit stop order (take profit) so if you had accidentally hit the sell button instead of the buy button the stop loss (just labeled 'stop') would automatically be placed 6 points above current price and if you tried to move it down any distance below it would 'snap back to 6 points above current price'.
  12. What grit though, being wrong continuously since 2010 and never giving up. Of course a hair stylist is out of the question as he's done his **** shorting this market all the way up bless him 😧
  13. but a man can dream can't he, though by the look of the state of him, after 10 years it's probably time to move on 😭
  14. it was reading the above that was confusing, the stop loss on a long can't be above the current price, so could not have snapped back to above the current price.
  15. Hi, it should be much too early or any change in stop requirement for the FOMC. I'm not sure what you are meaning, if you are long the Dow then you must be on either the spread bet or cfd platform but there is no minimum for the limit which is a take profit order, only for the stop loss which is a min of 6. Certainly the demo platform seems to be working ok.
  16. IG retail client Long/Short net positioning; nb/ SI = Silver, CL = Crude Oil, GC = Gold.
  17. Dax and Dow rather directionless between the pivot and R1. M5 charts;
  18. Yes, I've often wondered about this too. On Zerohedge of course; Tiho Brkan @TihoBrkan 4h I swear I've seen this "expert" predict Dow Jones 5,000 eleven times during the last 11 years of the bull market. Why is it not working? https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/its-time-sell-charles-nenner-warns-market-will-go-down-40
  19. probably true, the real news these days is in the presser and it's hints for immediate future expectations. But what about Carney and the BoE tomorrow, talk of a possible rate cut there?
  20. was reading this morning that Apple is now worth more than all the companies on the Dax 30 put together 😳
  21. Hi, the answer is no, the min requirement for accessing PRT is trades placed with IG no matter on which platform, at least that's how it always used to be.
  22. Hi, because Flash will be discontinued soon browsers keep turning Flash off on site permissions. Click on the padlock icon in the address bar, go to site settings and set Flash to 'allow' (not ask), close settings and click on the 'reload page' banner.
  23. Dax and Dow starting the London session between the daily pivot and R1 having tested R1 earlier. Doesn't look like a test of support to start rather a retest of resistance. M5 charts;
  24. Nice bullish reversal candle on the Dow and S&P yesterday and a strong start already this morning.