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  1. The msm narrative is shifting ... Canadian expert's research finds lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits | Toronto Sun COVID Lockdowns May Have No Clear Benefit vs Other Voluntary Measures, International Study Shows (newsweek.com)
  2. Latest PHE excess all-cause deaths data to Jan 6th 2021 breaking below the baseline (just as per Jan 2020). Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 4m Here's the latest PHE excess deaths graph. I have added in the bounds for the same week last January to calm everyone down a bit. assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl… page 61
  3. oh, that's interesting, the US election is over and coincidently it looks like the narrative might be changing ...
  4. Saw someone repeat this deliberate bbc misinformation on the thread recently, so obvious it wasn't pop adjusted I couldn't be bothered to respond. The interesting thing here is that an actual MP is standing up and saying there is only so much s**t you can shovel down peoples throats on a daily basis. .
  5. Johnson announced need for tougher restrictions couple of days ago, Marcon announced curfews yesterday, Merkel pushes for curfews today. It's almost as if they were working in concert to a plan. Meanwhile NHS winter Sit Rep acute beds Nov - Jan. within norms and no spike You are being lied to systematically and on a massive scale. oh, and of course while all this is going on ... Collateral Global @collateralglbl 13h NHS waiting list for routine ops hits record high with 4.46million people now in need of hospital treatment, 'calamitous' figures r
  6. UK doing as per the US who are also finding increasing covid deaths with all cause deaths only slightly higher than before meaning covid must be a cure for heart disease, strokes, cancer etc. Ethical Skeptic @EthicalSkeptic 15 Dec 2020 This time of year 8,050 die each day in the US. What the States are contending is that on any given day 40% of all death in the US now is Covid. Yet CDC excess death is up only 10% during this same time. We cured 30% of our past causes of death. This is getting ridiculous. Meanwhile France keeps pushing the envelope which is prob
  7. broker historical data is wrapped in packets, there is only so much for each chart time frame so only the larger time frame stretch back greater distances in time. The are 3rd party web sites that do more of the smaller time frame data if you google it, don't know if it's available for mac though. .
  8. oh, most people would consider lethal as being worse than non-lethal I would of thought. So we are all sat in lockdown for something that's now actually no more dangerous than a common cold. Meanwhile of course lockdown is lethal and is killing 100 a day, not to mention the destruction of everything else. Easy to see why the powers that be eg. PHE are now backtracking and talking about herd immunity and perhaps best if peeps just get on with life as covid doesn't really affect most people anyway (see interview several posts up).
  9. I just made a quick chart from the ONS weekly total deaths 2020 spreadsheet and there is no stand out 'second wave', the one that's been promised since September with the UK variant with 70% increased transmission or following that the deadly South African variant or the latest new deadly South American variant. I can see numbers have crept up in a natural seasonal progression to match early Jan's normal winter increase but certainly no spikes after April. .
  10. hahaha, errr, WHAT? .... you mean as in what we should have been doing right from the very start? - could not have made this horrendous 10 month run of total incompetence up, no one would have believed you. Great Barrington Declaration @gbdeclaration 10h Head of Immunisation for @PHE_uk -Dr Ramsey announced to the Science & Technology Committee that England may follow a focused protection strategy, where protection is given to the vulnerable and the disease is allowed to circulate among the young where its not causing much harm.
  11. If you're still listening to the bbc (or Sky for that matter) for news there's probably no hope for you. Yesterday the bbc was screaming about biggest daily deaths or something, utter garbage. They were referring to reported deaths but did they explain it had nothing to do with date of occurrence? Holidays, 5 day work week and other factors cause reporting lag, below is the list of those included in the 13/01/21 total stating when they actually died, one goes as far back as May 2020. Do your self a favour and download tweetdeck and follow 20 - 30 news organisations
  12. Oh, 12/01/21 ''Today’s shocking excess death figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that we have not one, but two pandemics in the UK right now.'' ''One is the Covid pandemic ...'' ''The other is the hidden pandemic caused by Covid policies ...'' ''The death toll shows the figures split almost evenly: around half of the total excess deaths for 2020 occurred in the home and showed little variation from summer to winter.'' Excess deaths in Hospitals; Excess deaths at Home (denial of health care); Excess deaths sc
  13. Age standardised mortality rate (per 100,000 pop). 2000 - 2020.
  14. Daily Mirror @DailyMirror ''Sadiq Khan demands 'immediate' new lockdown rules including masks outdoors'' In spite of the blatant world wide conclusive evidence masks don't prevent transmission. More and more sinister. .
  15. London % excess deaths over 5 year average April week 15 vs Dec week 52
  16. Do you remember January 2018? - probably not but 64,000 people died of influenza, that's more than died of covid in April 2020. But then in Jan 2018 we didn't have a national lockdown and the shutting down of the NHS. There weren't increased deaths from suicide, heart disease, strokes and cancer, there weren't millions made unemployed or 10s of thousands of businesses destroyed. Covid didn't do that. The Govt did that. Where did the idea of lockdown come from? In all history never before were entire cities locked down where all the healthy people were not allowed to leave their
  17. I wouldn't say it is all fake, the PCR test worked fine when it was only used on symptomatic people but fell apart (as they should have known it would) when used for mass testing of asymptomatic people. That, along with the suppression of other treatments that have been shown to be affective, as well as the pretence that there is no longer any such thing as herd immunity has meant a forced wait for vaccines. The 2 biggest winners as a result are big govt taking unprecedented powers and big pharma taking unprecedented profits. The WHO have shown themselves to be in China's pocket
  18. NHS 999 and 111 triage calls up to Jan11 continues decline since mid Dec.
  19. Oh, but he doesn't mention that around 48% of excess deaths this year were non-covid and were actually a result of govt policy caused by continuous rolling lockdowns and restriction of access to the health service.
  20. Sweden monthly deaths per mill pop 1851 - 2020.
  21. That's correct there is a lag, about 8 days for ICU and another 8 for deaths but the London increase in cases started at the beginning of December. And let's not forget that Whitty and Vallance said the same thing with rising cases back in September and there was no corresponding large spike in deaths back then either. As you can see the PHE chart goes back 5 years as well and clearly shows there was a mild winter in 2018 and 2019 but this current winter is looking normal.
  22. the clear and blatant elephant in the room is that the massive recent spike in cases (which is bigger than in April) is completely missing in the deaths data. It is obvious that the positive cases data is false. It is the cases data that is driving lockdown policy.
  23. Latest PHE data, Prof Yeadon writes; 'In fact, recent PHE weekly reports have shown low to no excess deaths. This is completely consistent with national herd immunity, with local self limiting outbreaks possible but impossible to see a widespread & growing epidemic. Note that official data shows there is no public health emergency due to the virus. I’m not going to get into the whole business of misattribution of cause of death due to untrustworthy PCR mass testing again (yesterday’s thread covered that). Please follow Whitty’s advice & be guided by excess deaths. O
  24. The Spanish study is interesting and comprehensive but we already know the story, other research papers have also shown 84% false positives from the PCR. The Spanish study showed 85% of those in hospital with the 5 main symptoms of covid and with a positive PCR did not actually have covid at all when tested with the antigen test, and same for 90% with lesser symptoms. So all these patients actually had flu or pneumonia or a similar acute respiratory disease but the covid diagnosis was facilitated by the misuse of the PCR test. It gets worse. I posted this chart
  25. hahahaha Spanish is your mother tongue yet you had to look through trying to match the figures in the pictures FFS. You really are a total spoon. 'Unlucky to have you around'?? but you always run away and hide after pretending the thread contains nothing but memes, I can see why now, you can't actually read scientific data no matter what language it in hahahaha. Anyway, here is the original poster (who can actually speak Spanish). The whole thread is very interesting, there's also some great stuff on how masks have been shown to increase
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